Essay on the topic “My family”

Essay on the topic "My family" Essay

Family is the closest thing that every person has on this planet. Talking about my family is a pleasure for me personally, because my family is not at all like others. In general, I often thought about how a family was formed. To be honest, these are just strangers brought together by fate. The formation of the family began quite a long time ago, and now each of us has a father, mother, grandmother and grandfather, as well as younger brothers and sisters, an uncle, an aunt and many other relatives who all together form a family.

I adore my family, because they are simply incredible. Everyone has their own character, their own humor, their own habits and so on. My family consists of four members – father Artem, mother Yulia, sister Kateryna and I. And we also have a funny cat named Michelle. In general, we adopted a girl, but something did not go according to plan, and now we have a cat, which we often call Mishka or Micha. To be honest, for me, family is not only those with whom I live in the same territory, it is absolutely all relatives that exist in me.

My parents work all the time, they have almost no days off, so we rarely see each other, considering that I have moved to another city and am currently studying in another region. In addition, I have two grandmothers, two grandfathers, many aunts and uncles. My grandmothers are Olga and Iryna, and my grandfathers are Volodymyr and Mykhailo. I love my family very much, because they have done everything to ensure that I do not deny myself anything.

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I treat my younger sister especially well, because my mother taught me to love my sister from my childhood. I do not understand those children who live in a family not alone and at the same time do not love each other. Of course, we can also quarrel, because she constantly takes my cosmetics or wears my favorite tops, but she, after my parents, is the closest person to me on this planet. We both understand the need for normal communication, so we always try to find a compromise when solving important questions: “Who washes the dishes or cleans up after the cat today?”.

I love my grandparents no less, because when I was little, my parents always gave me to my grandparents for “keeping”, who taught me a lot of new things. I especially love my mother’s parents, because I spent much more time with them than with my father’s parents. They are always cheerful, cheerful, so you can’t even tell that they are over 60 years old. They always try to be in good shape and prove to everyone around them that the status of grandparents is only the beginning of life.

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My family is a mixture of an explosive mother and a more or less calm father. I’m glad that when mom and I start to fight, our dad acts as a catalyst that slows down the process of emotional explosion for either mom or me. To be honest, the family is certainly not without conflicts, but for now I am happy that my parents raised me quite strictly. I was often scolded as a child, because I constantly got on my parents’ nerves. A little later, like any child who has already gone through puberty, I began to grow up and, on the contrary, help mom and dad. Now we have a perfect relationship.

The best thing we do with my family is spend time together. I absolutely love to gather the whole family at the dinner table and tell stories that happened to us during the period when we did not see each other. I especially like to tell my mother some adventures from Kharkov, because they live in another region. I always tell her that I miss them all very much, because that’s how it is. It is still quite difficult for me to accept the fact that my family is far from me and I do not have the opportunity to hug them every evening. But this is life, I don’t hang my nose, because I know that they are always waiting for me at home.

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Therefore, the family is the part of our life that will accompany us until old age. Every parent who is expecting their child will do everything to make their child happy and healthy. I love traveling with my parents, because at that moment we have millions of situations that we later remember with special emotions. I love my family very much, because they did everything possible for me to make me feel like a real person. My parents are the best in the whole universe, and besides them, I also have the best grandparents who taught me a lot throughout my childhood.

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