Meaning of the movie “Archive 81” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Archive 81” and ending explained Films

Watching exciting series adds pleasure to everyday reality, with their help the viewer can quickly be transported to another reality and more fully experience the experiences of the acting characters. The mystical series “Archive 81” was released on a wide screen and immediately attracted the attention of the audience, because the plot and the game of the main characters fascinate from the very first frames. And the careful study of every detail of the picture and the rapidly developing storyline keep you in suspense throughout the entire viewing. Alternative reality Netflix has always attracted a unique opportunity to go where it is impossible to be in reality. Neutflick horror will be the best choice for all viewers who need a dose of adrenaline and have a keen desire to solve mystical riddles.

What will be discussed in the picture

The series “Archive 81” consists of eight episodes in which the viewer is completely immersed in a slightly gloomy and incomprehensible atmosphere of anxiety. The main character, a young girl named Melody, is studying the contents of a collection of old video cassettes. The records on them testify to the dangerous secret of the Visser mansion, which contains information that Melody needs so much about her mother, who has long since died.

The action takes place in 1996 in New York. A young engineer, Dan, is in charge of restoring the videotapes. Through his father, he unexpectedly discovers a close bond with Melody. The fact that Dan finds himself in a timeless portal adds to the anxiety of the whole atmosphere, where his connection with the girl arises.

Additional, but no less important elements of the narrative are the appearance of a mysterious spirit with the name Caelgo and the comet Charon. A piece of music with unique qualities to influence the human psyche adds mystery to the plot, making watching the series especially fascinating. Nothing is clear, but how interesting!

What attracts attention in a more detailed study of the script of the picture is the fact that there is not much in common with reality in it. And indeed, the viewer can not be afraid of meeting in his reality with the burned-out mysterious castle of Vesser, the Vos Society or the comet Charon. The film has more fantasy, creative fiction, although it has not done without certain parallels with our reality.

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What is true in the picture

The largest city of New York at all times was considered a real hotbed of various societies of divination, spiritualism and magic. And if in the narrative “Archive 81” we are talking about the fictional Vos Society, then it can be safely compared with the secret lodge of the Vos Society that took place. The business of this lodge was the worship of the statue, the performance of rituals of incredible mystery and the practice of an unusual religion, unlike any of the generally accepted ones.

In addition to the said lodge of the Vos Society in New York, there were a great many fortune-tellers with their crystal balls, secret organizations and secret worship. And some of them can be described as dangerous and aggressive.

Comet Charon in the film is clearly shown in association with the notorious Hale-Bopp comet, which in 1997 flew in close proximity to the Earth. Then, in connection with its appearance, which occurs in the solar system once every 2.5 thousand years, mass psychosis was noted. Its most striking example is the members of the Heaven’s Gate cult, on the eve of the comet’s appearance, massively passed away under the leadership of the leaders, who convinced the rest of the sect members of the onset of a new space age, and the need to get to a better world by leaving their human shell on Earth.

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The Visser apartments are also a creative invention of the authors of the project. When shooting the picture, the facade of the Pittsburgh mansion was used, and there were no tragedies in the form of a large-scale fire, and even with a significant number of casualties in New York at that time.

Therefore, the series “Archive 81” can be called for the most part a creative project with many mystical details created by the authors’ imagination. That in no way detracts from the value of the work. Riddles, and received the answer in the film, and having no clues, are all the more interesting because the continuation of the film has already been announced. After all, the final shots eloquently testify to the need for further action, which the audience is already looking forward to.

Meaning of the series ending

The entertaining cliffhanger where the presented show stopped is proof that a sequel is to come and can be expected in the very near future. Departing to save the main character, Melody, the archivist Dan, meets her in the other world. However, the young man is thrown only in 1994, while Melody finds herself in the present time, where the leader of the sect dragged her.

An important fact of the ending is that Dan is not stuck in the other world, but in the past. Further study of the mysterious videotapes remains just as relevant, and therefore they will certainly appear in the sequel.

What really happened at the end of Archive 81?

Rebecca Sonnenshine, showrunner of the series, decided to answer this question herself. In an interview for TheWrap, she refuted one of the possible theories of Dan getting into an alternate reality: our hero has definitely not moved in time.

“This is not a time machine… This is a way to warp time through an alternate dimension”

The otherworldly, Otherworld in the series works almost like a “pocket” outside of reality, where time and space live a little differently. This was reported to us in previous episodes. The most striking confirmation of this is Melody herself, who has not aged since the time she fell into the trap of Kalego. It is not clear if it is possible to constantly travel from world to world, or if this was made possible due to Melody and Dan’s connection.

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We know that Melody got into our dimension, but Samuel and Dan couldn’t. If we are not aware of the location of the antagonist, then the main character wakes up in a hospital, where a nurse tells him that he was the only one who survived the fire in Visser. To his dismay, Dan sees a special on TV commemorating the death of Kurt Cobain, who died in 1994. So he switched places with Melody?No wonder we might think that this is the case. Melody’s mother warned Dan that the demon would use tricks to keep him in her world, as Calago “goes crazy with loneliness”. In another interview, but this time for Variety, Rebecca Sonnenshine gave a few more tips for correctly understanding the ending:

“He’s in the real 90s. He is in 1994. We’ve seen people enter the Other World at different time periods, right? So what does that mean? There are small holes in space, passages, and people can get lost in them, trying to find a way out.

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