Essay on the topic “My dream”

Essay on the topic "My dream" Essay

The question to which I almost never could give a clear answer is “What is your dream? What are you dreaming about?”. I’m not used to talking about my dreams for several reasons, so almost no one ever knows what I’m really dreaming about. I was asked this question quite often not only by my family, but also by other people around me. I sometimes get the impression that if a person finds out about my dream, he will definitely make it come true, otherwise I don’t understand why I should answer such a question. For me, the topic of dreams is quite intimate, because I personally need to understand what I want in this life and independently achieve my goals, and eventually achieve my dreams.

I can call myself a rather dreamy person, because every year I dream about something special and throughout the year I try to achieve what I set out to do. The answer to the question: “What do I dream about?” I am currently present, because everything in this world has changed completely not as I planned. On February 24, my life, like the lives of millions of Ukrainians, changed, and at the moment I dream of only one thing – peace in our country. I understand that I have little power to achieve this sooner, but I am trying in every way to help my defenders, who are now at the front and defending their native home from the invaders.

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For me, a dream is something that I have to achieve on my own, but there are times when my strength is not enough for this. I always dreamed of something that was easy to achieve, so my dreams were constantly changing. For a large part of my life, I confused dreams and goals, because each of them contains a certain peculiarity. For now, I can say that besides peace, I have one more wish that I will fulfill throughout my life. I dream of seeing the whole world, so for this I need to work actively and then everything will definitely work out.

My first trip should be to Poland, because my best friend, whom I haven’t seen in almost a year, is currently there. The most important country I want to see is Germany. This dream crept into my thoughts back in the 7th grade, when I actively began to study the German language and its culture. Most of my peers told me that it is a very dirty country with a bad mentality and in general, there is nothing to do there. I always missed these words, because if I dream about something, no one can stop me on this path. I don’t care how everything is arranged there, what kind of people there are and whether Germany is dirty or clean. I’ve been dreaming about it for quite a long time and I’m gradually doing everything to finally make my little dream come true.

Every person has a dream, but whether he wants to talk about it is up to him. I believe that it is better not to voice dreams, because this world is not as simple as we all think. Most of those goals and plans, dreams and thoughts that sneak into our heads should stay there. The world is filled with a huge number of envious people who want to build their own happiness on other people’s dreams. I don’t like to tell my plans or dreams to other people, even my relatives, because God sees everything and at one moment he can simply take away everything that you have dreamed of for so long.

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It seems to me that the dream of seeing the whole world is quite real if you gradually go towards your dream and have a good income. There is nothing impossible in this world, every day you have to go for your dream and do everything in order to achieve it as soon as possible. But being a dreamer is not enough. I do not really like people who have many dreams in their minds, but do nothing to achieve at least one. It’s simply impossible, I then get the impression that dreams were made up on the fly, especially when such a question is asked.

In my opinion, dreams should contain a certain meaning. I understand that everyone has different dreams, but they should be filled with a certain meaning. All material goods cannot be a dream – it is rather a goal that is achieved only at the moment when a person does something for it. Dreams are more global, more clearly expressed, you have to go a little longer to them than to goals or plans.

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Dreams always come true – that’s for sure. The main thing is to make at least some effort so that they do not remain dreams, but finally become goals, moreover, achieved goals. Each person dreams of something different, so it’s worth keeping your dreams to yourself so that the Almighty will hear you and not take away what you dream about. Try to achieve what you dream about, only then everything will work out.

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