Essay on the topic “Good and evil in the modern world”

Essay on the topic "Good and evil in the modern world" Essay

I have complete confidence that every person in this world has asked himself questions about the predominance of good or evil in the modern world. But it is quite difficult to come to an unequivocal opinion, because there are as many people as there are opinions. I believe that the discussion of such a topic is extremely important for modern society, because most of us cannot even distinguish good from evil, and therefore most often do the second option, rather than the first. But such a situation can happen for various reasons. I would like to discuss this topic and give my own thoughts and examples that would prove my opinion that both good and evil exist in the modern world and most often in the form of a person.

We are taught from childhood that the world is full of both good and evil, and we learn about them from children’s books, stories, fairy tales and other works of Ukrainian and foreign literature. Why do writers put so much emphasis on these two “feelings”? I think that such opposition has existed since the very beginning of the birth of our world and it is present even now, which is why many authors prefer such a theme for writing their works. It can be seen that most of them contain a happy ending, where in the end good wins and evil is left with nothing.

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I believe that good must always triumph over evil, and I will now explain why. Good deeds bring much more benefit and good feelings to a person than when he will do evil. For example, a person will get more positive emotions and memories from helping ZHEK employees water flowers in the park than from plucking them and throwing them in the trash after half an hour. Good deeds have always brought greater joy not only to the person who does it, but also to the one who observes it. Good has more power, which is why fairy tales are more likely to have a happy ending where the evil characters are defeated.

The opposition of good and evil will be eternal, because without good deeds, we will not learn about bad ones. Good begets evil, just as evil begets good. This is a well-known fact that cannot be denied. But what does it mean to be kind? To be kind is to have callings in your soul that show mercy, sensitivity and sincerity. Thanks to such feelings, a person can be kind, because he will do exactly those things that bring happiness and joy to others. Evil is an exaggeration in the human heart of envy, anger, pride and many other feelings. That is why a person tries to make someone feel bad. Such characters do not have the same strength as good ones, which is why they are constantly in a losing state.

I believe that the modern world is more filled with evil than good. This can be argued by the fact that most people are currently suffering from bad news and actions from others. I think that this happens because people have forgotten about good and currently do not see the point of creating it. Our world may soon be filled with evil and then the whole society will resemble zombies who want to do something bad. It seems to me that such a concept arose because our world is full of such a “miracle” as the ability to influence other people. In this way, we lose our own opinion and are ready to do what others tell us. But these people around us do not always have good intentions, so most of us suffer from bad influences and do evil together with evil people.

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This problem has existed for quite a long time, because you can see an unpleasant picture on the street, when a group of children begins to bully an old grandfather or grandmother, while others either just look on, or also begin to make fun of the elderly. They cannot tell them that this is bad, because they follow society, they see what is happening now and do not want to change the development of this situation. Evil prevails, but it is worth remembering the law of the boomerang, so it is better to do good anyway, because it is even easier to do it.

I believe that the world should be changed for the better and the new generation should be educated in good emotions and feelings. It is necessary to clearly understand what good and evil mean in the modern world. I am sure that good people will continue to do good and bring it into modern society. I have hope that humanity will come to its senses and do less evil, because doing good in our world is much easier. Evil and good have always existed, exist and will exist in society, but it is necessary to clearly understand the boundaries of what can and cannot be done. Only in this case will we be able to defeat evil again and live a happy, good life.

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