Essay on the topic “My favorite season”

Essay on the topic "My favorite season" Essay

“There is no bad weather in nature” is a famous song that sounded in the movie “Service Romance”, which captivated me as a child, when my mother constantly watched it during the New Year holidays. For some reason, this verse from the song came to mind when I was asked to talk about my favorite season. To be honest, it was quite difficult to choose one season, because each of them has its positive and negative features. I adore each season separately, because they are not at all similar to each other and each of them has its own image.

I adore autumn, because it is at this moment that I watch how nature changes, when it puts on the luxurious colors of the leaves, the harvest begins in the gardens. Autumn brings incredibly beautiful nature, which is endowed with an incredible atmosphere. I love the weather in autumn, because then it’s not cold enough to wear warm jackets, but not hot enough to wear your favorite dresses or shorts. The autumn season fascinates me, because I can observe the changes in nature, see how the birds are going to fly to warm regions, and in general I feel calm.

After autumn comes winter, which dresses the trees and bushes in white tents, when the snowbirds and chickadees first arrive, children start building snowmen and playing snowballs. For me, winter is a time of holidays and enjoyment, a time of gifts and entertainment. In winter, we always go somewhere to relax with my parents, I especially like a trip to our native Carpathians, where we go skiing, ice skating, sculpting a snow woman, grilling meat and drinking delicious mulled wine. The special atmosphere of winter is felt precisely during the New Year holidays, when we put up a Christmas tree, light sparklers, sing carols and carols, receive gifts and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of winter nature.

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After three months of rest, we can see a new stage for nature, because spring has come. The trees are already removing their white tents and starting to wake up after a long sleep. The little birds are coming back, and they can already hear the arrival of warmth and new emotions, and everything around them starts to come alive. The weather is already getting warmer, the first spring rains are coming, and all nature is captivating with its beauty. Spring impresses me more than winter and autumn, but they also have their own characteristics that attract my attention and fill my heart with new emotions.

And here, finally, is the long-awaited summer, which all children love so much. It’s finally three months of rest from studying, the desire to constantly go for a walk, go to the sea and just enjoy every day. Nights are already getting much longer than in winter, so now you can spend more time with your friends. I can confidently say that summer is my favorite season of the year. My birthday is at the beginning of summer, so I’m looking forward to it in a special mood. In the summer, we open up many opportunities for ourselves and many new ways to relax.

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Summer is the time when all nature is dressed in green tents, birds begin to fly and sing in the morning, and in the evening you can hear the chirping of crickets. I love summer because I have a lot of time to relax. Every summer, my parents and I go to the sea to have a proper rest. We often go to Odesa to visit my aunt, spend about two weeks there and return to my hometown, where I spend a lot of time with my friends. I love summer because it brings new adventures every time. This summer I had a unique opportunity to travel in Ukraine, so now I am in a small village, but there is really something to do here. We go to the beach with friends, swim, sunbathe, visit the forest to pick berries, and go hiking. This summer I visited the highest point of the Left Bank of Ukraine – Mount Pyvikha. When we first reached it, I saw an unusual nature, many swallows and a boundless sea, which brings me pleasure when small waves hit big rocks.

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I enjoy every season, because I have many opportunities to travel and relax. The only difference between summer and all others is the ability to sleep as much as your heart desires. I don’t have to get up at seven in the morning, run to school, and then to training, and then classes and so on every day. I have three months of good rest to gain strength and start the school year with new impressions.

So, my favorite season is summer. I have many opportunities to travel, enjoy the beauty of nature, rest, go for walks and generally enjoy my life. But I do not give up the idea that each season has its own characteristics that appeal to me.

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