Meaning of the movie “65” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “65” and ending explained Films

Adam Driver created the movie “65. It was made two years ago, but it was only recently released. It is an adventure action film about dinosaurs.

What is the movie “65” about?

The narrative thread itself is pretty simple. Mills, goes on a two-year space trip. He has previously lived on a planet far from Earth, and the plot of the movie itself is tied to a prehistoric past – 65 million years ago. Why Mills took such a job. He was overwhelmed by his desire to help his wife carry the burden of caring for his sick daughter. Mills embarked on the journey so that his beloved daughter could live. But the traveler’s sacrifice was not enough. It is clear from the texts sent to him from his daughter that she may not live to see him return.

After Mills’ spacecraft hits an asteroid field, the character despairs and plans to commit suicide. He assumes that all of the passengers sent to cryosleep and who were on the ship did not survive. But the meaning of life returns to him when he discovers that young Koa has managed to survive. They speak different languages, but Mills manages to assure the girl that her parents did survive (in another part of the ship).

The characters are then shown making their way to their destination. They face a battle with dinosaurs and huge bugs. Little by little, the characters get closer together, overcoming various difficulties together. On a prehistoric earth, they are constantly in danger. But, it turns out that the most difficult is yet to come. After all, the action of the film takes place shortly before the asteroid crashed into the planet, wiping out all the dinosaurs from the Earth’s surface.

The character must get to the space shuttle before the planet is consumed by fire, not sparing anything living on its surface. But until then, Mills must take part in another confrontation, anticipated throughout the film.

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The point of the movie “65.”

The fact that Mills is stuck in the past on Earth (65 million years ago) is something he doesn’t understand. After all, he is an alien. The question of why ancient aliens are so similar to humans (both in appearance and social structure) remains open. Perhaps the authors wanted the audience to have an emotional attachment to a familiar character. On Mills’ home planet, Adam Driver’s character turns out to be a model family man, a good but sad father whose daughter is seriously ill – and he is forced to go on a two-year journey to earn money for treatment. It turns out that even on the distant planet of Somaris 65 million years ago there was a capitalist society with mediocre medicine.

My daughter’s illness is manifested by a persistent and debilitating cough. Is it Covid? Yes, it appears to be. After all, the beginning of the film was precisely during a period of pandemic and isolation.

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However, “65” is woven out of genre clichés, and the writers couldn’t really define the genre. A dude from the world of advanced technology is shown, but the authors go no further in the field of science fiction. We have a wild planet full of dangers, but there is a perfect atmosphere to breathe with hypoallergenic plants when touched. The survival thriller looks without excessive fantasy. It doesn’t look like a dinosaur horror movie either. And it doesn’t feel like a psychological film either. “65” looks more like a LEGO variation for aspiring filmmakers. Although written and directed by well-known professionals Scott Beck and Brian Woods.

Explanation of the ending of the movie “65”

Mills and Coa have a lot on their mind–an inoperable ship, a giant meteorite hurtling toward them, and two dinosaurs about to devour them. Mills can’t stay idle. He sets out to distract the two dinosaurs from the ship, but his gun is malfunctioning, making him easy prey. A sense of hopelessness strikes again, but Koa shows Mills a hologram of his daughter motivating him to kill the two dinosaurs. One of the dinosaurs crashes into the ship, but can still fly. The wounded prehistoric predator approaches Mills with the intention of taking revenge. To protect Koa, Mills sacrifices himself and leads the dinosaur off the ship to the hot geysers.

At first it seems that the geysers can do little harm to the dinosaur, and Mills’ grassy feet make him an attractive prey. Luckily, Koa is there to save him. She plunges a homemade weapon into the dinosaur’s eye. From the surprise and the injury, the beast falls into a geyser, where its skin melts due to the intense heat, and it eventually dies.

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The final part of “65” is full of emotional scenes, dramas, and rescue victims, showing the union of Mills and Coa.

After the death of the dinosaur, Mills and Coa have one last thing left to do: escape!

A dangerous meteorite is approaching, causing the end of the world. Mills is seriously injured, but there’s not a minute to lose. With Coa’s help, the alien returns to the rescue ship and launches it. Together with the girl, they escape from the prehistoric hell and miraculously fly into space, bypassing the meteorite. Mills and Coa remain satisfied that they have exterminated all the dinosaurs who hunted them, and that they will no longer roam the Earth.

The fate of Mills and Coa is not really revealed. It is only clear that they are saved. The film’s closing credits only reveal that a meteorite destroys the dinosaurs and prehistoric evolution, which eventually leads to the birth of human civilization.

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