Essay on the topic “My favorite kind of sport”

Essay on the topic "My favorite kind of sport" Essay

Recently, during the physical education lesson, we analyzed the topic of football, basketball and volleyball, which did not bring me any pleasure at all. I hate ball games in general, because I’m really afraid of them. But still, when I’m asked a question about my favorite sport, I always have the answer, but more on that later.

I would like to tell my own story, when I started doing sports and what it was like for me. I remember the day I asked my mom to sign me up for gymnastics. At the time, I had no idea what that origin would cost me. I was still quite young, so of course when they started stretching me, I screamed and cried louder than anyone, since then I have not liked gymnastics at all. After that, I was sent to acrobatics, where I practiced for about a year and achieved a remarkable result. But I decided to leave anyway, because it stopped bringing me pleasure and every time I came to training without the mood to work productively.

Eventually I met a girl who was taking an acrobatic rock ‘n’ roll class and invited me to attend a trial class. Of course, I did not refuse and decided to go. Since that moment, I cannot leave this class, because sports dancing has brought me many changes in my own life. I started small, but I always tried to achieve my goals, and my friend willingly helped me realize my most cherished dreams, which were directly related to sports. Currently, I am a 5-time champion of Ukraine in acrobatic rock and roll and I cannot imagine my life without sports dances.

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To be honest, it is impossible to describe in words my admiration for this sport, because it is better to try it once than to hear it several times. But I will try to describe my own emotions from what I do. Imagine that you are embracing the whole world with your arms, when your partner throws you up, and people below are standing and watching your pirouette with great admiration, which then turns into applause. These are constant bright suits, hairstyles, trips to competitions, new acquaintances, gatherings and many other interesting things.

I am proud not only of myself, but also of my coach, who still hasn’t killed the passion with which I came to the first training session. I am very excited about what I do. My history of getting to know sports did not start brightly enough, but rather sadly, but I wanted to find a sport that would bring me pleasure for many years in a row. Now I work as an acrobatic rock and roll coach and teach my little ones to work on themselves, perform different tricks and only take first place in competitions.

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In addition to acrobatic rock and roll, I also started going to badminton, which currently brings me no less pleasure, but it is more like a simple activity, without competition, just for my own pleasure. My coach was delighted that I found time for both his training and extracurricular activities. I fell in love with sports a long time ago, so I can talk for hours about how much I love my sport.

I try to devote maximum time to training, because I see the result of my efforts and want to do and work even further. I have another competition ahead of me, which will be held at the world level, so I will have to work hard to show a high result. For me, the most important thing in sports is how your coach treats you and whether he sees the potential in you to help you grow further and achieve new and new achievements. Based on my story, I can honestly say that during gymnastics and acrobatics, my coaches did nothing to keep me training with them. Only when I found the best coach in my life, I realized that sports are really cool.

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Sport brings great pleasure only at the moment when you really want and strive for something. Otherwise, it is simply impossible to get high from sports, you can train for at least 5 hours in a row, but if you do not have the desire, then you will not be able to get the result.

I really hope that after reading my own story of getting to know sports, every person will definitely find themselves in my story and will always achieve their goals, no matter what it costs them. Getting a kick out of something you put your soul into is cool, it’s necessary to achieve a future goal.

Be sure to find a sport that will bring you pleasure, because then you will get not only the desired result, but also the thrill of training.

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