Essay on the topic “Mother’s hands”

Essay on the topic "Mother's hands" Essay

My dear mother, you did not sleep at night… For some reason, these words appeared in my thoughts when I was asked to write a reflection essay on the topic of “mother’s hands”. I frankly want to say that in my life there is no person more dear to me than my own mother. I am grateful to her for everything she has done for me over the years. Wisdom, knowledge that I will need in the future, education, good housing and many other nuances – I received all this thanks to my beloved mother.

Mom is the closest person in every person’s life, because without her, we wouldn’t be in this world. This is the person who can tolerate all our emotional changes, who will constantly support you and tell many interesting stories, the wisdom of which will accompany you throughout your life. I believe that a mother’s love is something that cannot be replaced by any feeling in this world.

Mother’s hands – why is attention constantly focused on them not only in the works of various writers, but also in everyday life? I once started thinking about this question and came to a certain conclusion, which I would like to share with other readers.

Mother’s hands have a power that cannot be compared to any other in this world. These hands constantly do everything for their child to make her feel happy and healthy. It is the hands of the dearest person in this world – mothers, who are able to dove and hug their own child.

I remember those moments when, as a very young child, she constantly taught me something new. Together we learned to read, draw, take the first steps and achieve small dreams. I love my mother in a special way, because I can’t imagine my life without her. She is my companion in life, it is she who constantly helps and teaches me something new. Every mother, no matter who she is, tries to give absolutely everything necessary for her child, so that she feels the same as other children. It is the mother who teaches us to take care of the environment, tells us about the difficult future and helps us with life’s obstacles that will await us in the future.

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Now I am already a full-fledged person who can do everything on my own, but I never refuse my mother’s warm hands when she hugs me and kisses my forehead. At this moment, I seem to be flying on wings to the mountain and feel that I can turn the whole world upside down. I love my mom infinitely and these emotions cannot be expressed in any words, but I am sure that every child understands what I mean. The most important thing in the life of every person is to appreciate not just the mother, but precisely the contribution she makes to our future. I am sure that not all children understand how much pain and fear every mother in this world went through when we first appeared in this difficult world.

Recently, I started reading many Ukrainian works where writers talk about their mothers and write such beautiful things about them that it is impossible to even imagine how grateful they are to their mothers for such a happy future, for the contribution they made to their children. A child feels special warmth precisely at the moment when it starts to get sick, because then the mother tirelessly tries to provide her child with everything she needs so that she recovers as soon as possible. I remember how worried my mother was when she realized that something had happened to me.

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Mom works constantly, her hands have not seen rest for a long time, but she does it far from because she simply does not want to rest. She understands that she wants to give her child a bright future, so she is ready to sacrifice many things so that her child is the happiest in this life.

Unfortunately, not everyone remembers the “feats” that a mother does for her child, so when she becomes old, they begin to insult her in every possible way and forget about help. I don’t care about my mother’s age, because my love for her will never fade.

It is very sad to see that some teenagers talk about their mother in a negative sense, then I just start to feel sad, because I can’t imagine how you can treat a person like that who stayed up at night, rocked that little child, gave him everything for so that everything will work out in the future.

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I want to say once again that a mother is the dearest and most sacred thing that every person has in this world. This is the person who made the greatest contribution to the formation of the future personality. This is the person who will do everything so that her child does not know what the experience is. She is ready to turn the whole universe upside down just for the sake of her child being comfortable.

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