“Unknown” movie explained (meaning of the plot and ending)

Meaning of movie "Unknown" (plot and ending explained) Films

The plot tells about the events taking place in the life of an unremarkable doctor who, together with his wife, goes to Berlin for a work conference. The protagonist gets into an accident, and after coming out of a coma, he finds out that another person has taken his place, healed his life, and his wife and colleagues did not notice anything.

A new trend is slowly emerging in Hollywood – filmmakers are finally starting to relax. Instead of the banal fast food they feed us daily (there are exceptions, but they only confirm the rule), they sometimes give us brilliant cinema. Last year the audience reacted very well to several such films, and we do not need to name them to you, as they became hits. This picture will not become a blockbuster and will not collect a mind-blowing box office, but it deserves to be personally convinced of its quality. And evaluate its undeniable potential as a starting point for other filmmakers.

There is an interesting pattern here: when a French director shoots action, even with a Hollywood celebrity, and manages to invest in a small budget that does not put dead weight on him, he begins to take risks. It turns out to be a reckless, exciting story that does not fit into the framework of modern cinema. You probably understand who we are referring to. French director Pierre Morel directed Liam Neeson in Taken and John Travolta in From Paris with Love. The films turned out great. And now, a new face – Haum-Collet Serra continued the glorious tradition and taking the same Liam Neeson in “The Unknown” achieved a similar effect.

“Unknown” is a very tough nut to crack, which is very easy to break your teeth. We were tired of those times when we went to the cinema with a bit of bravado and usually knew how the film would end before it started or understood it after 10-15 minutes. Agree, this is no good; such predictability makes us completely abandon the plot and try to enjoy only special effects or good jokes. This doesn’t seem right because all levels must work in the film; the viewer must include all the senses, including the brain, which, to be honest, has not worked in our cinema since the time of Inception.

Watching “Unknown” is a very complex and challenging job. From the moment of the first turning scene, dozens of possible plot perspectives scatter in front of you, which very skillfully deceive the most sophisticated viewer and mislead him. Predicting the ending is disastrous, as the film uses the viewer’s psychology against him. The audience is accustomed to classic movie clichés and believes they know approximately where the plot is going. But that was not the case – with the help of a few distracting maneuvers, the director skillfully takes us away from the main secret, and after half an hour, we find ourselves in the cold.

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This does not deceive the viewer. We were given enough clues to get to the bottom of it ourselves until the point of the outcome. Not expecting such a catch from the storyline and relaxed by the obvious synopsis, which fully corresponded to what happened on the screen in the film’s first half, we suffered such a pleasant defeat. Why pleasant? Because that’s how intellectual cinema should be. Its main task is to smear us against the wall, give us a little time to recover, and then knock us out with a few more plot twists.

Liam Neeson, like no other, is suitable for such a movie. He can easily portray any hero, which he fully demonstrated to us in this picture and all the others, including The Hostage. It is not in vain that we mention this tape so often since she became one of the reasons for the birth of “The Unknown” and reveals Neeson’s acting talent to the maximum. His role in this film was very similar, and we would like to see such a Liam Neeson in the cinema more than once.

The main advantage of this film is its obvious difficulty with perception, which can turn into a minus for the average viewer who is not used to or does not want to think during the session. Some moments that remained a mystery to us created an ambivalent impression and gave rise to a certain feeling of inner emptiness. Not all pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly together, which is probably inevitable when trying to offer the viewer an intricate plot. Therefore there is no sense of completeness. However, this is for those who like the film to leave food for thought several days ahead.

Meaning of the movie “Unknown.”

So, a certain Dr. Martin Harris and his wife arrive in Berlin for a conference on biotechnology. The carrier “forgets” the professor’s suitcase when loading it into a taxi. At the settlement, Martin notices the absence of a bag and, without saying anything to his wife ( who is trying to check into the booked room, but there is some problem ), rushes back to the airport.

On the way, a traffic jam, a taxi takes a detour, gets into an accident, and falls off the bridge. Mark hits his head and loses consciousness. The girl-taxi driver Mark pulls out but then abruptly loses. Mark wakes up in the hospital from a coma four days later. The doctor releases him, and Mark rolls into the hotel. And this is where the fun begins. They meet him warily, refuse to let him in ( the room is occupied by them usually), and even when he breaks through to his wife, she does not recognize him!!!

In addition, it turns out that there is another Mark – with actual documents! Cool. Our Mark is at a loss, and security takes him in. A friend in America does not answer yet ( autoresponder ), but there is one page on the network, and there is a fake Mark! The real one gets lost and asks to be returned to the hospital. However, he gets out of the taxi and begins to rummage around the city.

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Tries to check into a hotel – does not come out. He notices that he is being followed. Spends the night on the subway. In the morning, by chance, he finds a taxi. Communicates with the boss. He says the girl’s name is Gina, a leftist migrant, and he doesn’t want to know anything about her. However, another taxi driver helps Mark find her. But it’s empty here – Gina sent him off.

Then Mark shows up for the conference. He penetrates the right professor ( with whom he used to communicate only by phone ) and meets his “double” there. They try to convince the pro until the “fake” gets the documents. Here Mark loses consciousness and comes to his senses again in the hospital with a familiar doctor. It seems normal, but then a left-handed man in glasses, who had followed him before, tries to kill him (he kills the nurse ). Mark barely dodges and dumps.

There is nothing to do, and he comes to the old detective, whose address the nurse gave him. Old man, Jurgen used to work for the Stasi. Agrees to help. They demand to find Gina again, and Martin finds her. Persuades to help. They come to the apartment, and soon a killer in glasses breaks in there, even with a friend. And here, Martin manages to fight him off ( Gina helps ). At the same time, Jurgen calls his friends at the airport and receives a recording showing Martin with his wife and documents.

Martin himself and Gina are dumped in a car for a long time, and after the accident, they cleverly hide in a nightclub ( Gina has a subscription there ). Along the way, Martin guesses what words are hidden under the numbers in his book – these are the names of plants ( they later turned out to be the password for accessing Prof’s files ).

Jurgen learns that Prof. Bressler has important research and is helped by a certain Prince, who they dream of killing and, it seems, can be accessed through Martin’s doppelgänger. He recalls that there has long been a trouble-free “Department 15” in Europe, which no one can expose. Later, a certain man Cole comes to him and Jurgen, having understood everything, poisons himself with poison.

Later, Martin catches up with his “supposedly” wife, Lisa, at the exhibition, and she admits that it’s all set up. She advises him to find his suitcase at the airport. Martin rushed over there. The suitcase was easily found – it contained the necessary documents. Jean got the money and left. And Cole approached Martin, calling himself his American friend and offering to ride. Well, here is another brilliant move by the writers! Instead of calmly getting into the car and driving away, they began to beat Martin with a shocker, and, of course, Gina saw all this!

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She rushed after them and overtook them in a deaf parking lot. Before that, they managed to talk, and Martin discovered that he was a natural killer, a long-time employee of “Department-15” and invented this whole operation! But after a light headbutt, he was so powerfully wedged that even his comrades-in-arms were a little freaked out! Martin had to be urgently replaced by an understudy. Well, as for him, as a “pierced” one, they will now kill him in a fancy way. It is clear that Gina arrived in time ( hijacked a taxi ) and passed them all like kittens.

But that’s not all! The whole operation involved leaking information from the professor and killing him under the guise of an assassination attempt on the Prince. Why was a bomb planted in the hotel a month ago ( by Martin personally )? The reception had just begun there ( with Prof and Prince) – the information leak was successful, and the bomb had already been launched, but Martin and Gene rushed to the hotel. They persuaded the guards, and the alarm was raised. Everyone evacuated. Liza decided to stop the bomb ( so there was no extra fawn ) but did not have time.

Well, Martin below still managed to jump over with his understudy ( he wanted to kill Prof ) and defeated him. And even without Jean’s help. Then they made themselves new passports and drove off to a new life. Well, Prof and Prince released documents on new seeds that brought down the market of large food companies. Everything.

The ending explains the movie “Unknown.”

Abstract. Arriving in Berlin for an international congress on biotechnology, Dr. Martin Harris has an accident and falls into a coma for four days. After waking up, he suddenly finds that no one recognizes him, not his wife. And his name is now used by a completely different person. The hero must regain his identity and unravel the mystery of what happened.

Ending. Martin is not a biochemist but a professional killer who only pretended to be a scientist. After an accident due to a head injury, his false identity became real, and the memories of his true self were erased. He flew to Germany to kill a vital scientist whose research could cause financial harm to giant corporations. Now Martin, who no longer wants to be a murderer, must prevent the liquidation until recently, he had to carry out himself.

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