Essay on the topic “My favorite thing”

Essay on the topic "My favorite thing" Essay

Every morning, when a new day comes, I always think that it will again be the same as yesterday, the day before yesterday, a week or a month ago. I get tired of everyday life, so I constantly find new discoveries, hobbies, talents and favorite things for myself. I believe that when you find something that you like, then the day can go by much faster and more useful.

2022 began with my own thoughts that it is time to change my life for the better. I decided to try to engage in self-development, start playing sports, find a job or improve my studies, and generally discover new hobbies that will bring me a lot of pleasure. I began to actively search for myself. All this ended unsuccessfully, because I simply did not have enough motivation to move on when I chose a certain occupation for myself. But one day, I clearly understood that I need to pull myself together and work for a better future. I hesitated for a long time about which business should be chosen, so that it would bring not only pleasure, but also benefit. Thus, I decided to choose sports.

My acquaintance with sports began in kindergarten, when my mother sent me to gymnastics for the first time. But I didn’t go there for very long, because I didn’t like this activity and constantly begged to be let go home because I was tired. But already in 2022, I decided for myself that by choosing the kind of sport that I will like, it will be able to bring not only health benefits, but also pleasure. That’s how it turned out. I met a famous girl who makes videos on YouTube and shares training programs. Having actively started working out with her, I achieved success not only externally, but also enjoyed training. That’s how I found my favorite thing – playing sports. Currently, I pay special attention not only to him, because I plan to develop in various fields of activity. It helps me focus on what I’m doing worse, so I put more effort into the areas where I feel too weak.

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One of my favorite things is studying foreign languages. I can quite say that I am a humanitarian, so mathematics, physics and other hard sciences were not given to me at all at school. I liked the humanities more, which were related to languages ​​and literature. At school I studied two foreign languages ​​- English and German, but I liked German much more. When I decided that I wanted to develop my German language, I chose a tutor who helped me with learning a foreign language. Currently, I am proud that I know at least 2 foreign languages ​​at a basic level.

I believe that every person should find a job that will bring them satisfaction. All this can be argued by the fact that when you do what you like, your brain and body start releasing endorphins, adrenaline and many other hormones and enzymes that are responsible for your mood. You may have noticed that, for example, solving a difficult problem when you do not understand math at all is difficult and boring, and for example, singing is your favorite thing, so after attending an extracurricular vocal class, you feel much better. All this really works and has been tested on many people of this world. By doing what you love, you get not only benefits for your future, but also satisfaction from what you do.

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It doesn’t matter what you decide to do – sports, singing, dancing, cross-stitching, writing songs or poems, cooking – everything that brings you pleasure is cool and necessary for your body. I chose my favorite things for quite a long time, because I could not find something that would really bring me pleasure. At the moment, I am quite happy for myself, because I was able to find my favorite thing and I get pleasure from it.

By the way, I really like to cook, and not only for myself. I am simply delighted with the way my parents and friends react when I make them breakfast or dinner. Cooking itself does not bring me as many impressions and emotions as the positive reaction of my friends and relatives. In addition, I like to sing, create presentations, write works and various articles. Everything that brings me pleasure are my favorite things.

Therefore, I believe that a favorite business should bring not only benefit, but also pleasure. Only in this case can a person really be delighted with what he does. A good mood is formed precisely on how we spend our day and how we want to see it tomorrow. You should definitely realize all your plans and dreams, find yourself in this life, so that every day is not mundane and boring.

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