Essay on the topic “My hobby”

Essay on the topic "My hobby" Essay

Every person perfectly understands that education and work are very important nowadays. However, sometimes they forget that it is necessary to have time for oneself in order to engage in a business that brings pleasure, but does not bring money. I mean the hobby that everyone likes to ask about when dating. Each person in one way or another likes to do something that is completely unrelated to the field of activity where they work. I believe that a hobby is necessary for every person, because in this way he can distract himself from problems at work and relax mentally and physically.

Personally, my hobby changed several times due to the fact that I could not understand what I would get the thrill from. I tried to try different sports, embroidery, dancing, but everything was in vain. But still, I understood what I wanted, but I just couldn’t find a normal extracurricular activity that would help me reveal my talent. I have loved singing since I was a child, so my kindergarten teachers noticed this and told my music teacher about it. At that moment, I did not yet understand that this would become the main occupation in my future. She began to tell me the basics of vocals, we practiced a lot and at one of the children’s mornings, she invited me to sing a New Year’s song. Of course, I was delighted and immediately agreed to her proposal.

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After several years, when I could not find any teacher who would help me develop my talent, I suddenly meet a girl who also likes to sing. We discussed modern music together, listened to each other’s singing until I asked where she sings. She recommended me her own teacher, to whom I came and for four years now I have been devoting all my free time to my favorite business.

My vocal history did not end only with singing, because in the cultural center in which I practiced, I was noticed by the directors who decided to put on a New Year’s play again, so they offered me to play the main role in the children’s play “Beauty and the Beast”. I was delighted with this offer, because I could never have thought that I would develop my acting skills. Everything went great, the kids loved it, and we got a huge kick out of what we were doing.

To be honest, I have always loved the stage, so I tried all the time to find a hobby that would be related to my second home. My school years taught me not to be afraid of the public, but to speak openly and give people joyful emotions. We traveled a lot to various concerts, took part in various song contests, took high places and received awards for it. But who knew that it was kindergarten that would help me find my favorite hobby, which I have been passionate about for several years in a row.

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In addition to singing, I recently discovered a new occupation from which I get not only pleasure, but also new knowledge. To be honest, until this moment I hated reading books, because I considered it a boring thing that I didn’t need. But once I read a book on psychology and was delighted that I read almost 500 pages in two days. Currently, I choose those books that I consider necessary and that will bring me not only benefit, but also pleasure while reading. What I want to say is that everyone should have an occupation that brings them pleasure.

Finding a hobby was quite difficult, but I just didn’t listen to what my heart was telling me. It is thanks to the hobby that I distract myself from all problems and, at least for a certain time, forget that there are obstacles in life. Chanting helps me to release all the pain that has accumulated over several days, weeks or months. With the help of a hobby, I open my heart to something new and bring my joy to other people.

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I believe that in the future, a hobby can also help a person find his own path in life, because in this way you will already understand what you want to get from this life.

Quite often I meet people who have no hobbies, so when they have a lot of free time, they just sit around and get bored. But if they had a hobby that brings them pleasure, then their free time could be filled with a business that brings not only benefit, but also pleasure.

A hobby should definitely be in every person’s life. Everyone needs to forget about life’s troubles at least for a while and devote free time to your favorite thing, because then your heart starts to fill with positive emotions that you can give to others.

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