Meaning of the anime “Serial Experiments Lain” and ending explained

Meaning of the anime “Serial Experiments Lain” and ending explained Films

The anime “Experiments Lane” was released 25 years ago, but it is still very much discussed and watched.

What the anime is about

Programmer Masami Airi works for the Tachibana Corporation. He cooperates with Yasuo Iwakura. The two are pondering Protocol 7. It becomes a discovery for Airi that the Schumann Resonance functions similarly to the human brain. This fact prompts Airi to blur the line between reality and the Internet. In other words, all users can access the World Wide Web directly through the brain.

The corporation fires Airy after learning of his intentions. But a little while later, he is found dead. It turns out that before he died, he had already altered Protocol 7 and transferred his own consciousness into the computer. Then Airy creates a personal hacker team called the Knights.

Tachibana pursues personal interests on the web and tries to control everything. In addition, the corporation leads in owning the rights over hardware and software. Because of Airi’s plans, Tachibana’s business may “go under. Because of its huge money, Tachibana can’t allow such an outcome.

Tachibana has an artificial intelligence already developed, Lane. Before he quits, Airy brings with him a copy that is still incomplete. Both sides end up with an identical AI, adjusted for their own purposes.

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Suicide occurs. Tisa dies. Corporate agents begin to prowl everywhere. They try to exterminate the Knights so they don’t interfere with Lane.

In another attempt at sabotage, the Knights use a personal Lane, while spreading unpleasant rumors about the only real friend of the true Lane, Alice.

Lane decides to completely erase the information and reconstruct the “successful” world through user memories. The true Lane remains on the Net, only occasionally materializing.

The meaning of the anime Experiments Lain

This anime contains a fundamental and very weighty virtue – a lot of author’s understandings of meaning with clues for reflection. And they are reflected in different situations.

The storyline is very much influenced by religious themes. Often there are analogies to the Bible in the meanings. Airy personifies a false prophet, who declares human unity. But in the main he positions himself, convincing that he acts only for the good of all. But who gave him the right to proclaim himself a god? This scientist turns out to be too ambitious, pursuing only his own advantage. It is clear that he cares only for his own enrichment.

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There is also a deeply philosophical component to Lane’s “experiments,” with perennial questions. In Lane’s example, you can take any man and learn about what he desires. Every person is multifaceted. But which of the hypostases of the individual is to be considered authentic? Or are they all intrinsic to the individual?

The authors also covered such a burning topic as school bullying. It is a shame, but at all times children are attacked and bullied by classmates. For example, Tisa could not stand the systematic abuse. She simply killed herself.

The same could have happened to Lane, but she was able to find her “outlet” in the world wide web in time. Actual problems touched by the creators of the anime for a reason. Ryutaro Nakamura and Chiaki Konaki wonderfully weaved psychedelic into the plot. All the characters are very lively.

The finale features the author’s reflections on how the development of modern technology affects society. Even back in 1998 (the year of this anime’s creation) the authors expressed confidence that virtual reality would largely replace reality, and that people would try to escape from their problems online.

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And is that such a bad thing? The question is too philosophical. But everyone needs an outlet that will help them cope with various stresses. To avoid kinks, you need to find a balance.

This is just a shallow analysis of the author’s semantic loadings. To summarize, it is worth noting only the most important thing – the anime “Experiments Lane” will very much appeal to those viewers who prefer to think. Here, as in a good detective, a lot of intrigue and twists, but the story is perceived much easier.

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