Essay on the topic “Beauty will save the world”

Essay on the topic "Beauty will save the world" Essay

“Beauty will save the world” is a fairly common expression in the modern world, which every person has heard at least once in his life. The constant debate about the truth of this statement often confuses mankind. Some believe that this is impossible, and some believe that it can be justified and confirmed. If you read this saying several times and think about its meaning, every person will understand something special for himself. Personally, I think that such an expression is appropriate, but my understanding of it is quite different from others that I have come across while writing my own opinions. In this work, I would like to justify this saying and prove to everyone that it contains quite a lot of meaning for all of humanity.

What is beauty? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, because each person has his own opinion on this matter. For some, beauty is a person’s appearance, clothes, jewelry, beautiful hair and bright makeup. Some believe that beauty is imprinted in the inner feeling of a person – it is his spiritual state, restraint in emotions, the ability to respond beautifully to insults and self-development. I prefer the second version of the explanation of beauty, because I can prove it. I believe that every modern person understands that a beautiful wrapper is not always cool. I agree that most people strive to look modern, fashionable, bright, try not to be like others, but if a person’s inner world is full of dirt, then no appearance will help in this.

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I have often come across the saying: “Meet by clothes, but see off by mind” and I completely agree with this. We all first pay attention to how a person looks, and only then we begin to notice his character, behavior, ability to communicate with others. I often met girls and boys whose appearance attracted millions, but when they opened their mouths, all their beauty instantly disappeared somewhere. All this happens because a person does not pay much attention to his development and constantly tries to take care only of his appearance. However, the main task of humanity in this world is to bring something of its own, to fill this world with the beauty of one’s own soul.

To be honest, beauty can save the world if humanity comes to its senses and understands the deep meaning of this saying. For example, if all people in this world will dress according to fashion magazines, buy expensive decorative cosmetics to put on makeup for a walk or a party, will do new hairstyles and paint their nails every day – what contribution will they make to the future of our planet? In addition to the fact that they will have a lot of attention from various people around them – none, but this contribution is only for themselves, to raise their own self-esteem. It will affect the world more negatively, because mass buying of things will begin, and later this can lead to bad consequences.

I believe that inner beauty can make a significant contribution and revolution in our world. I will explain why. When a person begins to actively engage in self-development, he begins to read books, work in his favorite field of activity, make a significant contribution to society, then at the same time he actively begins to work on his inner world and begins to change his own opinion about many things. She becomes more tolerant, sensitive, sincere and tries to bring this goodness to the world. If every person begins to understand the importance of self-development in his life, it will be able to significantly influence further changes in society and the world as a whole. She will begin to bring beauty with her words and actions, which will change the stereotypical opinion that was imprinted in society millions of years ago.

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I believe that I was able to prove the point that inner beauty, not outer beauty, will save this world. Humanity will come to its senses and understand the importance of bringing goodness and beauty not only for itself, but also for others. Only in this case, this expression can be appropriate, if its meaning is correctly understood. You certainly remember how from a very young age we are taught to see beauty in small details. In general, the whole world is built on the fact that everything in this world is beautiful, but there are certain stereotypes that do not allow us to see this beauty.

Not only material things, but also spiritual things can be considered beautiful. It is precisely because of the fact that materiality recedes into the background that a person is seen as beautiful not by his appearance, but by his attitude towards others, by his behavior and character.

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So, I believe that everything that surrounds us can be beautiful in this world. Incredible landscapes, beautiful birds and plants, people. Absolutely everything brings beauty to this world. However, only humanity, sincere feelings and emotions, common sense will be able to save the world from the constant raids of evil people who want to destroy this beauty.

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