Meaning of the movie “All of us are dead” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “All of us are dead” and ending explained Films

This film, shot in South Korea, has been compared to the acclaimed Squid Game. In both films, the characters have to pass a test of survival with trials that can be seen only in a nightmare. The scene is an ordinary city and an ordinary school, which are attacked by hordes of zombies. But if adults die under the onslaught of the living dead, teenagers not only do not give up, but also try to come up with a rescue plan. At the same time, the guys have to overcome many traps and survive under the oncoming fire of “their own” – the military, who deal with zombies, not distinguishing between people or evil spirits in the heat of battle. In the final, they get to the secret hideout and count the losses.

So far, only the first season has been filmed, and the content of the second has not been disclosed, so viewers are left to speculate who will win – people or the living dead, and whether it turns out that the name of the series hints at how this exciting story will end. Seven college students who survived the zombie apocalypse miraculously find each other. Perhaps they are the only inhabitants of the city who managed to survive both after the invasion of zombies and after the bombing, especially since all means of communication have been destroyed.

However, one of the company – young Namru – can hardly be called a person. Since she was bitten by a zombie, she began to turn into one of them, having the ability to see in the dark, unusually sensitive hearing and other superpowers. But at the same time, the girl becomes a ticking time bomb. ready to explode at any moment, for their comrades. And they do not dare to do with her the same way as with other zombies, although they understand perfectly well. what danger she now poses and have seen many times how zombies deal with their comrades, and at the same time with adults.

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In the finale, Namru, found by her schoolmates, talks about how glad she is to see them, and immediately throws herself down from the roof. At the same time, she says: “See you!” It remains a mystery whether the girl hopes for her invulnerability, or she went crazy from the tests she endured, or whether she believes that her friends will follow her into the world of zombies. This is how the fate of many characters of the series, who lost their human “I” and joined the ranks of the living dead, happened.

Korean directors are masters at telling “horror stories” with a cleverly twisted plot, based both on the anxieties and fears of everyday life, and on images of national folklore. Until the last minute, the audience is guessing whether the heroes of the film will be able to find a secret shelter or a reliable weapon against invulnerable zombies, whose army is multiplying every day. Will they leave the usual teenage showdown in the face of formidable danger, forcing even inveterate enemies to rally? And what happens in the outside world, from which the inhabitants of the city are cut off? Will he come to the rescue, or are zombies reigning there, who finally dealt with people? It is hoped that the answer to these mysteries will be given, if not in the second, then in the next season, and that he will not disappoint viewers who are tired of looking for clues, monitoring the news and speculating.

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Students survive the bombing

So, the ending takes place in the ashes of Hyosan, after the last of the students stuck in high school escaped death thanks to Jung-sang’s sacrifice. After resting in the forest, On Jo, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Nam Ra return to search for Jung-san among the rubble, grieving for their friend. After that, the children are going to walk to the quarantine zone.

On the way, they get lost in the woods, discovering that some trees have ribbons tied around them to mark the way. At one of the trees, On Jo discovers his father’s flashlight, realizing that he has marked a safe path. Even after his death, he continues to help her.

Ha Ri Woo Jin’s brother dies

The group has a long way to go as they cross the mountain and then end up in nearby Yangdong. It turns out that not all zombies were destroyed by the explosions. Soon, the guys are attacked by groups of zombies in a smoky city. While the main characters fight off the walking dead, Ha Ri Woo Jin’s brother gets bitten. The group is shocked by what happened.

Nam-Ra’s eyes are red: she uses the power of zombies to fend off other zombies. She ends up killing Wu Jin right in front of her sister. In addition, Nam Ra finds it increasingly difficult to suppress the urge to bite people (she almost bites On Jo). The girl runs away from her friends to protect them from herself.

quarantine camp

Six guys make it to the quarantine camp alive: On Jo, Soo Hyuk, Hae Ri, Mi Jin, Dae Soo, Hyo Ryong. They all have lost loved ones and deal with grief in different ways. One complains about the college, the other says he will never ask adults for anything again, refusing to contact the military who left them to die.

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A few months later, martial law is lifted, but the people of Hyosan are forced to remain in a quarantine zone because the virus has not yet been eradicated. On Jo sneaks out of the camp to a mountain tree memorial in honor of fallen friends. And, being there, he sees a fire burning on the roof of the school.

Reunion with Nam Ra

On Jo tells Soo Hyuk about the fire, recalling that Nam Ra said that they should start a fire if they ever meet again. The friends go up to the roof, where they find Nam Ra looking human again and happy. She reports that she found other zombies like her – not people, not monsters. Nam Ra says that they are still friends, albeit apart, and jumps off the roof to his new friends.

This rather open ending is a clear hint at the possibility of a second season where Nam Ra could lead a group of evolved zombies. The military does not know what to do with such creatures. Just because Nam Ra and other half-zombies can quench their bloodlust doesn’t mean they won’t be killed or taken into custody. It depends only on Netflix whether we will see the continuation of the epic story.

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