Essay on the topic “Doing good is simple”

Essay on the topic "Doing good is simple" Essay

Kindness is what we are taught from a very young age and always told that it is worth doing even to those people you don’t love. Do all people agree that doing good is easy? I think that not all people think so, because then there would not be constant stories about how someone did not help a grandmother cross the road or was unable to buy a homeless woman a piece of bread. All good must come from the heart, otherwise it is like a loan.

I want to tell my own story, which was in my life and related to a good cause, on which I spent two minutes of my free time, but made a significant contribution for an old grandmother. I remember the moment when, as a child, I always went for a walk in my younger sister’s yard, where a grandmother lived on the second floor, who could not walk at all, so she often asked us to go to the store, and in return she would give us money or ice cream . One day she decided to ask a boy who had just come for a walk to go to the store, but he told her rather rudely that he should not comply with her request. Grandma was disappointed, so I decided to offer her my help and quickly ran to the store. I bought her a standard set of products, brought them home, opened the package, and received a small “Thank you” for it. But how important it was for me, it is hard to even imagine.

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I believe that doing good is very simple. These may be small things for you, but they are quite important for others. There is nothing bad or terrible in helping grandma cross the road, saving a kitten from a tree, watering someone’s flower bed if no one is looking after it. Small things can make a big difference around the world.

From a very young age, my mother taught me that I should help everyone who needs it. It can be financial help, moral, physical, psychological – any help that can help a person. More than once I saw girls and boys who were upset, so I always approached them and tried to cheer them up. I believe that this is also kind of good, because I try to convey my positive thoughts and moods to that person who is currently in despair and does not know how to live in the future. Such situations bother me a lot and I have no right not to help in such a case. Maybe my help can save someone’s life.

I believe that kindness is the calling of the soul. It comes from the heart at the moment when you believe that you have no moral right to do otherwise. I think that many children know the well-known song of the Barbarians, where the following words are present: “Kindness is when everyone is a friend to each other.” I completely agree with this statement, because we are all equal, even though we are different. We all have the same rights and responsibilities, we live in the same country, some in the same city, on the same street or even in the same house. We should help everyone who needs it.

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I always pay special attention to people younger than me, as well as to old grandparents and disabled people. These people have not been able to take care of themselves fully, so they need our help. It does not take much of our time, but the Almighty will surely reward a person who considers it necessary to do good for others. The modern world has become so cruel that our lives no longer have the amount of kindness that existed before. A person began to forget that we are all the same, equally need help in times of need, and sometimes even forgets that he himself could be in this person’s place. I would very much like the whole world to learn to do good and forever engrave it in their hearts. Only in this way can we make a significant contribution to the future of our humanity.

So, I believe that goodness is a state of mind that always exists in a person’s heart. Sometimes we simply do not see it because of the large number of life’s troubles and obstacles that surround us. Doing good is very simple. Good deeds include many things that can be done at least every day. Move grandma across the street, feed a homeless pet, help mom in the house, send at least a small amount of money to help those in need. Each of these matters is necessarily postponed in the soul of every person and is able to make this world much better.

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Goodness has no age or racial limits. Anyone can provide help and do a good deed, it is only necessary to realize the importance of this help for another person.

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