How to watch “One Piece” anime in chronological order

How to watch “One Piece” anime in chronological order Chronological order

The One piece option has long been known, many consider it the most popular and in demand. However, it is best to know in what order to watch the series of this anime, because its show began back in 1999 and new series are still being released, so it is difficult to navigate. It is especially important to know the order for someone who first decided to watch this anime.

If we consider full feature films, then they are separate works in this universe. During this time, many films have been released in addition to the main series of the series, there are also various special issues. The anime has 896 episodes, but there are still many films that came out between the breaks for the season. If you want to understand how events unfolded in the anime itself, then you should watch them according to a certain scheme. Thus, you will get a complete picture of how this series was adapted for manga.

Sometimes between these seasons you can watch different films that tell about a certain plot development in this anime. Many experts suggest that you watch the first movie after episode 18 of the anime, 2 after episode 61, and so on, that is, there are about 14 films in total and they must be watched after a certain episode of the series itself.

Many films often differ from the manga itself, they are adapted, but in some cases affect the development of the plot. Everyone independently chooses the sequence that seems optimal to him. You can watch pure series of the anime itself, you can watch movies separately, but at the same time, in order not to lose the whole meaning, it is better to watch them in a certain sequence that will be most convenient for you.

This series is one of the most popular, it tells about the friendship and camaraderie between young pirates. At its core, this anime is very popular all over the world, but for some reason it did not take root in our country. Perhaps just because the topic of pirates is being raised, which is closer to other countries, to other regions. In any case, this is a great anime that everyone should watch in order to understand the universe and understand how actively this or that plot can develop.

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Many are interested in how to watch anime episodes correctly in order to get the most out of watching and understand all the ups and downs. That is, initially you need to start watching the series from episodes 1 to 18, then you should watch the One Piece movie, then Ganzak Pirate Winner, and only then go to anime episode 19. You can also watch Ocean’s Navel Adventures, Django Dance Carnival, Luffy’s Big Adventure and only then start watching episode 60 of the anime. Fans of the series have long developed their own scheme, the creators also offer a certain sequence.

Also separately presented are such films as The King of Football, Kingdom of Chopper, Dead End Adventure, that is, there are so many of them that everyone can watch the movie that he likes. Some prefer to watch the movie rather than the series so they follow the plot, but the movie is much shorter and tells a specific story. You will have to watch all the episodes to understand this or that plot. At the same time, each film tells a separate story that shows different aspects of the life of pirates and obstacles in the way of finding treasures.

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Those who are faced with the realities of one piece understand that this is a completely separate world, it is necessary to understand it, learn the details about all the characters. Only in this way can one trace the plots, understand the meaning of a particular series. It should be recognized that all films in the universe are canon, that is, they differ from manga, but it is not always necessary to watch them for a general understanding of the plot. however, if you choose, you will be able to understand the plot more worthily, and clarify all the nuances. To date, it has also been announced that a full-length film will be shot with the characters. In general, the series impressed many, it amazes with its capabilities. It has several storylines, many interesting characters, it has been of interest to the viewer for many years, because it is not for nothing that he is considered one of the best anime in the universe.

How to watch “One Piece” anime in chronological order

  • Anime “One Piece” (1 – 18 series).
  • One Piece: The Movie.
  • One Piece: Defeat the Ganzak Pirate! (OVA).
  • Anime “One Piece” (19 – 61 series).
  • Clockwork Island Adventure.
  • “One Piece TV Special: Ocean’s Navel Adventure” (Special).
  • Django’s Dance Carnival (OVA).
  • “One Piece: The Big Adventure of Luffy and His Four Teammates” (Special)
  • Anime “One Piece” (62 – 102 series).
  • “King of Dream Football” (OVA).
  • “Chopper’s Kingdom on Strange Animal Island”
  • Anime “One Piece” (103 – 152 series).
  • One Piece: Discover the Great Sea! A huge, HUGE dream of a father ”(Special issue).
  • “Dead End Adventure”.
  • “Take the target! Pirate Baseball King (OVA).
  • Anime “One Piece” (153 – 195 series).
  • “Cursed Holy Sword”.
  • “One Piece: The Sky Island Episode” (Special Issue).
  • Anime “One Piece” (196 – 224 series).
  • “Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island”.
  • “One Piece: Protect! The last great stage ”(Special issue).
  • Anime “One Piece” (225 – 325 series).
  • “Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle.”
  • “The Alabasta Episode: The Desert Princess and the Pirates” (almost completely recap).
  • Anime “One Piece” (326 – 381 series).
  • “Episode Chopper Plus: Winter Bloom, Miraculous Cherry” (almost completely recap).
  • “One Piece: Romantic Fantasy” (OVA).
  • Anime “One Piece” (382 – 429 series).
  • One Piece: Strong World.
  • “One Piece Episode 0” (OVA).
  • One Piece 3D: Gekisou! Trap Coaster” (Special issue).
  • Anime “One Piece” (430 – 489 series).
  • One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase.
  • Anime “One Piece” (490 – 516 series).
  • One Piece: 3D2Y Survive Ace’s death! Luffy’s promise to his Nakama!”.
  • Anime “One Piece” (517 – 522 series).
  • “Episode Nami: Tears of a Sailor and Bonds of Friendship” (almost completely recap).
  • Anime “One Piece” (523 – 578 series).
  • “One Piece Movie: Z”.
  • “Episode Luffy: Hand Island Adventure” (Special)
  • “One Piece: Adventures in Nebuland” (Special issue).
  • Anime “One Piece” (579 – 750 series).
  • “One Piece Movie: Gold”.
  • “One Piece: Heart of Gold”
  • “The Episode of Sabo: The Bond of Three Brothers – A Wonderful Reunion and an Inherited Will” (almost entirely recap).
  • “One Piece: Episode Merry – The Story of Another Nakama” (almost completely recap).
  • Anime “One Piece” (751-896 series).
  • “One Piece: Stampede”.
  • Anime “One Piece” (896 – TBD series).
  • “One Piece: Red”.
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