How to watch “Kuroko no Basket” anime in chronological order

How to watch “Kuroko no Basket” anime in chronological order Chronological order

The anime Basketball Kuroko is an iconic athletes’ titlist. It has earned its popularity because it portrays the true feelings of basketball players, who achieve success through incredible efforts on themselves. High-quality animation, an entertaining plot, and a dynamic narrative – all this made millions of viewers love “Kuroko Basketball” forever.

The main character in the anime is Kuroko. He plays for the best team in school, but he keeps getting pushed to the most insignificant positions and everyone seems to overlook him in the company. He meets another basketball player, Taiga Kagami. Already in high school, the young men join a new team. The battle of ambitious athletes for crushing victories is the basis of the plot.

Will this anime be good for those who have never been interested in basketball? Of course, yes! All the details of this sport are outlined in the story narrative, and the viewer does not need to know in advance how the world of basketball is structured.

Order of view episodes

The anime about the life and career of the basketball player Kuroko consists of three seasons. You can read about what additional story branches and movies there are in the franchise.

Season 1.

In the first season, the viewer can learn how the Seirin School team was formed. Kuroko and Kagami were first-years at the school when they joined, but the more experienced athletes decided to take them on. Now, with new promising players on the team, the athletes, who weren’t catching stars from the sky, had an ambition to conquer new sports peaks.

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But to begin to win, aspiration alone is not enough: all players must work together and masterfully handle the ball. The viewer will be able to watch their difficult journey, full of both the joys of victories and disappointments after failures.

The first season, as well as all subsequent seasons, is accompanied by the release of the OVA “Let’s Talk”. These episodes are not required viewing, but they are full of humor and will not leave you without a pleasant experience.

Season 2

The second season is marked by the dynamism of the plot and the beauty of the animation. In it, the viewer watches as Team Seirin actively prepares for the Winter Cup. The strongest teams gathered for the qualifying tournament, so the competition becomes fierce. Especially vivid becomes a confrontation between Kuroko’s team and the members of their first team. The plot is filed in such a way that the viewer never knows how the game will end. That is why, watching the second season, you will sincerely empathize with all members of the basketball team.

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Will Kuroko, Kagami, and their team be able to beat the strongest competitors and get the prize they’ve been dreaming of for so long? Watch season 2 to find out!

Season 3

The final season of the anime “Kuroko Basketball” consists of When the players have passed the qualifying trials, it’s time for even more effort. After all, now they need to prove themselves worthy at the “Winter Cup”. Training is held in hard mode, but their rivals do not lag behind! The boys, who already had many high-profile victories under their belt, need to show their willpower to become the best of the best. Will they be able to withstand the pressure of the competition and achieve their goal?

The chronological order of the specials

Specials are special issues, revealing the plot twists and turns, and more deeply show us the characters. The list of specials is as follows:

  • “Fools Can’t Win!”
  • “Throw-in”;
  • “Specials” (nine episodes);
  • “Don’t Do That Again;
  • “Special Editions 2” (9 episodes);
  • “It’s the Best Gift.”
  • “Special Editions 3” (9 episodes);
  • “The Last Game – Fool’s Day”;
  • “The Last Game – Special Edition.”
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In what order should we watch the “Kuroko Basketball” movies?

  • “Shadow and Light”;
  • “Going Through Tears.”
  • “Opening Doors.”
  • “The Last Game.


“Kuroko Basketball” is an interesting anime with enough plot arcs. Real fans of this franchise have had time to review all parts of the anime more than once. If you want to familiarize yourself with the main plot, you can limit yourself to watching the seasons. However, all the additional episodes reveal the characters better, so to fully immerse yourself in the story, it is better to watch everything from the beginning to the end.

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