Meaning of the movie “2037” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “2037” and ending explained Films

Every year, Korean dramas are gaining more and more momentum in the world movie ratings. Oddly enough, the audience loved their ideas, actors and shooting, so you can see that many ratings are now just teeming with Asian films. In fact, the Korean film industry at the beginning of the century declared itself as a supplier of probably the best modern genres – thriller, detective, violent horror. They occupied a niche that Hollywood had completely lost – the niche of mid-budget films that Martin Scorsas and Terry Guillam rightly cry about, blaming everything on a Disney blockbuster. And after all, in many respects in the mental sense lies the secret of the success of the Koreans. Genre films are always associated with sharp, extremely sharp emotions that no longer have a place in Hollywood plush.

More about the drama “2037”

A young girl at the age of 19 is diligently preparing for the upcoming exam, thanks to which she will be able to work as a civil servant. In her free time, the girl tried to earn extra money. Yoon Young would love to go to school, like everyone her age, but her priority is only an exam that will help her enter and help her sick mother. The girl was ready for any sacrifice, just to achieve what she wanted.

Despite her inner kindness and tenderness, the girl goes to prison because of evil fate. She turns into a killer, although before that she was considered a victim. Now her name is not Yoon Young, but prisoner No. 2037. To help the young lady, her cellmates come to her.

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The drama has a drama genre, which is perfect for those who like to mourn. The story itself is quite heartbreaking. A sick mother, who was still a burden for the girl … This is a difficult story that cannot be silent about. As mentioned earlier, Koreans know how to create a special picture that can appeal to many viewers. They skillfully use their charm and ability to flirt, so the viewer cannot take his eyes off the film for a minute.

When the girl decided to help her mother, she got a job in a cafeteria, where, at first glance, there was a kind and understanding boss. However, the story did not end there, but only began. Due to her naivety, the girl did not suspect anything criminal, but her deaf mother immediately understood everything. By the way, she worked as a seamstress in an atelier. Yoon Young’s mother knew that her daughter’s boss was a danger that could harm her child. Thank God that the mother figured it out in time and reacted quickly.

Upon returning home, Yoon-young has a terrible act that completely puts an end to her future. She became the culprit of the murder, which is why she had to be arrested. She said goodbye to her idea of ​​becoming a civil servant and accepted that she could not get out of there. What is the main idea of ​​the film and for what purpose did the director and the film crew provide it to us?

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The film is filled with psychological problems, moral principles and social norms. It shows the theme of self-defense and violence against a girl, which is unacceptable for any social rights. Violence is one of the few crimes that can break a person completely and bring him to suicide. At such moments, it is difficult for girls to cope with themselves, they are able to do stupid things, because it is impossible to live with such an injury.

After accepting that Yoon Young was a defendant, the court ruled that she should be sent to prison. The girl gets into the cell at number 12 and it is there that her acquaintance with the cellmates begins. Unfortunately, each girl had her own story, which cannot be silent. Of course, Koreans love prison themes. They say there are people sitting there, and not as bad as it seems. There is probably some charm in this, to see only the good in them all. Also in this film, the cellmates turned out to be nice girls, despite their criminal past.

What is the meaning of the movie “2037”?

The drama raised a huge number of important social issues that are not customary to talk about in many CIS countries. As you know, dramas are watched not only by Asian peoples, but also by our Slavs. We love to observe the creativity of other countries, gradually comparing with our achievements. Violence, prison, murder – it was all connected, and everyone in the world knows where such stories can lead. Violence against girls is a fairly common problem in the world, because men have an “animal instinct” that they cannot control. Because of this, many girls of different ages, physiques, races and moral principles suffer.

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The main message of the film is to analyze the painful problems in as much detail as possible and once again prove to humanity that they need to be raised. This is the problem that then gnaws at the girl all her adult life. Once being a victim of violence, it will no longer be possible to get rid of the inner experiences that eat. It turns out that the main meaning of the film is a demonstration of serious social problems that are not customary to raise in the world.

Of course, like any other movie, 2037 has some ridiculous moments that just can’t be put into words. For example, during the rape, the perpetrator who committed this act stood next to the victim. Here, it was already clear who was guilty, but a phrase slipped through the dialogue that there was no direct evidence. How can this be explained? Apparently the directors know better, and they thought that the viewer would really think the way it is said in the film.

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