Essay on the topic “What has the greatest value in a person’s life”

Essay on the topic "What has the greatest value in a person's life" Essay

The value of the human soul cannot be compared with any treasure in this world. We were really all born into the world with a purpose, because the Almighty always expects from us help, new achievements, help to our neighbor and many other things. Each person must make his own contribution to the future, and it does not matter whether his peers will be able to appreciate him or whether his descendants will be proud.

Human life is a valuable thing, but what is the most valuable thing in our life? Each person has his own answer to this question, because each of them has his own values. Someone considers it necessary to value wealth and fortune, someone – spiritual development, and someone – just life in this world. To be honest, I also have my own opinion about what is most valuable to a person in this life.

Personally, I believe that the most valuable thing is time. No matter how simply it is said, the meaning of these words is very important. Thanks to time, we have the opportunity to choose different developments in our lives. Someone chooses to be idle all the time, lie on the sofa and watch TV, and someone at this time is doing everything possible to make his future incredible. Some people choose their path as lazy people, while their peers constantly spend time on self-development, sports, studies and work. Each person must choose his own path in order to have the kind of future he chose as a teenager.

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Unfortunately, the world is arranged in such a way that each person has a certain time. It is not possible to say that we will all die in one day, we will all live for 100 years. The Almighty gives us as much time as he deems necessary, and the person himself chooses where it should be spent. The fact is that time passes imperceptibly, so you should approach with special responsibility the choice of future activities that you are ready to spend time on every day.

What can I say personally about myself? I really value my time because I have to do a lot of things in one day. My morning always starts before eight o’clock, because then I wake up and immediately feel full of life energy and ready to move mountains in order to have time to do all the things for the day. I try not to spend my time sitting on the phone for a long time, scrolling through social pages and texting with friends, although in the evening I spend some time even on such things. My day is always planned in minutes. During the day, I manage to work, visit a foreign language tutor, do sports, pay attention to my family and friends, and also spend a cozy evening corresponding with my acquaintances.

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Also, I’ve recently started reading psychology books, so my evenings are sometimes less texting with friends and more self-development. I should say that it is very easy for me, but I don’t want to lie because it was very difficult to start. I had to give up constant walks, the large amount of time I spent on social networks. Currently, I have the body of my dreams, I am learning my fifth foreign language, I work at a job that brings not only pleasure, but also good money, but I have enough time that I can allocate for rest. Currently, I devote all my time to things that bring me both pleasure and benefit. Playing sports, learning a new language, reading smart books, working on my vocation and studying – all this brings me a significant contribution to a successful future.

I still have to emphasize that time is the most valuable thing in every person’s life. We independently choose the way of its use, so it is worth approaching with special responsibility the choice of activities on which you are ready to spend a large amount of time. I think everyone should understand that by spending time on useful things, your future will be much more successful and better than that of your peers who are always sitting at the computer. This way of life develops degradation among the younger generation, which is always highly valued by society. I have repeatedly heard that children are our future and I completely agree. Having a huge number of opportunities, a person still finds excuses from work, study, self-development and self-improvement. Unfortunately, this is only a problem for the person who chooses to be lazy.

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So, I believe that the most valuable thing in a person’s life is time. It flows very quickly, so you should not miss the moment when you need to choose classes for the future. Each person should understand that he does not know when his life will end and in what way it will happen. You need to seize every moment and enjoy every day, while becoming a much better version of yourself than you were yesterday.

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