Essay on the topic “Do we need to protect the weak?”

Essay on the topic "Do we need to protect the weak?" Essay

The modern world is built in such a way that the whole society is divided into strong and weak. This is no news to anyone, because we are all different, born under different circumstances, with different weight, appearance and life positions. Every day, many people who belong to the category of “weak” suffer from all kinds of offensive words and actions, so today I would like to think about the topic “Why do we need to protect the weak?”. Every person could have heard this question even in kindergarten, because we are taught from an early age that the weak should be protected – this is almost the duty of every strong person. By the way, by the meaning of the word “strong” I mean not only the physical form, but also the inner world of a person, because sometimes mass does not make any sense. Such a person can fall into the category of “weak” precisely because, despite his appearance, he will not be able to stand up for himself due to the fact that he has a soft character.

What does “weak people” even mean to me? I believe that such people not only have insufficient physical form, if a fight with an athlete happens, for example, but also their inner world is so soft that they simply cannot fight back against people who constantly pester and insult them. I want to use my own example to prove that the weak need to be protected, otherwise society will simply harass a person.

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One day, when I came back to the school where my younger sister was also studying, I got a call from her at recess asking me to come to her class. I immediately understood that some unpleasant situation had happened, and since I am an older sister, it is my duty to protect my younger sister. I went to her class and saw her in complete despair. She cried a lot and I hardly understood from her words what could have happened. Her classmate came up to me and fully explained the situation that happened in class when the teacher was absent. She was insulted by a classmate who was almost two heads taller than her. He insulted her not only with words, but also with pushes.

I had to approach this guy and explain to him that he was wrong in this situation and he should apologize to my sister, otherwise his parents will find out and nothing good will come of it. Of course, he apologized, because he was afraid of someone older than him. Only in this case did he apologize, but when my sister asked, the answer was quite rude.

Why did I tell all this? Just wanted to emphasize that when a big guy starts insulting a little girl, she just can’t stand up for herself and fight back against this giant. At this time, older boys, her classmates or one of the adults could come to help. It is always necessary to protect the younger ones, because due to constant bullying at school, in kindergarten and in any other institutions where they are almost all the time, they are not able to stand up for themselves. They are weak not only physically, but also morally. Young children are not yet used to the fact that life is a rather complicated thing, so it is worth learning to stand up for yourself in any situation.

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I have always heard from parents that you need to protect the younger ones, even if they are not your relatives or friends. It will not be difficult for you to put some upstart in place, but you will be able to save the child’s psyche. From childhood, you should teach your child that it is necessary to protect and help the younger ones. Bad people have always been, are and will be born into this world, but if a child understands from an early age that they can protect him, his inner state will not be constantly in limbo.

It should always be remembered that indifferent, arrogant and proud people will not bring anything good into the lives of others. It is worth, at least for a while, to forget about such character traits and understand that you could be yourself in the place of a small child.

People are divided into two types – strong physically and morally, and also weak. Not only children can be classified as weak, because this category also includes people who are deprived of the opportunity to live a full life – the disabled, as well as old grandparents. They need to be helped when possible, protected if they are being insulted.

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So, I believe that it is necessary to protect the weak because people are the same people who have the same rights and freedoms. We are all equal, but someone has the opportunity to stand up for himself, because he is strong both physically and morally, and there are weak ones. It is necessary to understand the importance of this problem and always help and protect the weak.

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