How to watch “The Conjuring” movies in chronological order

How to watch “The Conjuring” movies in chronological order Chronological order

The Conjuring is a very popular and scary franchise. A series of television films from it describes the infernal something that Ed and Lorraine Warren had to face. A married couple helps all people who have had to face frightening phenomena that do not have scientific background, all those who are attacked by demons.

It is more convenient to watch this series of films by their release date.

The Conjuring (2013)

Supernatural fighters bring a possessed doll into their home. An entity named Annabelle lives in it. Then the future (several years) is shown, when a certain happy family moves into a new house (along with their five daughters). But something strange and terrible begins to happen, you have to resort to the help of the Warrens. Arriving hunters for evil spirits come to the conclusion that a relative of one of the Salem witches used to live here, and creatures roam the house and feel very comfortable in it.

The Curse of Annabelle  (2014)

John presents a doll to his pregnant and beloved wife Mia. Suddenly, their neighbors are attacked by intruders, who then visit their house as well. After an attack by sectarians, Annabelle commits suicide, and her chosen one is shot by the cops. Mia has a daughter, Leah, but their family is now haunted by the evil ghost of Annabelle. They don’t even know where the evil spirits come from in their house until a doll comes across their eyes.

The Conjuring 2 (2016)

The Entity Hunters solve the case (similar to The Amityville Horror). Then the son of the Defeo family brutally exterminates his own parents, as well as all the brothers and sisters. Then, in the house where the murdered family members lived, inexplicable, horrifying things happen to the new tenants who have moved in. There is a replica of a similar case in the movie itself – in the usual new mansion, the Hodgson couple are tormented by the appearance of the undead in their house. Under the guise of Bill’s grandfather (a former tenant), the entity drives the family crazy. But no one listens to their stories, considering them crazy and star-studded. Lauren starts investigating without Ed’s help, but realizes that everything is very confusing here.

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Annabelle: Creation  (2017)

Toy maker and salesman Sam, along with his wife Esther, lost their daughter Annabelle. It’s all because of an accident. After that, an otherworldly entity under the guise of Annabelle tries to contact the inconsolable father, and talks about some kind of deal, about moving into a porcelain doll. Sam, oddly enough, agrees. A decade later, their family adopts 6 orphans who cannot find shelter. One orphan, Janice, stumbles upon a porcelain doll and takes it for herself, but it does not bode well for her.

The Nun (2019)

Two nuns ventured into a deal with the devil. But then one of them dies, and the second lays hands on herself. With a check and in order to investigate what happened, the clergyman Anthony Burke and the cleric Irene go to the monastery. The abbess of the monastery does not want to cooperate with them, but allows investigative measures to be taken. These two already had an infernal experience, about which they share with each other, but their chilling stories are trifles compared to what the abbess had to endure.

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The Curse of La Llorona (2019)

The woman works as a social worker. A translucent weeping lady begins to appear to her. It turns out that this entity. She asks to call herself La Llorona, which means a character of Mexican folklore – a wandering mother, forced to mourn her dead children. Garcia calls on the help of the clergyman Perez. She is afraid that she will not succeed alone.

Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

The Warrens have a daughter, Judy. Leaving for each investigation, they leave her with a nanny. Nyanka’s girlfriend finds out that these are the “same” evil spirits hunters and enters their home in order to somehow try to contact the spirit of the deceased father. But she is attacked by ghosts sealed in the Warrens’ closet.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021)

Wrestlers with evil spirits conduct an exorcism session over the body of an 8-year-old baby. Ed sees firsthand the consequences of dealing with the undead. The devil invites the “viewer” of the rite to move into his body (instead of the boy), and he agrees. A little later, the Warrens learn about the consequences of such stupidity – an obsessed kid shreds a man piece by piece with a knife. During the investigation and the implementation of justice over the madman. The Warrens figure out that he was possessed by a demon.

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The Nun II (2023)

The premiere of this film is expected in the fall of 2023. The story of the essence-possessed abbess of the monastery will be told.

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