Essay on the topic “Is it easy to be young”

Essay on the topic "Is it easy to be young" Essay

Every person in this world has experienced certain stages of his life. At first it is a carefree childhood, then young life begins, where you should decide on your future and somehow influence the situation, then you build a career and find a family, and only then you become an experienced person of the older generation. I believe that each of us remembers his life and thinks about how he sees his future and whether it will be easy for him to live in the image of a young person.

In childhood, we constantly dream about such things that become incomprehensible to an adult. But still, I believe that youth is precisely the time when we begin to form as individuals, find our life path and begin to think about a happy future for ourselves and our family. This is the stage of life that can be considered a turning point, because no one knows what choice a young person will make.

Now I am 18 years old and I already roughly understand how I want to see my future, so every day I try to do everything possible so that everything looks in the future as I imagined. I think being young is easy, but not as easy as you might think. In general, I believe that life is a difficult thing, because at any age we face many life obstacles and troubles that we have to go through on our own or with the help of the older generation. Currently, we have all the opportunities to live the way we want in the future, but for this it is necessary to make a lot of effort. Our life is arranged in such a way that we constantly have to sacrifice something in order to achieve something, and most often it is free time.

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We get used to the fact that all childhood we were not bothered by any problems, except for a double in mathematics, because our parents constantly quarreled over bad grades. Later, we enter a higher educational institution and already understand that we need knowledge, not grades, and life begins to go haywire, because for 11 years you did not think about it and just tried to please your parents. Now I’m in university and I can confidently say that grades are the last thing I worry about.

In addition, I have enough other problems that I solve on my own, because my mother taught me this since I was a child. I can prepare my own meals, clean my dorm room, go to the store and bring heavy bags of groceries, properly manage my finances, and many other things. It was difficult for me at first, because I was used to the fact that I lived with my parents and they did all these things, but when you come to another city and it all falls on your shoulders – it’s difficult, but it’s cool.

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Being young means having many opportunities and cool acquaintances that will help you in the future. Now I have everything I want, I earn my own living and try to refuse financial help from my parents. I agree that it’s hard and you have to forget about some entertainment in order to at least save for food, but it gives me a thrill. I try to combine study and work, because my self-development directly depends on what my future will be.

I believe that youth should be lived in such a way that in adulthood you do not regret that you did not rest enough or did not do enough to be happy. Youth is the best time in everyone’s life, because we begin to form as individuals, find our way in life and enjoy every moment of this life.

It is at a young age that we first feel such feelings as love, true friendship, sincere emotions, constant parties and parties. It is worth fully enjoying such moments, because in the future we will have to forget about it, because we will have to worry about troubles at work, take care of our family and already elderly parents, and generally have certain adult difficulties that we will have to cope with on our own.

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I think being young is cool and sometimes even fun. We spend a lot of time alone with ourselves and try to build our future right now, while at the same time we are studying because we were invited to a cool party. We prepare for exams in one night, we live without money for a week, because recently there was a cool party in a club and we decided to spend all our earned money, and even worse, when there is no job and you live off your parents – then it’s a game of survival.

So, I believe that youth is a period of time that should be spent in such a way that you remember it for the rest of your life and then not regret that it passed too quickly.

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