Essay on the topic “When the power of love conquers war”

Essay on the topic "When the power of love conquers war" Essay

I think that every person at least once in his life faced the opposition of good and evil. We clearly understand their difference, as well as the desire to create more good than evil. But in contrast to these two feelings, humanity also learns about love and war, where love is good and war is evil. How can you argue that love conquers war? At what point does this happen and why is it so difficult to understand the meaning of this question? The answer may or may not be correct, but I believe that my answer is correct. Love can win the war, I am sure of that and I want to prove my point by my own example.

I think that most people will agree with me, because I personally believe that for a full human life you should be happy, have family and friends and live in harmony with yourself. Most of us have all these factors in our lives, and therefore we can consider ourselves human. But the world is built in such a way that not everyone has the right to life, we constantly fight for our lives and try to survive in this difficult world. All this explains the fact that the strongest survives, and that is why there are wars, during which you can see who is still stronger and who is more worthy of living in this world.

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I believe that war can be won only by those who do not have a shred of goodness in their hearts, who are capable of destroying the whole world, so that his life would be full and happy. There are not many such people in this world, but unfortunately, they also exist. Love is a great feeling that can do incredible things to a person. I will not get tired of repeating this constantly, because I have seen thousands of people in love and their attitude to the surrounding environment, and I can say with confidence that they are incredible. They very quickly begin to see beauty and express their emotions, which are filled with great meaning and goodness.

Most foreign writers expressed their own opinions about how love can affect the course of war in history. I can say with confidence that in this case love will win more often than war. I have already said that good always wins over evil, because good deeds have more power, and I can say the same about love. This topic is quite relevant, because love can make people’s thoughts dizzy and it starts to seem to fly. The current topic of the importance of love and war, their confrontation is well described in the famous works of my favorite foreign writer, Erich Maria Remarque. This is the author who wrote the most famous works for society and made a significant contribution to the future development of generations.

My acquaintance with this author was quite difficult. In addition, I constantly heard such statements, which were quite difficult and sometimes incomprehensible. My parents and relatives, older people claim that his books should be read only when you already have some experience and can understand what the writer was trying to convey to others. I keep getting told that I should grow up to read his works, but I have a different opinion. Erich Maria Remarque writes such works where the theme and idea of ​​the work are so clearly expressed that it is not important to have any experience to understand what the author was trying to demonstrate in his works.

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My favorite book by Erich Maria Remarque is A Time to Live and a Time to Die. This essay reveals many social problems of our society and covers important issues that are present in today’s world. The main “thread” of this work is the theme of love between Ernst, who was a soldier, and his beloved Elizabeth, who was known to him since childhood. The writer described this situation so vividly, because we see a picture where a young couple wants to be together, but due to the fact that there is a war going on in the world, their desire has turned into an unfathomable dream. Such a demonstration of the theme of love and war appealed to me and I read this work with great enthusiasm and now I recommend it to absolutely everyone I know.

I remember the famous saying of Erich Maria Remarque, which goes like this: “He who wins a war never stops winning.” I completely agree with this statement and would like to add a few thoughts of my own. I believe that love can do unexplainable things to a person, because even in this work we see this thread of love, which shows that they were ready to win the war to be together for the rest of their lives.

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The theme of love and war is basic and relevant in our difficult world. I am sure that each person will understand for himself the meaning of the word “war” in the context in which it will be more clear to him. Every person is capable of defeating the enemy if a great feeling lives in his soul.

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