Essay on the topic “Perseverance or modesty”

Essay on the topic "Perseverance or modesty" Essay

We are all born equal, but different. Each of us has many different character traits that may not be present in another person. Someone is friendly, frank, respectful, and someone is rude, stubborn and rude. However, any character trait can be inherent in one and the same person. Someone can be stubborn but friendly at the same time. I was often asked the question: “What is better – persistence or modesty?”. The answer to this question was quite ambiguous, because I believe that both perseverance and modesty should be fairly developed character traits in any person. But still, I came to the conclusion that perseverance is the character trait that will help any person achieve success.

I had such an opinion recently, namely when I first had to express my opinion in public among a new team. I was once again asked questions about the perseverance of a person and the result of such actions towards others. Of course, I still believe that being persistent can sometimes be inappropriate, but everyone should understand perfectly well that in today’s world it is impossible to survive otherwise. I want to prove by my own example that modesty will not lead to a successful future, because being modest is not cool nowadays. Of course, we should not go headlong for the sake of our goal, but we must be able to clearly mark our own boundaries.

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I was one of those girls in the class who only recently moved to a new team, so it was difficult for me to show myself to be persistent right away, so I was more modest, which did not lead to anything good in my future school life. I was constantly insulted by my classmates, so, frankly speaking, I constantly suffered from all kinds of raids from their side and decided that I should be persistent and be able to defend my boundaries. In this case, this persistence was more about me becoming more confident and able to stand up for myself. I began to be respected and my school life finally began to improve. They saw in me the girl they needed for so long, so now we are all almost the best of friends.

Of course, this example shows more confidence than persistence, but I clearly understand what I’m talking about. A persistent person always achieves his goals, because he clearly understands what he wants to get from this life and how he wants to see his future. Modesty cannot boast of such an ability to transform the future into success and luck. I think modesty is an important character trait, but not when you’re trying to achieve a goal. Such a character trait should perhaps be manifested when you meet a new guy and you don’t want to seem rude right away. But still, this is the modern world. People are already used to the fact that modest people are respected much less than persistent ones.

I believe that persistence should be greater than modesty. In this case, a person will be able to achieve his goals quite quickly, because he will do everything in his power for the sake of his future. Such people evoke more sympathy in me, because I see in them the desire to go further, regardless of life’s obstacles. They are good at breaking mountains for the sake of their dreams, which is why they always succeed.

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Modest people are much less likely to achieve their goals, because they seem to be ashamed and afraid to speak their mind in public. Because of this, they remind me of gray mice who have been imprisoned in a basement, tortured for a million years, so now they cannot clearly and succinctly say what they are thinking. Our world has become quite tough, so in order to survive in it, you need to have a core inside yourself and show it to people from time to time so that you are not bullied. Of course, modesty beautifies a person, but you must clearly understand the boundaries of when you should stop and show a tougher version of yourself in order to achieve your goal.

I believe that without perseverance and the ability to stand up for yourself, a person can do nothing in this world. It is worth realizing the need to have that core in yourself that will help a person achieve goals and realize the most cherished dreams. It is especially important to be persistent at work, at school or university, where there is a large audience. If you immediately put yourself in a fairly high position, then your reputation will be much higher than those who are shy to utter even a word. It is worth remembering that status is important in this world.

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So, I think being persistent is the opposite of cool. Everyone in this world is for himself and spins in this wheel as he wants. If you are modest, it will be much more difficult to achieve your goals than if you show yourself as a persistent and self-respecting employee or student.

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