Essay on the topic “My favorite book”

Essay on the topic "My favorite book" Essay

Reading is something that our parents constantly talk about and teach children that books are a treasure trove of knowledge, reading which you will definitely begin to understand the meaning of life and learn about many new interests for the future. I didn’t like reading books until the 9th grade, because I always considered it a waste of time. I couldn’t find a book for a long time, it will really bring me pleasure, because constantly reading about the consolidation of the peasantry from Ukrainian literature or constant love relationships from foreign literature seemed to me a very boring thing. All this continued for several years, because I still did not have the opportunity to read at least one book that would bring me not only pleasure, but also knowledge for the future life.

I was constantly trying to find the genre of books that I would like the most. Finally, when I started studying in the 10th and 11th grades, I decided to get acquainted with a new genre of literature – books on psychology. I hesitated for a long time to start reading, because once again I was overcome by the thought that I would not like it, but I sought changes in my life and actively began to engage in self-development.

For the first time, I began to get acquainted with psychology, because I was always interested in learning about how to properly communicate with people, and why different peoples use their own emotions. I decided to try to read at least one book so that my outlook on reading would change at least a little. I decided to read a book that almost everyone in this world knows, it was called “The Subtle Art of Pofigism”. I read a lot about this book and about the author, so I was sure that it would not be boring.

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When I opened the first page of this book, I got acquainted with the description, where the author clearly told about what will be told in the book. I like to read excerpts from books, because that’s when I understand whether it’s worth spending time on it at all. The author said that this book cannot “teach” how to behave indifferently in some situations, but it gives an impetus to those who are ready to make some minor changes in their lives. Then I realized that this book was worth my time and began to read it very carefully.

I was interested in reading literature that was new to me not only because I was tired of reading books on the same topic every time, but precisely because the author wrote it in a form that all teenagers would understand. He did not use difficult terms, did not explain to newcomers what they did not understand. Everything was clear and concise. That’s what I liked about this book. I do not have a sufficient level of knowledge in psychology, so I was very hesitant about reading. But after reading the first chapter, I realized that it was worth it.

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This book taught me many things that I did not understand until now. She told me about how to respond to certain life obstacles that seem simply insurmountable to us. The author urged all readers to treat problems with less tension, because then you have at least some chance to overcome it. I was delighted with how simply this book was written. In Ukrainian and foreign language classes, I got used to the fact that authors use constructions that are difficult to understand, so it was always difficult for me to notice the main theme and idea of ​​writing a work. However, not in this case. I am in awe of the book I read, because it was after it that I realized that I want to develop further in this field.

Personally, my impression of reading is cool. The book tells important information for the whole society, not only for teenagers. I believe that every person in this world should read this book and learn a certain lesson for themselves. Only then will you understand that reading simple books can bring much more knowledge than constantly re-reading difficult literature from which you do not get any meaning.

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Reading is quite difficult for many people, because since childhood there was no motivation to read constantly. I agree that books have been replaced by the Internet these days, but if you get to know an author who writes interesting books for you, reading will be much easier. I once again changed my opinion about self-development through reading, because interesting books will awaken interest in this in society.

So, I think my favorite book so far is The Subtle Art of Pofigism by Mark Manson. This is the only author who captivated me with his writing from the first minutes. I believe that every person should find a favorite author and their own writing style throughout their life. Only then will humanity understand that reading can bring pleasure.

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