Meaning of the movie “An Inspector Calls” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “An Inspector Calls” and ending explained Films

An Inspector Calls is a BBC adaptation of the play of the same name by the famous English playwright John Boyton Priestley. According to critics, the film makes a great impression, and also, having the properties of a certain parable, makes you think about the current problems of society and the subtle inner spiritual organization of a person.

The main character in this whole mysterious story is the inspector, who is the most striking figure in the film. The detective is distinguished by a special mind and insight, who is trying to unravel a complex mystery. He begins to gradually put everything on the shelves, captivating the viewer with his unpredictable actions. You can feel the professionalism in it, which eventually helps to find out the truth.

What is An Inspector Calls about?

The plot of the film begins with the fact that the case of the murder of Eva Smith falls on the inspector’s desk. In the course of a small investigation, the man outlines the first suspects, to whom he immediately decides to go. A police inspector visits the home of a wealthy businessman, Arthur Berling, who runs a large industrial factory.

The policeman knocks on the door, shows his ID and goes inside, where he sees that the whole family has gathered at the dinner table. The Berlings have a holiday today, which they decided to celebrate with the whole friendly family in their large mansion. Policeman Gul suddenly appeared, upset the family with his arrival and the news of the terrible suicide of a young girl, Eva Smith. The Berlings didn’t expect the inspector’s visit to take place today, so it was a big surprise for them. The inspector immediately says that he strongly doubts that the deceased killed herself on her own. The hero claims that he is practically sure that this death is the work of the Berling family, and not one, but several of its participants at once. The Berlings immediately realized that the festival was canceled, because the inspector invited them to answer several questions of interest to him.

The emotional upheaval affected how family members responded to Inspector Goole’s questions. Themselves, not expecting from themselves, family members begin to take turns answering questions and confessing to the policeman in their own immoral acts. It soon turns out that every member of the Berling family could potentially be involved in the case of the mysterious murder of Eva Smith. After talking with Gul, every member of the family who once interacted with the deceased begins to scroll through the memories associated with this girl in their heads. It turns out that they all knew this unremarkable quiet beauty, who was doomed to suffer all her life from the cruelty of people. The white veil gradually begins to slip from the eyes and demonstrate the truth to the heroes themselves. With horror, they realize that in reality they could influence the fate of Eve, but is there anyone among the Berlings who is directly connected with the murder of a woman? Maybe this is the leader of the family Arthur, who, at the first question asked by a police officer, pretended not to remember the name of the deceased? Inspector Goole will have to unravel, step by step, a long tangle of this riddle, which is actually very ambiguous, as it might seem at first glance.

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The meaning of the film “An Inspector Calls”

The film “An Inspector Calls” demonstrates to the viewer several topical problems that are still encountered in human society. Here is the problem of social inequality, and the inner world of a person, which is so subtle and complex that it can break down at any moment and lead to an unexpected outcome. Moreover, these two problems are strongly interconnected, and one can follow from the other.

The dead girl Eva Smith, despite the fact that according to the plot she is no longer alive, is also a full-fledged hero of this story. The viewer sees her with an angelic, pretty appearance, but so tired of the cruelty of influential people. Eva was an ordinary working girl working in the production of the Berling family. The well-to-do family of a major industrialist Arthur initially delights and seems respectable to the viewer. After the arrival of Inspector Gul and his questions, it immediately becomes clear that the family of the rich, in fact, is the embodiment of human vices. An illusory mask of decency and human dignity quickly flies off the Berlings.

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The film “An Inspector Calls” shows the viewer how people live almost every day. The strong belittle the weak, feeling their influence and superiority. They seem to sniff out the defenseless and begin to attack them, reflecting in this some of their sorrows, misfortunes and dissatisfaction with life. The film shows how human actions, decisions can break, cripple and even kill a living person. The main idea is that it will not be enough for a sinner to simply confess his own sins. It is important to correct the consequences, as well as swear to yourself that this will not happen again.

Explanation of the ending of the movie “An Inspector Calls”

The ending of the film “An Inspector Calls” is truly stunning. After a serious storyline that keeps everyone on their toes, it suddenly turns out that the deceased is alive. The former suspects, who come to a shocked state, also find out about this. The heroes are completely resigned to the idea that almost every one of them is involved in the murder of Eva Smith. Breathing a sigh of relief, the family members still could not realize the responsibility for the existence of a young girl.

The main message of the film is that life is really a difficult thing, which every day throws a test on a person and tests his strength. Sometimes it happens that problems cover your head, and it seems that you can’t cope on your own. At such a moment, people begin to make many mistakes, but, in any case, it is never too late to change and correct something. The first step to changing the situation is awareness. People should not be alone with their problems, because a person needs a person. Often only a dead end is visible ahead, a person thinks that there is no way out anymore, but in fact, soon it turns out to be a sharp turn into a new reality.

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It is important to remember that regardless of the current situation, it is necessary to maintain composure and remain human. Countless riches cannot always bring happiness and prosperity to a person. High position and status is not the most important thing. When people are truly kind and open to others with all their heart, then the world becomes much more colorful. In a difficult situation, you need to lend a helping hand to a person, cheer him up and show that not everything is as bad as it seems. The world will change for the better only when each person begins to change himself.

Life demands to be lived in the present tense. The past is already meaningless, it happened, but the future has not come. The present is everything that a person can be guided by, that he can change and control. Therefore, you need to live in such a way that you will not be ashamed of your actions later. This is evidenced by the amazing finale of the film “An Inspector Calls”, which strikes the viewer to the core.

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