Meaning of the movie “Abandoned ” 2022 and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Abandoned ” 2022 and ending explained Films

The horror film Abandoned , starring scream queen Emma Roberts, was released on streaming services. Have you seen the movie but still have a lot of questions? Then do not waste time in vain and read the detailed description, analysis and explanation of the plot and ending. Beware, there are spoilers in the text!

What is the movie “Abandoned” about

The horror film “Abandoned” begins with the fact that we are shown a farm. At a late hour, a woman’s cry is heard on it, then two shots and everything calms down. And after forty years, Sarah and Alex come to the place. Previously, the couple lived in the city, but after the woman gave birth to Liam’s son, she began to have problems – postpartum depression. Hoping that the peace and quiet of the countryside will help Sarah, the couple move to a farm.

Realtor Cindy is in no hurry to talk about the problems of the old house and Sarah directly asks why the house was empty for so long and no one wanted to buy property. And in the end, Cindy talks about the past of the farm: a long time ago, the Solomon family lived on it. And then Anna Solomon killed her father and daughter and committed suicide.

The story of a double murder and suicide makes a strong impression on Sarah, but her husband Alex assures the woman that there is nothing to worry about. The tragedy happened a long time ago and it’s time to forget about it. And the spouses still buy a house with notoriety.

Later, after the move, the couple realize that they did not really inspect the house before buying. For example, Sarah and Alex discover a mysterious locked room – apparently a nursery. It contains a strange closet that hides a locked door to an unknown room. And a little later, the main characters are frightened by the unexpected appearance of neighbor Renner, who entered their house without warning when no one answered the knock.

And then a lot of strange things start to happen. In the new place, Liam often cries, and Sarah is often forced to be alone. Since Alex is a veterinarian and has to look for new clients after the move, the man is often away from home. After moving to the farm, Sarah becomes restless – and she is very worried because she does not even feel affection for her son.

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In addition, the longer Sarah is in the house, the more often the woman is visited by visions. For example, a woman hears strange sounds and finds various objects (like old diapers), later she begins to be haunted by ghosts. But Alex does not observe anything strange and begins to doubt the mind of his wife. And there is nothing surprising in this – along the way, we learn that the main character had mental problems long before the move.

The bottom line is that Sarah begins to think that because of the closet in the nursery she hears children’s voices and laughter. The main character tries to move the closet, but nothing comes out. Gradually, she begins to find the old things of the owners (including an old music box) and learn the terrible secrets of the past. And even notes that she looks like Anna Solomon, who died 40 years ago.

In addition, Sarah begins to wear an elastic band on her arm to make it easier for her to distinguish reality from visions. But that doesn’t help much. The point is that at a certain point, the woman even thinks that the milk she feeds Liam is gone – so much so that worms swarm in it. And Alex understands that his wife has completely lost her mind.

From time to time, while her husband, a veterinarian, is not at home, the neighbor Renner drops in on the main character. In short, he slowly tells her the nightmarish story of the Solomon family. First, Anna had a brother, Andrew, during whose birth their mother died. Secondly, after the death of his wife, their father was so moved by reason that he began to rape his daughter, Anna. And thirdly, Anna gave birth to a child from him. So it is not surprising that she decided to end the endless nightmare.

And also Renner admits that he is the same Andrew. After the death of the whole family, the boy was sent to an orphanage. And when he returned, it turned out that he would not be able to maintain a house and a farm. As a result, all of Andrew’s (Renner’s) property was sold, and he himself settled in a small hut nearby.

When Sarah asks Renner if there were other children, he replies “Yes”. And he says that the closet is not just standing in that room. And not just because no one can move it.

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Sarah continues to be haunted by visions and hallucinations – the woman sees the ghosts of Anna and Robert and becomes gloomier every day. And when their son Liam almost falls down the stairs, Alex calls a psychiatrist. He prescribes drugs to Sarah that she does not take, and during Alex’s absence, Renner arrives and tricks the doctor out of the house to tell Sarah his true story.

Explanation of the ending of the movie “Abandoned” (2022)

At the end, we are given answers to all questions. And even the most important: are ghosts really walking around the house?

In the finale of the horror “Abandoned”, after an urgent call, Alex has to go to one of the clients for the night. Sarah convinces her husband that she is fine and will sit with their son Liam. But later Robert shows up and tries to drown Sarah in the tub! The main character began to hallucinate again.

As the vision wears off, Sarah realizes that her son nearly drowned. She tries to hide with the child in the nursery, but the ghosts continue to haunt the woman. She then hears that her husband has returned home (although the vet is taking care of the cow) – and leaves the room. And at the same moment they show how unknown people kidnap Liam!

Sarah, in a panic and horror, runs after the kidnapper and sees that the mysterious closet in the forgotten room is open, and its wall is broken. And in it you can see the entrance to a secret room – the very one from which children’s laughter and other strange sounds were heard. The woman goes there to save her son.

Then Sarah finds out that they have an attic in their house. And in a small room in the attic, under the very roof, live two half-wild children of Robert! It was their voices and laughter that Sarah heard. And now they have Liam in their hands! And the woman is ready for anything to save her son.

Sarah is sure that the two children are the next offspring and victims of Robert. And she’s trying to convince Liam’s kidnappers that she’s not like that and won’t hurt anyone. But the children are sure that Sarah wanted to harm her son Liam, and therefore they are not going to give her the child.

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At the end, one of the children is shown wielding an ax at Sarah. But at the very end, the woman screams and grabs her child from another. And then the lights go out in the horror movie.

But the ending of the horror “Abandoned” is still quite optimistic. Morning comes and we are shown that Sarah cannot get enough of the fact that Liam is alive. The wild children disappeared without a trace. After a hard night at work, Alex returns home – and does not believe his eyes: prettier and calmer Sarah has prepared breakfast. It seems that life is getting better and back to normal. Alex, still doubting his wife’s mental state, nevertheless decides to believe in the reality of what is happening. And then he takes Sarah by the hand – as a sign that past problems remain in the past and they are still together.

But the end of the horror movie is alarming. Everything seems to be fine: Sarah and Alex clean up the house, Liam grows up, Renner helps them with repairs. But in the last seconds, when the couple and their grown-up son are sitting on the swing, we are shown that Sarah is pregnant again. And judging by the anxiety in the look of the woman, she expects ghosts, hallucinations and other nightmares to invade her life again very soon, along with postpartum depression.

But what actually happens in the finale of the horror “Abandoned” and how to understand what is shown?

Are the ghosts that haunt Sarah and her son real? No, no, no: all the hell that goes on in the house is the product of the sick mind of Sarah, who is having a hard time with postpartum depression. Just a nightmarish story from the past so well laid down on her hidden fears that it gave rise to an entire alternate reality. The situation was aggravated by Sarah’s fear of never experiencing love for the newborn Liam.

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