Essay on the topic “What is happiness”

Essay on the topic "What is happiness" Essay

“What is happiness?” – an eternal question to which man has not yet found a final answer. Each person perceives this concept from his own point of view. Personally, I believe that happiness is a certain moral state of a person, which is filled with positive emotions and pleasant impressions of life. Being happy, for me personally, means enjoying every moment that I live here and now. For example, I get the most joy and happiness during a long trip with my family and friends.

Being happy does not mean constantly receiving a large number of gifts, having a large amount of money. Happiness comes from where you might not even expect it. Personally, I believe that happiness is my life. I really like what I do, and especially if it brings me pleasure.

Recently, I decided to sit alone on the porch of my house and think about what “happiness” means to me. I haven’t come to a final answer yet, but I have a few thoughts I’d like to share. I thought about this question many times, but I never found the final answer until I met my girlfriend, who taught me to see happiness in small things. I would like to share my own story of how I found my “happiness”.

We once again decided to meet with her at our favorite place in Kharkiv, where I like to come alone, if I feel embarrassed. She offered me to have coffee and sweets and talk about the meaning of “happiness” in the life of every person. Of course, I wasn’t in the mood, so my answer was, “Happiness doesn’t exist at all, we just make things up for ourselves that bring us joy.” My friend was simply shocked by these words and told me the following: “Look, you and I have known each other for 16 years, we constantly travel, find new adventures – isn’t this happiness?”. To be honest, I didn’t know what to answer her, because after all, it was happiness to have such a friend with whom you can think about such important things that most of the society does not understand.

We had a long discussion on this topic and finally, towards the end of the evening, I told her that I was happy to have a friend like her. These were words from the heart, because I understood that the meaning of happiness is that we get certain people, certain events that make us happy.

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In addition to the fact that most of us have a complete family, each of us has at least one friend who will always come to your aid, no matter what life situation you face. It was the same with my Nastya. She always helped me and taught me many things that I will remember for the rest of my life. It was from such moments that I got a thrill that cannot be conveyed in any words.

To be honest, I also feel happy at the moment when my favorite friends gather around me, because at this time we are free to do whatever we want, this is what brings us a certain happiness.

I have always associated the feeling of happiness with the fact that I am endowed with wings and fly up and bring my joy to other people. Recently, I started to work fruitfully in a job that brings me pleasure and also money. At that moment I felt happy for two reasons. First of all, I found a job that I do conscientiously, and besides, it brings me a good income. Secondly, I was finally able to break away from my parents and now I personally help them realize their most cherished dreams.

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I felt inspired to do more and more new things. Of course, life’s troubles always awaited me on my way, but despite all this, I was able to find the strength to go on and once again proved to myself and my relatives that it is possible to be happy, and even better – it is absolutely necessary.

Each person can interpret the concept of “happiness” in his own way, because for someone happiness can be in a material sense, and for someone in a spiritual sense. Every person in this world wants to be happy, but does everyone succeed? In my opinion, the most important factor that makes a person happy is positive emotions. Buying a new car, traveling abroad together, internal enrichment – all this can make a person happy.

The inner experience can confuse a person a little, and then he will begin to think that happiness in his life has ended. I felt such tension at the moment when I lost my best friend, who I thought was a terrible brother. But my opportunity to take control of myself and start fruitfully working on myself did not give me the opportunity to oppress myself in the future.

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So, happiness is an emotional state that inspires a person to new achievements in the future and is filled only with positive emotions and joyful news.

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