Essay on the topic “Spring has come”

Essay on the topic "Spring has come" Essay

Spring has come… How many joys arise in a person’s thoughts when he hears these words of the first of March. It is especially nice to understand that finally the warm spring season is coming to us, when there was a long and protracted winter, cold and frosty. On the first of March, it is as if a person is reborn into the world, because the whole planet wakes up, the first buds begin to bloom, birds fly from warmer regions.

Spring time is special. It inspires to create something new and always contains emotions of joy and desire to work. I really like spring and there are some reasons for that. First, for me personally, springtime is a symbol of the beginning of a new life. I have repeatedly planned to do something for myself in the winter, to start self-development, but all the same, winter puts more pressure on the human brain and we, like bears, fall into hibernation for three whole months. But as soon as I hear that spring has come, my inner state immediately takes an important position for me, because I understand that a new life is beginning, which will be filled with bright emotions and colors.

Spring impresses me more than any other season. It is in the spring that I feel the best, because my heart rejoices at the fact that new achievements await me. I especially like warm spring, when you can already take off warm clothes and enjoy the first aroma of blooming plants. I really love when the first birds fly in and especially in the evening I can hear them singing outside my window. It is such small details that make me a happy person especially in spring.

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Understanding the beauty of spring does not come immediately to a person, especially to those who are not used to seeing small nuances and enjoying them. I fell in love with spring around the age of 10, when my mother and I went for a walk for the first time after a long winter and I saw the first buds on the trees and the blooming of small flowers, which I loved to collect and give my mother a huge bouquet. At that moment, I was so blessed with wings that I wanted to fly and sing to the whole world, that finally the long-awaited spring came.

Many songs and works were composed, where the authors describe the landscapes of nature precisely in the spring season. I like this style of writing, because then I start to think that I also saw such details. I especially like to read about spring when I feel sad in winter and I want to look into the spring world. I love works where the authors clearly describe all the beauty of spring, because looking at nature in spring is a pleasure.

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This spring I discovered many new things for myself. This spring, my parents and I decided to make a mini-tour of Ukraine and see many architectural monuments, parks and other beautiful places of Ukraine. We traveled almost half of our Motherland and saw something different in each region. It looked especially beautiful during the awakening of nature from winter rest. I saw a large number of new flowers just beginning to open, new buds on the trees, a large number of new birds that I had never seen in my life.

Springtime is a special time of year for many people in this world. I am sure that millions of people dream about the arrival of spring, because then you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature, look into every corner where a new life begins. When springtime comes, it seems to call you into its arms, which are simply impossible to refuse. This feeling cannot be conveyed by any words in this world, because every person should feel the thirst to create something new independently.

It seems to me that we are endowed with a certain gift from birth, which enters our hearts with the arrival of spring, because it seems to beckon all people to create, experiment and inspire others to create something new.

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The spring season also inspires people with certain feelings that cannot be expressed with emotions. I noticed even in myself such a peculiarity that when a protracted winter comes, my feelings begin to cool down and then it is quite difficult to melt them. But as soon as spring comes, my feelings gain momentum and I want to give my love and good mood to everyone around me.

I always wait for spring with a special mood, because I understand that a new life awaits me, which was impossible to manage in winter or autumn. I like to listen to songs that authors dedicate to spring, because that’s when a fast melody plays in the heart, which captivates and inspires. Spring gives a person not only a beautiful blooming nature, the arrival of a warm sun and the beginning of something new, it carries much more – the spiritual flowering of a person after a long winter season. It is in spring that a person feels inspired and tries to present his good mood to everyone around him.

Springtime is the best time of the year, because it can do things to people that fall, winter, or summer can’t.

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