Meaning of the anime “Chainsaw Man” and ending explained

Meaning of the anime “Chainsaw Man” and ending explained Films

The main character that readers will have to follow is Denji. The guy lives in a difficult world, side by side with demons. They are born from human fears, personifying them. The most terrible fiend of hell is considered a demon gun, which is the goal of the search for the main characters.

Denji has a difficult life. He works as a demon slayer, trying to pay off his father’s debts. The guy does not dream of the sublime, he wants to fill his stomach with delicious food and sleep in a warm bed. In this case, he is helped by a faithful friend and comrade-in-arms – the demon-dog Pochita, who was saved by Denji from death.

Already in the first chapter, Denji loses his life. Honor, wishing to return the debt and save his friend, sacrifices himself, turning into a heart. He literally resurrects the guy, transferring demonic abilities along with his life. Denji becomes a chainsaw man, but does not lose his human disguise and his desires.

Further developments are rapid. The protagonist attracts the attention of the Public Security Bureau. He becomes part of a team whose goal is to hunt for revived phobias. Lack of money, huge debts, the desire for a comfortable life – all this makes the guy do reckless things, up to eating cigarettes just as a joke.

The plot fits the criteria of a shounen, but it’s just an appearance. With deep analysis, many differences can be found. For example, readers are accustomed to seeing such a clichéd character in the first roles: a great magician, an avenger, a legendary mentor, etc. The secondary hero is a pervert, hungry for bread and circuses. What will happen to the work if such a character is in the first roles?

The main themes of most shonen are friendship, resilience, love, etc. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga touches on these points, but the author reveals familiar concepts from the other side. He moved away from the basic concept, removed the cliches, thereby introducing variety into one of the most popular genres.

All links in a chain are connected.

“Chainsaw Man” is distinguished by the elaboration of characters. Denji isn’t the only one getting attention. Among the secondary characters, you can find many favorites, hoping that they will survive the next meat grinder.

Makima is a “mystery woman”. At the beginning of the manga, she is revealed only from some facets. Makima is the head of the Bureau’s fourth division. She became interested in Denji, pulled him out of the arms of hopelessness, giving him work in a team, and her determination admires.

Denji’s bureau colleagues are a separate art form. What is Power worth, which is a hybrid of a man and a demon. She is not used to holding back, always eager to fight, very noisy. All actions with Power are literally saturated with adrenaline.

Aki Hayakawa is a cold-blooded and calculating type with a universal goal. He can be compared to a samurai. In the future, he will become a true friend of Denji. In the bureau, he works with a senior colleague, Himeno, a responsible woman who is pretty tired of life. She will play an important role in the development of Aki’s character, and their interaction is extremely interesting to watch.

Bestiary on earthMeaning of the anime “Chainsaw Man” and ending explained

Demons spawned by human fears are not antagonists. They can be called true evil, striving to satisfy their vile needs. They want power, they are ready to destroy and kill anyone, just to achieve their goals.

Demons represent human phobias. The more terrible they are, the stronger the fiends of hell. It is worth noting that some unique ones can coexist with people by entering into contracts. The demon gives a person strength, taking away something valuable from him.

There are other forms of coexistence. Some heroes are demon-possessed, others, like Power, are hybrids. The girl has characteristic features – horns on her head. One of the hybrid’s abilities is the complete transformation into a demon.

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The author wrote the bestiary well, making the demons truly terrible. What could be scarier than a meeting with revived fear?

We grow up with the main character

The development of Denji does not stand still. He changes throughout the manga. Initially, the guy has a false motivation, which is considered true, after he reaches the goal, realizing that the time was wasted. The further path consists of finding the true motivation and the fulfillment of the present desire.

From the very beginning, Denji dreamed of knowing the female body. The goal is achieved very quickly: the girls surrounding the guy are ready for a kiss with him or offer to touch their breasts if he helps them. Realization comes to Denji suddenly, he understands that physical pleasure is a short-term joy, unable to make him happy. To get an emotional outburst, to be attached to another – this is true happiness from the point of view of a guy.

In chapter 71, you can see a change in Denji’s character. Power, regarded by Denji solely to satisfy lustful desires, lost her recklessness and passion, having passed a hair’s breadth from death when she met the demon of darkness. The girl is incapable of being left alone, she needs the presence of another person. Denji begins to take care of her, and the feelings from the inside feed the guy. He ceased to regard Power solely as an object of carnal pleasures, the girl became a close friend for him, who needs help and support.

Aki’s story takes the exact opposite direction. Fujimoto did a bold experiment using a standard character concept as the basis. Aki was obsessed with false motivation, he quickly and suddenly fulfilled the main goal, rejected erroneous beliefs, after which he died.

The guy sought to take revenge on the demon cannon for his family. His own life had no value, he was ready for anything to achieve the goal. The appearance of friends in the person of Denji and Power significantly changed the guy, but he could not realize the need to protect them. Only with time did Aki understand the value of these people in his life, he tried in every possible way to protect them, but fate was cruel to him. The guy met a tragic end.

Tatsuki Fujimoto demonstrates real emotions at the loss of a loved one. When a friend dies, the main character is not full of strength. He is mentally dying. For example, Aki’s death came as a real shock to Denji. He is in physical pain. The guy needs time to recover. Revenge doesn’t become the first thing Denji desires. He’s just a man who lost his close friend.

Postirony as a way to reveal charactersMeaning of the anime “Chainsaw Man” and ending explained

The personality of the protagonist is literally saturated with postirony. The comic is only a curtain for the tragic meanings. Denji is only focused on achieving comfort. It would seem that an excess of life experience is pushing such thoughts, but the truth lies elsewhere – the guy from childhood alone opposed the cruel realities.

Initially, this may be perceived as an element of comedy, but the real problem is hidden behind a screen of ostentatious gaiety. The guy was unfamiliar with simple human feelings and emotions, he had to risk his life to pay off his father’s debts and prolong his existence for some time. From this formed his main goal – the desire to feel comfort, peace and satiety.

Another example of post-irony is found in the first chapters. Makima bit Danji’s fingers in a sexually suggestive way. At the end of the manga, this bite lost its former meaning, becoming a gesture of a girl who wants to play.

Results of the season 1 finale “Chainsaw Man”

After the Phantom Devil begins to tighten his grip on Aki’s neck, he seems to give up on life and remembers all of his memories with Himeno. But suddenly the devil drops Aki on the floor and gives him a cigarette. Aki remembers Himeno telling her that the Illusory Devil can only see fear as it has no eyes. Observing the inexplicable behavior of the devil, Aki ceases to fear for his life. As Himeno’s memories pop into his head, Aki kills the Illusory Devil with a single swing of his sword.

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As he turns back, he finds Sawatari standing behind him, ready to use the Snake Devil against him. Meanwhile, Denji and Power seem to be looking for the Katana Man. When they discover a group of zombies on the same floor, Power decides to fight them. But Danji continues his search and takes the elevator to another floor, where he finally meets the Katana Man and his two minions. The katana man tries to make Denji feel guilty for killing the yakuza members, but doesn’t seem to care. The two then start a vicious fight and show no mercy.

They soon end up on the train, fighting each other. The katana man uses his lightning speed to slash Denji’s hands. He then asks him to apologize for killing his father, but Chainsaw Man remains unrepentant for his actions.

This infuriates the katana man, who feels he has already won the fight. So to end it, he decides to go for one last attack and breaks the chainsaw sticking out of Denji’s head. However, he then falls to the ground, realizing very late that Chainsaw Man used the chainsaw protruding from his leg to cut him in two.

Chainsaw Man Ending: Is Akane Dead? What happened to her?

After Aki kills the Phantom Devil, he turns his attention to Akane Sawatari. She is ready to use her contract with the Serpent Devil to attack Aki, but it turns out that Kobeney arrives on the scene just at the right time. With Sawatari’s attention on Aki, Kobeni put a knife to her neck, ready to kill her on the spot. However, Aki asks her not to do anything stupid as he probably wants Sawatari to be taken into custody for further investigation. He then says to take her outside and leaves, presumably to look for the katana man.

When Koben simply finds his way to his colleagues outside, Sawatari is suddenly attacked by the Serpent Devil and dies on the spot. Makima later reveals to the elders that it was Sawatari who played the defining role in the attack on Division 4. She then also revealed that Sawatari made a contract with the Devil for weapons as she desperately wanted a chainsaw Devil’s heart. The reasons behind Denji’s ruthless hunt for the heart in his body are currently unexplained, and fans will likely have to wait until the end of season 2 to eventually find out the truth behind it.

Interestingly, Makima also mentions in his report that they seized 1.5 kilograms of Devil Weapon tissues from the building where the terrorists had been hiding all this time. This is a huge success as Makima asked Denji to kill him and now they have a way to find him.

Why did the ghostly devil give Aki a cigarette?Meaning of the anime “Chainsaw Man” and ending explained

When Aki is strangled by the Phantom Devil, he remembers all his memories with Himeno. It seems that he is disappointed in life, but suddenly finds himself on the floor. When he opens his eyes, a ghostly devil gives him a cigarette that says “Easy Revenge”. As mentioned earlier, Aki remembers Himeno telling him that the ghostly devil has no eyes and can only feel fear. This allows him to kill the devil after a few moments.

Later that evening, after Denji and Power are asleep, Aki smokes the same cigarette on the balcony. It’s not really explained why the Phantom Devil would give Aki’s cigarette, but it can be assumed based on previous events. Shortly before her death, Himeno asked the ghostly devil to transfer all of her powers to her in exchange for herself. Just a few moments later, Himeno’s body began to disappear until she was gone and only her form remained on the ground.

It seems that the Phantom Devil absorbed her as part of the contract, but despite this, Himeno seems to have retained some influence over the devil. Although Fujimoto’s manga never explains whether this is possible or not, the scenes seem to imply just that. Even before Aki kills the Phantom Devil, he remembers his girlfriend as if there is still some semblance of her left in the devil.

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What’s going on with Man’s katana?

After being cut in half by Denji, the Katana Man opens his eyes to find himself tied up. It turns out, like Denji, he too can survive seemingly fatal injuries and return to his human form as if nothing had happened. Denji reminds him that he killed Himeno, and in order to get revenge, he comes up with a strange idea.

He knows that Katana Man will be taken into custody as soon as the police arrive, but before they arrive, he asks Aki (once he arrives on the scene) to play a tournament with him. They take turns hitting a person with a katana between the legs to get the loudest scream. Once they’re done, he’ll probably be arrested.

Last episode

The episode begins with a tense moment in which a ghostly devil holds Aki by the throat. He then drops it, hands him a cigarette, and for reasons unknown, allows himself to be killed. At the same time, Kobeni sneaks up on Akane, who is controlling the Snake Demon, and puts a knife to her neck.

Power is busy taking care of the zombies, while Denji shows up where the Katana Man is hiding. There, he meets him for the first time as a human transforming into his hybrid form. Two devilish hybrids jump out of a window and fight an intense battle, eventually ending up on top of a train.

They soon get inside, continuing their battle, endangering the lives of the passengers on the train. In the end, Katana Man defeats Chainsaw Man, cutting off both of his arms. It seems that everything is about to end. But Denji gets up and continues to fight with a chainsaw on his head. But this is not enough for a long time. And yet, Chainsaw Man ends up chopping Katana Man in half with a chainsaw coming out of his leg.

Scene after credits

The post-credits scene opens with Aki smoking and remembering Himeno while Power and Denji are in deep sleep. The main character has a strange dream: he is standing next to the door, to which a bunch of pages are stuck. But before he can open it, Pochit’s voice warns him against it. Although it seems that Pochita is behind the door.

Then, in the final scene, we see a girl walking towards a cafe-like building. As she gets closer, she says “Denji, country mouse and city mouse: who do you think is better?”. Readers of the manga after this frame should have guessed which character it was. And everyone else will have to wait for the second season. But we assure you, the wait will be worth it.

What’s in store for Season 2?

The girl shown after the end credits is none other than Reze (Demon Bomb). In the manga, she is at first the object of Denji’s infatuation, but soon reveals her sinister plan: she wants to steal Chainsaw Man’s heart (literally). Apparently, the anime is following in the footsteps of the manga.

Who is Rese? It’s a Human-katana/chainsaw hybrid. In this form, a person voluntarily gains access to the powers of the contracted devil, while being conscious. Reze is an agent of the Soviet Union, whose main goal is to capture Pochit (that is, the heart of Denji). In demon form, Reze’s head resembles an atomic bomb, and as one would expect, her abilities allow her to create explosions and even blow herself up, the latter being non-lethal to her, which cannot be said of her opponent.

How can season 2 start? If the anime creators don’t stray too far from the source, the next season will start with the Bomb Girl arc (the fifth in the 1st part of the manga, where viewers will find another main character of this universe and a whole bunch of powerful demons).

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