Meaning of the movie “Premonition” and ending explained

Meaning of movie "Premonition" (plot and ending explained) Films

The movie “Premonition” is about a woman, Linda, whose husband dies in a car crash. However, Linda has a premonition of the impact and can save her husband’s life. The rest of the movie follows Linda as she tries to figure out what the suspicion means and how to save her husband’s life. The ending is entirely unexpected and makes you think about the meaning of the whole movie.

The genre film “Premonition” by Mennan Yapo (Premonition, 2007) is rated by many viewers as a psychological thriller. In their opinion, Linda Hanson (in the brilliant performance of Sandra Bullock) anticipates trouble – the death of her husband – and tries to prevent it with all her might. This is a chameleon film in which, behind the shell of mysticism, behind the non-linear time scale in timing, behind the mental instability of a young woman experiencing the loss of her husband, there is a melodrama about family values.

The bottom line is that Linda cannot fix the future revealed to her in a vision. It is not given to change the course of events: what will be will not be avoided. And there is no “happy ending” with the salvation of Jim: there is no escape from fate. Premonition does not give the main character the slightest chance to prevent the tragedy and only allows you to look at their life together differently. Wise people say that the future is revealed to a person not to change it but to draw conclusions and correct something in real life. As a result, a woman will forgive her husband for trying to cheat and understand how dear and necessary he is to her, but she will still lose him.

What is the movie “Premonition” about

The plot is entirely built on the experiences of the main character. The remaining elements and parallel lines are auxiliary:

  • A dead crow
  • Scars on the daughter’s face
  • A psychiatrist with sedative pills
  • Conversations with a friend

They help Linda, who is confused about which day she lives in (present or past), restore the chronology of events and understand the passage of time.

Premonition begins with a young woman receiving news of her husband’s death in a traffic accident. However, the following day, he meets her at home, in perfect health. And then, on the screen begins a chronological leapfrog of the days of one week in which the tragedy occurred. Linda wakes up every morning and doesn’t know if she is a widow or not. Jim died on Wednesday, and the days before and after the tragedy are mixed in the mind of the main character, like cards in a deck, and are shown in this order:

One day. Thursday. Linda collects her daughters for school and answers their questions about her father: he left for a business trip yesterday. During the usual household chores, a woman calls her friend Ann. She says that the Hansons are stuck in a monotonous marriage, feelings have cooled down, and they have been overcome by life. The conversation is interrupted by a knock on the door. Sheriff Reilly came with a report about yesterday’s accident: Jim’s car collided with an oil tank on the highway. Heartbroken, Linda is visited by her mother, Joan. She stays in the house to look after the children while her daughter arranges for her husband’s funeral and insurance payments.

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Day 2 Monday. Linda does not find her mother in the guest room in the morning. And in the kitchen, as if nothing had happened, Jim drinks his morning coffee. He asks his wife to take their daughters to school because he cannot. He wants to be in the office early to introduce new manager Claire Francis to his colleagues. Linda meets the sheriff on her way home, who acts like they didn’t see each other yesterday. Makes her remark about the wrong parking. In the evening, the Hansons have a family dinner. Both Jim and Bridget, and Megan complain about the usual dull day.

Day 3 Saturday. Linda wakes up and does not find her husband either in bed or in the shower. She puts on Jim’s shirt and goes down to look for him. She is met by a funeral director with assurances that the ceremony is on schedule. The house has closed mirrors and is full of people dressed in mourning. The priest gives a speech at the church emphasizing Jim’s devotion to the family. At the hearse, Linda notices the blonde. In response to the question if they know each other, she says they saw each other yesterday.

Day 4 Tuesday. To talk about their relationship, Linda visits her husband at the office. She proposes to spend a vacation together. But he refuses – a lot of work. Hanson’s assistant enters the office – she’s the blonde from the funeral! Linda guesses that they have an office romance. In the evening, she tries to persuade her husband not to go on a business trip tomorrow, but she understands he will not change plans. Jim tells Linda that he loves her. She takes a promise from him: to wake her up before leaving the house tomorrow.

Day 5 Friday. Linda takes care of her husband’s funeral and appoints a funeral ceremony for Saturday. He goes to the attorney about his life insurance and finds out that on the eve of the business trip, the husband activated the insurance amount tripled. At the same time, he was very excited and said that the most important thing is to take care of his wife and daughters.

Day 6 Sunday. Linda suggests that Jim go to the park with the children if the weather is fine. At home, she asks the girls to hug their dad tight and her husband to tell Bridget and Megan that he loves them. In a quarrel that suddenly breaks out between the spouses, Linda is the first to ask Jim for forgiveness. Lying in bed, she confesses to her husband that she saw his death in a dream. He reassures his wife – it’s just a bad dream. They reminisce about past happy days and spend a night of love together.

Day 7 Wednesday. Linda gets up in the wake of the alarm and realizes that Jim has left. He didn’t wake her up as he had promised the night before. She calls her husband, but he is already on the highway, approaching the fateful 220th mile. Jim assures her that she is dearer to him than anyone and admits to a failed affair with Claire. Linda desperately asks him to make a U-turn and leave this place. Then he gets into the car and rushes there to prevent an accident. But there is a fatal explosion.

Meaning of the movie “Premonition.”

Meaning of movie "Premonition" (plot and ending explained)

The Hanson story has a prologue and an epilogue. At the film’s beginning, we see a happily married couple a few years before the incident, and they move into their new two-story house. In the final episode, six months after Jim’s death, Linda is holding a photograph of him. She is pregnant after the last night together (on the same Sunday when her Premonition triggered the “butterfly effect”).

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The film’s meaning is not so much in the predestination of each person’s fate but the significance and fullness of events and emotions of everyday life. We must try to follow the principle of “here and now.” After all, life rushes along without asking if we are ready for unwanted changes, parting with someone, or finishing something. No wonder the heroine explains her changed behavior to her husband: “because time is running out.”

The authors reflect on the dangers of losing faith in a loved one, the ability to maintain their feelings in family everyday life, and what you need to do in a relationship for the little things not to lose the main thing. It is rightly said that the essential item in the life of loved ones is to have time to be together. After all, you never know (and very rarely do you have a presentiment) that you will see a person for the last time.

At the end of Premonition, the main character says the words that fully reveal the meaning of the Hansons’ screen story: “Every day we live is a miracle …”. This phrase glorifies the film and becomes its main quote.

Explain the ending of “Premonition.”

Finally, Linda has a puzzle:

  • Tuesday: doctor’s appointment for daughter’s injury;
  • Wednesday: Jim gets into trouble;
  • Thursday: news of the death of her husband;
  • Saturday: the funeral.

There are no Friday events. But Linda feels she must try to avoid the tragedy of Wednesday. The heroine’s plea not to leave does not touch her husband, and Linda takes the last chance and asks them to wake her up if the business trip falls on a Wednesday to say goodbye.

Linda can’t help but act.

At night, Linda dreams of an elusive Friday. She is a widow, holding a family photo. Linda is forced to admit that the blonde in the graveyard is Jim’s mistress and that her husband took out new insurance on the day of the accident. Where is the meaning? Did Jim plan something, or did he also have the gift of foresight?

Lindy realizes that her husband’s death is inevitable. She goes to the funeral service, orders a funeral for Saturday, and at home tells her mother that she will not let Jim die. For Linda, who knows the sad scenario, inaction means murder.

Linda understands the main thing.

The family spends Sunday as usual: the father walks with his daughters, and the mother goes to church. During the sermon, Linda hears that it takes deep faith to be able to make a difference, and Linda longs for the power of faith.

Thunderstorm outside. The heroes quarrel. Lightning kills the crow from Linda’s dream. Declarations of love, a night with a beloved man – Linda finally understands how valuable her husband and daughters are to her.

Day of Jim’s death

Morning. What day? Jim is not around. And it’s Wednesday. The husband did not wake up Linda.

A woman hurries down the highway to where she saw the accident in her dream. She receives a message from her husband with words of love. Spouses say what they have kept in themselves for so long.

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Here it is – the meaning: never miss the opportunity to talk about feelings.

Linda tries to avoid a collision. But it is inevitable. Accident. Explosion. Female cry.


Linda struggled. The last night with Jim brought the woman hope for the future. The heroine is pregnant. The realization that life goes on and “Every day we live is a miracle” gives Linda peace.

Linda has confused dreams. What for?

Mourning events are replaced by everyday life. Exhausted by experiences, Linda cannot figure out where the truth is, where the unreality is. What role does the Premonition that visited the heroine play? The woman wants to figure out if she should do something that she can to correct what she saw. Can we avoid Jim’s death?

Linda reflects on how she lives.

Linda’s family has everything to be happy: home, husband, and daughters. But the mirror shows sad eyes and an indifferent look.

What are the unshakable values ​​that are worth fighting for? Does she love Jim?

Time seems to be mocking Linda, manipulating the consciousness of the unfortunate.

A kaleidoscope of disparate dream events leaves Linda depressed. But now the woman is sure that she must save her husband.

Reality and dreams

Jim shows his wife the new house. Baby Megan, their daughter, interrogates her mother when dad is home. Schoolgirl Bridget, the eldest, is afraid of being late for school.

The sheriff brings terrible news to the house, and Linda is in prostration but then falls asleep in tears with a wedding picture in her hands.

Jim drinks morning coffee. Linda is hanging laundry in the yard and stumbles upon a dead crow. The bird is a harbinger of something unpleasant. The woman throws out the corpse.

The mosaic doesn’t add up. On the chest of drawers is a glass of wine. There are pills in the sink. The mirrors are covered. Relatives in mourning clothes. Both daughters are on swings in the yard. The mother sees terrible cuts on the face of the eldest. The woman does not remember their origin. People around say that Linda drove her daughter to the clinic.

The priest delivers a farewell speech, describing the deceased as the best father and faithful spouse. Linda sees a pretty blonde. Who is she, and why is she here?

Everything is hopelessly confused. The woman is placed in a psychiatric hospital. After the injection, the poor thing falls asleep. (Interestingly, the actress was indeed given a tetanus shot, as she injured herself during filming).

The following day, Jim takes a shower, and Linda hugs her husband. There are no cuts on Bridget’s face, and everything is not wrong, but the bird’s corpse is still in the trash can.

Linda feels she needs a doctor. At the reception, she shares her visions. Even then, Linda is trying to change the future and decides to invite Jim on a trip.

In her husband’s office, she runs into a blonde graveyard.

Linda is driving home where Bridget’s accident occurs. It becomes clear where the cuts come from.

The heroine is constantly looking for clues, trying to understand the meaning of reality and dreams. Why did the days lose their chronology? Is Jim alive, or is he crushed by a truck? Who is the woman in the husband’s office?

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