How to watch “Twilight” movies in chronological order

How to watch “Twilight” movies in chronological order Chronological order

The Twilight romantic fantasy series first hit theaters in 2008. But until now, the crazy love of the mysterious vampire Edward for the simple girl Bella excites girlish hearts and minds. The films were adaptations of the books of the same name by American writer Stephenie Meyer. And those who have read them know exactly what order to watch the Twilight saga in. For everyone else, below is a chronological order of viewing all parts of the popular franchise.

Twilight (2008)

Charming seventeen-year-old girl Bella comes to the provincial town of Forks, where she plans to live with her father, study at a local school and make new friends. However, her quiet world is turned upside down by a handsome classmate Edward, who excites the girl with his mystery. His sisters and brothers are kept away from the rest of the schoolchildren, they are all incredibly pale and attractively beautiful … Bella falls in love with Edward. And he seems absolutely cold and indifferent to her. Until the case changes. In the parking lot, the girl almost dies under the wheels of a van, but Edward, having shown incredible strength, saves her. Their relationship grows closer and Bella realizes that Edward is not human. In a frank conversation, the guy admits that he is a vampire who feeds only on the blood of animals. But Bella’s scent drives him crazy, awakening his ancient killer instincts. And not just him. James, a sadistic vampire, also wants to taste Bella’s blood and lures the girl into a deadly trap…

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon  (2009)

Edward continues to show Bella his amazing vampire world. However, more and more convinced that he is too dangerous for his beloved. Realizing that Bella herself will not be able to part with him, the guy decides to leave, putting an end to their relationship. Bella is completely broken and broken. After all, Edward was everything to her. She is more and more immersed in herself, becomes detached and withdrawn. Jacob, a longtime friend of Bella’s family, helps her feel the taste of life again. A guy in love spends all his free time with her, teaches her to ride a bike and reveals his main secret, that he is a werewolf. But Bella treats Jacob only as a friend and does not give up hope of finding Edward. She even hears his voice warning her of dangers. And when Edward’s sister, Alice, has a vision that Bella is dying, Edward decides that he has nothing more to live for. He goes to the Volturi clan – ancient vampires, so that they kill him. Bella, again risking her life, goes after her beloved to save him.

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Twilight. Saga. Eclipse (2010)

Bella struggles with a difficult choice: stay with the vampire Edward or choose the werewolf Jacob over him. But rivals for the girl’s heart have to leave their enmity and unite the clans: a series of murders takes place in Forks. This vampire Victoria wants to take revenge on Edward and Bella for the death of her beloved James and turns people into vampires to create her own army. She plans to kill Bella.

Twilight. Saga. Dawn – Part 1 (2011)

Bella and Edward became husband and wife. The happy newlyweds go on a honeymoon trip, which is soon interrupted. Bella realizes that she is pregnant, and together with her husband go to Edward’s family for answers. However, the news of the unborn child shocks them: they have not heard of a single such case in their entire long life. And they insist that Bella get rid of the baby. Suddenly, Rosalie, who has always treated the girl coolly, takes Bella’s side. Rosalie has always dreamed of having a baby, so she supports Bella during her pregnancy. And the baby grows very fast inside Bella, killing her, breaking her bones and squeezing her organs. During childbirth, Bella’s heart stops. And Edward decides to give her his blood.

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Twilight. Saga. Dawn – Part 2 (2012)

Bella became a vampire. She and Edward are raising a beautiful daughter, Renesmee. But rumors about an extraordinary child reach the clan of ancient vampires – the Volturi. They consider it their duty to see the girl with their own eyes and understand whether she poses a threat to the entire vampire world. Meanwhile, the rest of the Cullen family are scouring the world looking for similar children. When they return, they bring witnesses with them, ready to confirm that Renesmee is not a child turned into a vampire, but a unique child of a vampire and a human. However, the Volturi do not intend to retreat easily and go to the Cullens with a whole army of bloodthirsty vampires.

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