Essay on the topic “Healthy Lifestyle”

Essay on the topic "Healthy Lifestyle" Essay

Healthy lifestyle – what is it in general and why is it so strongly advertised by various brands, and especially gyms? Why do parents constantly forbid us to drink and smoke and tell us to lead a healthy lifestyle? These questions were asked to us during the biology lesson and we had to answer this question in such a way as to either refute the opinion about the importance of a healthy lifestyle or, on the contrary, support it. Personally, I decided to share my own attitude to a healthy lifestyle and explain my position as follows.

For me personally, a healthy lifestyle is a way that helps a person maintain his body in a normal way, without damaging it with various methods that have a bad effect on the body. A healthy lifestyle can be understood in completely different ways, but I personally believe that it is a lifestyle when nothing threatens your health. Since childhood, parents teach each child to follow a schedule of food consumption for a reason – this also refers to the factors that are included in a healthy lifestyle. All this happens because our body gets used to normal food that does not contain harmful substances and will not have a bad effect on our liver, so thanks to tasty, but harmless food, we can not only lose weight, but also maintain our own health.

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Smoking, drugs and alcohol kill the human body. This has been proven many times, but a huge number of people still continue to suffer from bad habits and constantly find new and new ways to try something new that is not healthy for the body. So far, a large number of substitutes for cigarettes have been invented, but no matter what, their effect on the body is no less than that of cigarettes.

A healthy lifestyle should be followed by any person, because thanks to the correct understanding of the meaning of “Healthy Living”, a person is able to save his years of living in this world. I believe that there are certain rules that demonstrate the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Personally, I follow these rules and therefore every morning I feel full of energy and do not suffer from alcoholism or smoking.

The main rules to follow are daily charging after you wake up. About 10-15 minutes a day and your body is filled with a lot of energy, so you get a charge for the whole day. You should always drink 2 glasses of water in the morning before eating, it helps our body to start the process, wake up and in the future it will help to lose weight. Try not to abuse alcohol, smoking, unhealthy food, because all this puts pressure on our body and it begins to weaken.

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For full inspiration with a healthy lifestyle, you can perform physical exercises that will help not only lose weight, but also keep the body in good shape.

A healthy lifestyle also includes a healthy diet, but unfortunately, not all people clearly understand the meaning of this phrase. Healthy food does not mean completely giving up your favorite fast food or fried potatoes for dinner. It is important to follow your diet, where your fats, proteins and carbohydrates will not be exaggerated, and you can eat both fried potatoes and a light vegetable salad.

Personally, I cannot say that I lead a completely healthy lifestyle, because I also forget about morning exercises, I can eat a hot sandwich for breakfast instead of a light salad, I do not drink the norm of water, but at the same time I try to make my life so that convenient directly to me. I do not encourage people to follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle, because it is a waste of my own time. Each person must realize for himself what kind of life he wants to live: full of emotions and at the same time be healthy and live long, or get the same emotions from life, but die earlier due to an unhealthy lifestyle, namely the abuse of alcohol, cigarettes or fast food .

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Quite often, my classmates do not understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle for a person, but I try not to reeducate them, but only to prove my own opinion that: “The key to a healthy and long life is leading a healthy lifestyle.” I especially see this when I watch my grandparents. They have their own standardized life schedule, because they get up early, around 7 in the morning, always eat healthy food and do not abuse harmful substances. Personally, I am proud of them, because they will soon be almost 80 years old, and they look much younger, due to the constant adherence to a healthy lifestyle for many decades.

So, I believe that a healthy lifestyle is a certain set of good habits that helps a person get on the right path and overcome the desire to absorb bad substances, alcohol, smoking and eternal excuses that there is no time for training. There is always time, the main thing is desire.

Follow a healthy lifestyle and live happily ever after!

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