Essay on the topic “Harmony of man and nature”

Essay on the topic "Harmony of man and nature" Essay

One eternal question that arises before many people in this world: “Should we be in harmony with nature?”. The answer is yes. This is just my point of view on the matter and below I will give my own examples that helped me to come to this conclusion.

I adore nature for everything it gives me throughout my life. Since it is from nature that a person receives a large amount of well-being, the harmony of a person with it is extremely important for the further advancement of the entire society. For this, I would like to give several examples from my own life that would confirm my opinion on this matter.

My association with nature began at the moment when I first decided to go to study and work outdoors. Before that, I was always in my room and felt constant tension from the people around me, because the constant noise quite often prevented me from concentrating on certain things. For several months in a row, I go to my favorite place where I work and nothing prevents me from concentrating on my own thoughts and feelings. This situation works not only when I need to make an order or learn a new language. I decided that harmony with nature can help me in any other field of my activity.

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One day I decided to conduct an experiment that finally confirmed my opinion that harmony between man and nature is necessary for anyone. First of all, it is in nature that a person feels more relaxed, because fresh air and beautiful nature around relieves stress. Secondly, we have all the benefits for a full life thanks to the surrounding environment. We have water, food, air – and all this helps to understand that everything we have was given to us by Mother Nature.

The harmony of man with nature is built in such a way that when you are left alone with your own experiences and problems, especially on the street, you constantly think about your future and try to find the right way to overcome life’s problems. But if you immerse yourself in your inner world at home, the effect will be much less than when you do it in nature. I believe that harmony is extremely important not only with nature, but also with one’s inner world.

I like to go out in the evening alone with my phone and headphones, come to my favorite place, enjoy the singing of birds and the beauty of our nature. It helps me clear my brain and understand how I should proceed. I especially like to be in nature while playing sports. I am not completely comfortable in the room or in the gym, but when I go outside, my thirst for self-improvement increases several times.

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It seems to me that our brain is built in such a way that sooner or later the understanding of the importance of connecting with the surrounding world comes to human consciousness, because we were born into this world thanks to nature. If you learn to notice the small details that make a person happy while being outdoors, you will definitely understand what I mean.

The problem of harmony between man and nature arose for a reason. The majority of society still does not understand that man and nature are closely connected. We have a huge amount of well-being that comes to us precisely from the environment. Due to man’s carelessness towards the perception of nature, there are currently a large number of environmental problems that sometimes turn into disasters. Thus, it can be concluded that the harmony of man and nature is not present in everyone. If society understood the importance of harmony, it is unlikely that our world would suffer so much from constant disasters that were directly caused by humanity.

The relationship between man and nature is not always harmonious. All this happens because of a person’s poor spiritual development and unwillingness to change something in his life. Nature constantly suffers at the hands of society, because it is we who pollute it, exterminate rare animals and plants, constantly cut down forests, litter on roadsides, and pollute reservoirs. All this leads to the fact that nature is outraged by the actions of mankind, and this causes massive fires, tsunamis, tornadoes and many other deadly natural disasters.

I believe that harmony between man and nature is extremely important. We have a great number of opportunities to finally understand this and live as it was laid in the human mind from the very beginning. If we all unite together and start acting not against nature, but for it, then harmony will really be harmony, and not just in words.

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Mother nature always gives us everything we dream of but does not see the gratitude of mankind. Harmony with the environment is primarily a spiritual perception of it. It is necessary to remember that we are closely connected with the environment, so the future of the whole world is only in our hands.

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