Essay on the topic “Patriotism”

Essay on the topic "Patriotism" Essay

Patriotism is a concept that does not have an unambiguous explanation, because each person perceives it according to the call of his own soul. For some, patriotism means constantly singing the anthem of one’s country, in our case – Ukraine, for others, it means using a large number of state symbols. Personally, I believe that patriotism is completely different. This is something that is brought up from a very young age, and the use of state symbols and constant singing of the national anthem are of no use here. When I was asked to express my own thoughts about patriotism and my own attitude to this word, I decided that it would be quite difficult, because I do not consider myself a patriot and it was not brought up in me. But everything turned out quite differently, so this essay will be aimed at ensuring that every reader finds himself in my statements and understands that patriotism may not be shown, but it is important to personally understand its meaning.

We live in a beautiful country – Ukraine, which is located in the very center of Europe. We are considered to be the largest European country, and in addition, we own wide forests and forests. We have an incredible climate, fertile land and the most hospitable people. I believe that Ukraine is our Motherland, where we were born, grew up, some even died here. We should love our country, which educates us, gives us knowledge and encourages us to new achievements. For me, patriotism is love for the Motherland. I was never a patriot of my country, because I did not go to rallies, I did not shout that I love my country, but personally for myself, for my inner peace, I understand and know this. We should be proud of the fact that we have all the amenities for a full life, because other countries do not have the same number of opportunities that our native Ukraine has.

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The modern Ukrainian people are the people who can give Ukraine a remarkable future. We are ready to do everything possible so that we live in an even better country, which could have a huge number of new buildings, new laws and regulations. In my opinion, patriotism is present in every person who already has at least some thoughts, because from a very young age we are taught to love our country and be proud of being a citizen of our country. It just sometimes happens that patriotism is developed in different ways in different people, so some constantly show it, and some only internally believe in their cause and their attitude to the Motherland.

I believe that the main goal of our people is to create prosperity and help our country prosper more and more every day, and this will help maintain peace in Ukraine. Our duty is to defend the independence of our state and constantly help it develop in the right direction. Every citizen of our country must make a significant contribution in order to live in a European country and be proud of being Ukrainian.

I want to express my own opinion about: “What kind of person should be considered a patriot?”. In fact, this is again a rather ambiguous question, because someone considers it necessary to wear Ukrainian symbols all the time, and someone does not even mention that he is a patriot. To be honest, my opinion is quite simple, because for me, a patriot is a person who loves and is proud of his country, who does everything possible so that it and all the people of the country live in peace and harmony.

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To be a patriot is to live for the betterment of the quality of life in one’s country, to serve it in every way we can, and to sacrifice one’s life for the sake of a peaceful sky if there is a need for it. I believe that some people are simply not able to cultivate patriotism in themselves, and therefore loudly shout that they do not like life in Ukraine. But the modern youth of our Motherland is trying to break this stereotype and is making a significant contribution to the future of our country. Elderly people are currently doing everything possible so that the next generations also nurture love for the Motherland in their hearts, because this is very necessary for the future of our country.

I believe that patriotism should be taught from childhood. For this, it is not necessary to constantly sing the national anthem, carry state symbols or loudly shout that you are a patriot. Being a patriot is fashionable and cool, because that’s how you can help your crane to flourish and develop in the right field of activity. Our country is very powerful, but few people know about it and do not notice its achievements. Currently, I consider myself quite a patriot, because I plan to build my luxurious future precisely in Ukraine, in the country where I was born, grew up and learned a lot of new things. Every person who considers himself a patriot must build his life where he feels safe, namely in the Motherland.

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