Essay on the topic “What money can’t buy”

Essay on the topic "What money can't buy" Essay

The modern world is built in such a way that any person can claim that money can currently buy anything. But is it really so? Is money really so powerful that it can be used to buy absolutely anything? I believe that such an opinion is wrong, although it has a place to exist. The thing is that the number of things that cannot be bought is much larger than it might seem at first glance. I want to prove this point with the help of my own judgments and demonstrate that there are still things in this world that money cannot buy.

Health is the main part of any human life. No matter how old-fashioned it sounds, we cannot buy health. We get it from birth, and it can only be worsened by all kinds of diseases. When we go to the pharmacy and buy medicine that helps us get well, we are not buying health, but medicine that helps to eliminate health problems. Thus, it can be said that health is the first thing that cannot be bought with money. Despite the fact that currently medicine has made great progress and it is possible to cure absolutely everything for money, starting from ordinary diseases and ending with transplants of some organs. However, it is still impossible to buy health itself.

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Spiritual development is what most people around the world are striving for, especially young people. I am talking about the rethinking of human life and the internal changes that occur due to the complete acceptance of this world and the understanding of the importance of being in harmony not only with oneself, but also with the surrounding environment. I believe that it is impossible for any person to buy such an important thing. It comes from the heart, from the thoughts of a person, when visiting temples and cathedrals. In this way, a person is ready to rethink the meaning of his life and then tries to introduce certain adjustments that help him build a happy and successful future. Spiritual development cannot be purchased at the “Everything for the Home” store or at the grandmother’s market. All this comes from a person, so no amount of money can help in this.

Knowledge is an integral part of the human brain, which is instilled in a person from an early age. Even in kindergarten, we are taught that knowledge is power. It really works like that, because the modern world demonstrates that without knowledge you can do nothing here. It doesn’t matter how many classes you studied at school or whether you have a red diploma on graduation from a higher educational institution, the most important thing in this life is the ability to use the acquired knowledge. We don’t buy knowledge, but certain items that help make up for it. These are books, cassettes with educational videos, courses from masters of any field of activity, marathons, manuals and much more. Knowledge itself cannot be bought, but it is possible to buy what we get this knowledge from. I can say the same about the educational institutions in which we study. We pay not for knowledge, but for training. We do not buy knowledge, but only make a small contribution to get it.

Character traits are the most important thing that any person pays attention to, because they also cannot be bought with money. I believe that money does not beautify a person, because if he does not have certain character traits that should be inherent in a person who is respected and considered an example, then no amount of money will be able to save him. To be honest, a person who does not have a lot of money cannot be unhappy. Most of all, such people demonstrate that they are kind, sensitive, polite and benevolent. What I like most about them is that they can see the beauty in the little details, while the rich might not. Even if you have a lot of money, it will hardly help if people start turning away from you because of bad character traits.

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Money is just paper, but now it has become precious to this world, because it has a lot of “power” in today’s world. Everything is built in such a way that you can buy almost everything, but with my own thoughts I tried to prove that everything is far from what it seems at first glance. You can buy a lot of cars, houses, jewelry every day and constantly travel the world. But I personally believe that if you do not have health, spiritual development, and good character traits, no amount of money will help you become a truly happy person.

So, I believe that the value of money in this world is not that valuable. I agree that you can buy almost everything in this world, but the most important wealth for a person is spiritual development and a bright inner world.

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