Essay on the topic “Can selfies replace family photos?”

Essay on the topic "Can selfies replace family photos?" Essay

Photos are something that contains a huge number of different memories that will no longer be possible to repeat. Once, during a Ukrainian language lesson, we had an argument about photos, because the teacher asked us the question: “Can selfies replace family photos?”. It was quite difficult for me to answer this question, because due to the constant development of modern technologies, family photos are more and more often relegated to the background. Currently, more photos, even in albums, are taken on the phone, and not on the camera as before, when you all sit down at the table together and set a timer so that everyone has time to get into the photo.

I understand family photos in the way that it is a photo where the whole family is, and these photos are taken in a certain period of time that you would like to remember for the rest of your life. More often than not, such photos are taken either by the family themselves, or a photographer is hired to take quality photos. Selfies are more relevant than family photos these days, but is that a good thing? I think not. Family photos cannot be replaced by any modern technology, because during a family photo, all your relatives and friends are present, especially grandparents who may soon leave this world. Selfies can be taken in any other free time, but family photos, so warm and familiar, are the best. If we talk about a family selfie, then personally, my family often takes such photos in order to record this photo by heart. We see nothing wrong with simply taking a photo in a second that we will remember for a long time.

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I have many family photos that are taken with a mobile phone and they look no worse than on a camera. I believe that the most important thing is to take sudden photos where the true emotions of each family member will be visible. My parents don’t really like to take pictures, so I have a few pictures of my loved ones, but I don’t need a lot. I believe that it would be better if there were several of them, but they would be sincere and filled with positive emotions. However, in the past, my grandparents constantly tried to take pictures of me, my parents, my godfather and other relatives who visited us every second. They have huge photo albums where you can follow how we have changed over the years.

I love photo albums, because looking at photos on a computer or phone does not bring as much pleasure as albums where you watch a little girl or young parents. Every time I visit my grandmother in the village, I take my most favorite album of children’s photos and start flipping through it for hours, because I look at each photo quite carefully and try to remember in what time period it was taken.

I love taking pictures, but they are all for the purpose of promoting my Instagram page, not for memory. I keep a huge number of photos on my phone with my family, with my parents, with my younger sister, and I try not to delete even the bad ones. On them, I see the real, sincere emotions of everyone, and each photo reminds me of the carefree time we all had together.

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I believe that selfies will never replace family photos and there are reasons for that. Every girl, every guy should understand this, because when taking a selfie, we try to make it not sincere, but beautiful, so that it gets many views on our pages in social networks. At this moment, we are not showing our emotions, but fake ones, with a bunch of made-up emotions. I believe that this type of photos is more typical for those who actively manage their social networks, engage in blogging and try to show the perfect picture. Family photos – they are always sincere and beautiful and not always perfect, so they bring the same thrill from viewing.

Replacing family photos with ordinary selfies is simply impossible. People who love their family, their loved ones, always want to take pictures of their family so that these photos remain in memory. From childhood, any adequate family teaches their child that family is the most valuable thing in every person’s life. Because a selfie is just an effort to make the photo perfect, not sincere. For me, a selfie is more of a photo that doesn’t make any sense to others, because you just take a photo of yourself and put it on the network. Of course, there are spontaneous photos where a person has sincere emotions, but most likely this photo will not be seen by his friends.

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Therefore, I believe that family photos will be impossible to replace, because they carry their own energy and can always tell others about the day when a sincere family photo was taken.

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