How to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies in chronological order

How to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies in chronological order Chronological order

This saga incorporates all the motifs and clichés known from books, movies and even comic books about pirates, from the treasure buried on a distant desert island to the monsters crawling from the depths of the sea, capable of frightening the most intrepid “gentlemen of fortune” to shivers in the knees. And yet, the films in the series “Pirates of the Caribbean” can be watched over and over again. Firstly, because their creators from the very beginning stated that they were not going to make a copy of “Treasure Island” or “Captain Blad”, and thoroughly parodic show, which makes you not so much awe as to laugh until you drop. Second, because of the inimitable Johnny Depp, the eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow.

Although “Pirates” has only five parts, not unlike “Harry Potter” or, say, “Star Wars,” those who watch this mini-series for the first time often get confused, not knowing which order to watch the movies in so as not to get lost in the kaleidoscope of colorful scenes and phantasmagoric events. Let’s try to find an answer to this question.

In what order should we watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies?

The first film made in 2003 and caused maximum viewer interest, called the best traditions of the “pirate” genre – “Pirates of the Caribbean. The Curse of the Black Pearl. Here are the first appearance of the main characters – the beautiful Elizabeth Swann, a young blacksmith Will Turner, head over heels in love with the governor’s daughter Elizabeth and has no idea that he – the son of a pirate, a pirate captain – the big man Barbossa. And, of course, the optimistic adventurer Jack who will show Will the secret of his origins and will many times rescue the couple from different predicaments, becoming in the course of action the best friend of Will and Elizabeth. And though Will is played by the handsome Orlando Bloom, many female viewers deep down give the impression of the irresistible Jack, on whose charm and audacious antics the whole story will be based.

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The second film is titled almost like a quote from Stevenson’s unfading book, “Pirates of the Caribbean. Dead Man’s Chest.” Here we learn what deadly oath Jack once took in exchange for freedom to sail the seas, how the ghost ship “The Flying Dutchman” and other characters of sea legends, finding a new life in modern cinematography, relate to the whole story. In the film’s finale, Jack dies, and Will, who knows he is in lifelong debt to the fearless and resourceful Captain Sparrow, vows to get his friend even from the day of the sea. Knowing the laws of the genre, we have no doubt that Will, who is gradually becoming a true sea wolf, will go through fire and water in search of Jack, living or dead, and fulfill his oath.

The third film – “Pirates of the Caribbean. At World’s End” received mixed reviews from reviewers and enviable box office receipts, recouping solid shooting costs. Here, Will and Elizabeth are searching for Jack, while British sailors, along with the sea devil Davy Jones, who has risen from the abyss, conduct a ruthless hunt for pirates. It is in the captivity of Davy Jones that Captain Sparrow languishes, who towards the end begins to suffer in earnest from hallucinations, ghostly voices and other symptoms of classic personality disorder familiar to medics. In the finale, the friends rescue Jack, who defeats his nemesis Jones, briefly rejoices in Will and Elizabeth’s marital happiness, and soon embarks on new journeys. Also in the last scene of the film, we learn that Will and Elizabeth will have a son, and Will himself will not return from his voyage ten years later, leaving an inconsolable widow and son ashore.

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The fourth film is “Pirates of the Caribbean. On Stranger Tides.” The plot of the movie consists of the adventures of restless Jack, who goes on new adventures, gets even to London and unexpectedly finds out that he has a double – an impostor who looks like Captain Sparrow like two peas in a pod and makes totally unimaginable acts. This impostor turns out to be Jack’s former lover, Angelica, who as the action progresses becomes an almost tragic heroine, ready to meet death to save her infinitely beloved father, goes into exile at Jack’s will and finally dies on a deserted island with a smile on her lips.

The fifth film is called “Pirates of the Caribbean. Dead Men Tell No Tales.” Here, one of the main characters becomes a young son of Will – ten-year-old Henry. Together with his faithful friends he finds and resurrects his father, who wanders the seas in the guise of the captain of the “Flying Dutchman,” bringing Will back to his faithful wife and to normal human life.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean. The Curse of the Black Pearl
  • Pirates of the Caribbean. Dead Man’s Chest
  • Pirates of the Caribbean. At World’s End
  • Pirates of the Caribbean. On Stranger Tides
  • Pirates of the Caribbean. Dead Men Tell No Tales
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Will there be a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

There is no definite answer to this question, although the assumed name of the future film is already known and it is “Pirates of the Caribbean. A Day at Sea”. Its release was delayed by the endless settling of relations between the participants of filming, the pandemic coronavirus and other unforeseen events. And although shooting began in February 2023, the course of filming the new “Pirates” and the possible date of release of the film remain unknown to the general public.

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