Essay on the topic “Oral folk art”

Essay on the topic "Oral folk art" Essay

My acquaintance with Ukrainian literature began at school, namely with oral folk art. Then the teacher told us for the first time about all the works of Ukrainian literature and how they appeared in general and what the writers relied on when recalling more and more new themes, ideas and motives for writing various poems, poems and stories. I remember with what delight I listened to stories about oral folk art, because it is from it that any history of writing a work begins, both in Ukrainian and foreign literature. Currently, I am proud of the fact that I know many features, works and generally the composition of oral folk art.

Personally, I believe that oral folk creativity is the basis of all works of Ukrainian literature. Why is it called oral? Because they were not written on some piece of paper, but songs and stories were sung and told from generation to generation. Why folk? Because all the songs, stories, sayings, proverbs were created precisely thanks to local residents of different regions, which were engraved in the history of Ukrainian art and are currently known to every Ukrainian. Oral folk art includes many different types of works, such as sayings, proverbs, omens, songs, ballads, poems, stories, fairy tales, legends, myths and much more. They are always passed down from generation to generation, so currently every Ukrainian knows a lot of oral folk art without even noticing it.

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I believe that it would be appropriate to call oral folk creativity a treasury, which contains a large amount of well-being, knowledge and wealth. All this was collected for dozens of centuries, so now we have the opportunity to read not only new works of Ukrainian literature, but also those that were created almost a thousand years ago. The variety of folklore features of oral folk art can be explained by the fact that each region told the same story or song in different words and ways, which is why we can notice a large number of examples of the same, for example, song. However, the most important thing remains that oral folk art is a part of world culture, which has not only an important cognitive value, but also an aesthetic one.

Everyday life of every person is also full of folklore, and we may not even notice it. Oral folk art has accompanied us since childhood, and it begins from the moment when a mother cradles a small child and sings a lullaby to it. In kindergarten, teachers constantly ask us riddles, and we look for answers to them. The school already introduces the child to other types of oral folk art, such as sayings, proverbs, songs and works. I believe that the greatest wisdom is still engraved in proverbs and sayings, because their great variety allows a person to learn something in this life.

For example, I often hear such a saying from my father: “Without effort, you can’t catch a fish from a pond”, and that’s when I understand that I should make as much effort as possible to get the desired result. My parents constantly use many sayings and proverbs, the meaning of which I understand very well and I try to implement such wisdom in my life. I, without even noticing it myself, every day use many folklore features that I inherited from my grandparents, from my mother and father, as well as from educational institutions. The most important thing for me is that I clearly understand the contribution that oral folk art makes to the life of both a person and to the enrichment of modern Ukrainian literature.

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I always paid special attention to songs, which in turn are also divided into categories. I especially love carols, because every year during the Christmas holiday, our family visits a huge number of different friends and relatives, singing carols and carols. Every year, together with my sister, we try to learn more and more new songs to surprise our relatives and friends. In addition to such songs, I also like to read and listen to historical ballads and poems, which tell about the heroic deeds of my brothers, whom I have never been able to meet in this life. I am sure that such songs were written for a reason, they tell our people exactly what heroic deeds were done by our compatriots.

So, I believe that oral folk art is the main writing of modern works of Ukrainian literature. Looking at what works were written earlier, modern writers draw certain conclusions and give Ukrainian literature more and more new works that also have features of oral folk art. It is folklore that makes a great contribution to the life of every Ukrainian, because every day we use various proverbs, sayings, excerpts from works, without even noticing it.

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I personally believe that oral folk art is a great gift for the entire Ukrainian people.

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