Essay on the topic “What is happiness”

Essay on the topic "What is happiness" Essay

Have you ever thought about the meaning of human happiness in the life of each of us? What is happiness anyway? Why is it necessary and why does each of us strive for a happy future? I always thought about this question and one day I still came to a certain conclusion, because happiness is a feeling that should be present in the life of each of us. Human happiness can be described in different ways and words, and everyone will have their own explanation of this phrase.

I will not tell you for a long time what everyone already knows, but I will simply say that for me, human happiness is to wake up every time with common sense and to have by your side all those whom you consider close to your heart. It seems to me that those people who renounce society, do not communicate with their parents, are constantly sad and do not want to have an optimistic mood – they are not happy. They probably experienced some obstacle in life that pushed them off the right path, but despite all this, it is worth remembering that your happiness can also be needed by someone. I always try to bring some part of my happiness and good mood into the life of every person, because I cannot look at sad people and try to tell them some adventures from my life.

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Human happiness, for me personally, cannot be described in any words, because everyone perceives it as they see it. We have many opportunities to feel truly happy, it’s just that despite all kinds of obstacles and troubles, we can forget about the small details that make us happy people. It is quite difficult for me to convey my opinion, what is happiness in general, because I do not fully understand the meaning of this feeling. I can just wake up in a good mood, I want to give it, my parents and friends are next to me, so this is real happiness for me. All other troubles will surely come out of my life on their own or with my help and everything will start again as it was.

I believe that it will be quite difficult to say whether a person is happy. Life is built in such a way that we quite often put on the masks of a happy person in order not to talk about the fact that there are certain problems in life. So we can never know if a person is happy, but I still have the opinion that when a person is really happy, it shows. She does not wear a mask and behaves very sincerely and energetically, so it can be said that everything is good in her life and she is happy with every day she lives and enjoys her life.

I’ve felt happy many times, but I can’t say that I’m really happy now. My friends are thousands of kilometers away from me, I don’t have the opportunity to live at home, because now certain circumstances are happening in my life that I cannot influence. I may never even go back there, who knows… I remember all the moments when I was really happy and didn’t care about what was going on in the world. We lived a wonderful life, we talked, went out for walks, had parties, went on vacation, constantly spent time with our friends and parents, but now everything has changed. I haven’t seen my family and friends for 4 months, I have to be constantly in a state of despair because there is no contact with my grandparents, I constantly feel anxiety in my soul and it makes me very sad.

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The life of each of us is very complicated and we often don’t even think about what makes us happy. We consider ourselves the creators of our own happiness and it depends only on us whether we will have a happy future, whether we feel safe and ready to say out loud that we are happy. It is quite difficult, because constant attacks of problems push us on the wrong path and we can sometimes even fall into depression.

It seems to me that we should overcome all difficulties and do everything possible to feel happy. Our life is complicated, but at the same time, it is filled with many opportunities that make us the happiest people in the world. We should think and decide for ourselves personally what brings us happiness.

For the rest of my life, I remembered the saying of the Russian writer Ivan Turgenev, who said: “Happiness is like health: if you don’t notice it, then it is there.” I cannot but agree with this statement, because of course we cannot see this happiness, but our inner world definitely feels it.

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