Essay on the topic “What is love”

Essay on the topic "What is love" Essay

Recently, in the Ukrainian literature class, we were asked to write an essay on the topic of love, and since this is my favorite topic, it was difficult to combine my thoughts into one single text. I pondered for a long time how to write this essay in order to have time to put all my thoughts on paper, but I could not. Now I have a wonderful opportunity to tell you about what love means to me personally and why this topic touches my soul so much. I believe that every person, when he reads this work, will understand the importance of the feeling of love in our life and its power, which cannot be compared with any power of this world.

Love is a great feeling that can cover the whole human brain for a long time, and as a rule, a dizzy brain affects the whole person quite a bit. I have repeatedly noticed people in love and constantly looked at them with special attention, because they do not look like ordinary people. Love takes them so much that they seem to fly in this world, do not see evil and constantly think about a happy future with their loved ones. By the way, I saw not only girls like that, but also boys, so the topic of love is very close to me and I like to watch how someone falls in love and tries not to show it.

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The theme of love in literature occupies a special place, because love works never go out of fashion and are constantly in great demand among readers. I always take several books where the writers covered the theme of love in order to draw parallels between the same themes of the works, but different presentation. I still believe that the theme of love in literature is a key one, because no matter what topic the work is written on, the problem of love and relationships will still be present in it. I’ll be honest, I don’t like all works on the theme of love, because some writers could not clearly convey the feelings of a person in love that I was waiting for.

My life was once also filled with an unusual feeling for me, which lifted me above the sky, when I did not hear others at all and saw only him in front of my eyes. Such love was in my heart for several years and I could not do anything about it. She came to me completely unexpectedly and I still haven’t figured out how to control such surges of love in my soul. But the answer was that it is impossible to control the process. We will never know how it is that we fall in love, why this particular person or why this particular period of our lives. This is a difficult question and I could not find an answer to it.

Love can do something unusual to a person. I remember being in love with myself and I still don’t understand how it was possible to do such things. My mind seemed to be dizzy and I did not want to listen to anyone around me. It is such an inner feeling, when you seem to be lifted up to the sky, butterflies fly inside, and your eyes refuse to see anyone except your beloved man. Such feelings are remembered for a lifetime, because perhaps it was the first love. I want to say that the first love always remains in our heart, because we love only once, and then we only look for similar people.

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Love has a lasting power that no other feeling on this planet has. A person in love is capable of extraordinary achievements, no matter what it costs them. I think that love is quite a miracle in the life of every person. To be honest, not everyone is capable of real love, but when such a feeling comes to a person, he begins to fly with wings, like a little bird, and his thoughts begin to mix, so common sense at such a moment goes somewhere. When love comes into our life, it is filled with extraordinary new emotions, feelings, life begins to play with new colors. We can even immerse ourselves in art and start creating.

But if you look at love from the other side, it can bring not only good feelings and emotions, but also completely bad ones. There is one-sided love, when you love only you or only you, and at this very moment a person feels a lot of tension from the side and cannot feel happy one hundred percent.

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So, I believe that love is a great feeling that contains many subtleties that are not always clear to mankind. We all have the opportunity to fall in love, but no one knows when it will happen. You should just listen to your heart and make the right choice, only under such conditions will a person have healthy relationships and love.

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