Essay on the topic “Life is incomplete without friendship”

Essay on the topic "Life is incomplete without friendship" Essay

Every person born into this world definitely finds people who will accompany him for several years or even his whole life. Such people are usually called friends, and the selfless relationship between them is called friendship. Friendship arises precisely at the moment when you meet a person for the first time, you begin to learn interesting information about him, you find common interests, and that’s when friendship appears. To be honest, sometimes a person can confuse the concepts of “friendship” and “acquaintance”. At this point, a person begins to consider everyone they know as friends, but I can clearly say that friends are tested over the years. After all, calling any person you just met a friend is absurd.

Quite often I had to hear the question: “What would be without friendship in this world? Would we live a full life?”. To be honest, I have only one answer to this question – life would not be full. I want to explain my opinion on this matter, because it is possible to find like-minded people. For me personally, for my life, it was friendship that made a significant contribution to my current life. I have always been very careful in choosing acquaintances and friends, so I can say with confidence that when you have the right friends, you will never be sad. We constantly gathered for all kinds of holidays, parties and events, ran through the streets and threw snowballs at each other, went on vacation to another city and generally had a great time together.

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I say all this in order to prove the point about a fulfilling life when friendship is present in it. Friends are those people who will do everything possible for each other to make you feel good and have fun. Friendship with girls is somewhat different from friendship with boys. With girls, girls constantly gossip, learn about some interesting new products of this season, go shopping, rest and so on. As for guys, it’s generally just an emotional boom. I have always been surrounded by boys, because it is much easier for me to find a common language with them than to look for it among girls. I don’t regret it at all, because it was with the boys that we did such stupid things that are hard to imagine. Thanks to them, my life was filled with bright emotions and memories.

I believe that making friends is a special skill that should not be missed. I know from my own example how difficult it is to find truly loyal friends who will stand by you and will certainly help you in any matter or problem. Such friends are hard to find, but when you do get to know them, your life starts to change for the better and you notice that happiness really comes to you. I am convinced that life without such a concept as “friendship” would be simply gray, monotonous, mundane. A person would not be able to feel the emotions that overwhelm him when he is surrounded by people close to his heart.

I want to say again that friendship is cool. This is exactly what any person in this world strives for – to be happy, while having cool friends who will certainly not only help her in a difficult situation, but also bring a huge number of different emotions and memories that will accompany her throughout her life . It seems to me that the best friendship happens precisely in the period of our youth, when we are still studying at school. Perhaps we find not the most faithful friends, because later we see that after graduation everyone goes somewhere, but it is this time that is most memorable to a person. I myself found myself in such a situation, when at school I thought that I had found true friends, but I was a little wrong in this. Currently, I am surrounded by the best people, to whom I am grateful for the emotions they brought me. I’m really lucky to have the kind of friends I have now. Being in the same room with them, I just can’t help but laugh, because they are my happiness.

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Friendship must be useless, otherwise it is not friendship. You communicate and spend time together, help each other in difficult times – this is absolutely normal. Life goes by very quickly, so it is useless to waste precious time on people who do not bring you happiness and joy. I believe that every person is able to find friends based on their interests, on the same life positions, with the same sense of humor – no difference. The most important thing in friendship with a boy or a girl is comfort for both of you. The best moments of our life are spent with friends, so it is definitely worth finding such friends with whom you can both cry and laugh.

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