Essay on the topic “My favorite dish”

Essay on the topic "My favorite dish" Essay

As people often say, the most important thing in our life is to eat well. The modern world has many different dishes that bring pleasure to every person. Many restaurants, fast food establishments, cafes and other places where people can go and eat have been created. Each of us likes certain foods, and some foods do not bring us pleasure, so we do not even use them in our daily diet. Personally, I don’t really like ketchup, because I don’t understand its taste at all. My friends think I’m crazy because they eat almost everything with ketchup. Recently, in the Ukrainian language class, we were asked to write an essay on the topic “My favorite dish” and I thought for a long time about which dish I should write about. To be honest, I’m not a picky eater, so I always eat what my mother cooks for me. However, when I visit a restaurant or cafe, there is one dish that I immediately order.

My most favorite salad, which I simply adore and am ready to eat it every day, is the Caesar salad. Probably every person in this world knows what products are included in it, so I don’t see the point in writing about it. I tried this dish for the first time on New Year’s, when my aunt came to visit my grandparents. She suggested that we prepare such a salad and I was delighted with how easy and delicious it is. From the moment I visit a restaurant or cafe, I make sure to order it, because I just can’t imagine how you can not love it.

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If we decide to go out to fast food, I always order the same set that includes a chicken roll, fries, nuggets, and a sprite. I love fast food, although I understand that they are bad for our stomach because of the excessive use of oil. But how can you refuse it, if it is so delicious? However, if I had to choose between fast food and Caesar salad, I would definitely choose the salad. And if the salad is combined with French fries, then it will be a gastronomic pleasure for the whole day.

To be honest, I don’t have a lot of favorite dishes, because I love home-cooked food that my mom or I cook the most, because that’s when we put our whole soul into the dish and it becomes even tastier than it might seem. I don’t really like borscht. Since childhood, I have not understood its taste, so I always asked my mother to prepare soup for me. I love buckwheat and pea soup – these are my favourites. Of course, I also eat others, but these with special pleasure.

About four years ago, I had the opportunity to get acquainted with Japanese cuisine for the first time, so now I am a fan of this country and its dishes. My parents decided to treat us to famous rolls, which I am now ready to eat both day and night. At first, I didn’t really understand their taste, but after tasting a few pieces, I realized that this is love for a lifetime. It would seem that what is special about those roles? Plain rice, fish, cucumber, maybe some other additive, but in combination with soy sauce and wasabi, it’s simply a masterpiece. For several weeks in a row, I really wanted to try something else, something I hadn’t tried before. I decided to order chicken and egg noodles for myself. This also applies to Japanese cuisine, but it can be easily prepared at home. Most of all, I liked this noodle, because it was very tender, had a pleasant taste, and since then I order only it.

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I believe that everyone has a dish that brings them pleasure, because at this moment we eat not just because we need to, but because we like it. At such a moment, the dish has a completely different taste and we get great pleasure from it. But I still believe that the best food is homemade.

I love visiting my grandmother in the village, where she always greets me with a table set with my favorite dishes. She prepares puree, favorite cutlets, cooks delicious cherry compote. My grandmother’s food is the best for me, because it is made with love and from the heart.

So, of course, I have said a lot, but I still give my preference to the Caesar salad, because it is not only tasty, but also light. I always order it with fries and a latte because I just love this coffee. It is at the moment when I have the opportunity to taste my favorite salad that I walk around happy all day, because I ate deliciously and got pleasure from it.

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