Meaning of the movie “Birth” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Birth” and ending explained Films

Many believe in the transmigration of souls. For example, that the soul of a dead person can become a tree, a bird, even an inanimate object. But what to do when the deceased moves into another person? Being someone other than yourself is a difficult task. Yes, and it can be difficult for others to feel a dead person suddenly returning to your life.

What is the movie “Birth” about?

The film tells us about a man, a scientist who leads a generally active life, while denying the existence of the soul in general. The story begins with a phrase that the protagonist says that he would believe the bird that flew to him and said after the death of his wife that it was her – but at the same time it was only a momentary desire to believe in what is not, and in In general, he would not change his mind about the existence of an immortal soul.

Then there is a scene where he goes jogging, during which he becomes ill – this is where his life ends. The next moment we see the birth of another person, a child. After that, the main storyline begins.

In the course of the film, the main character, the widow of the deceased Sean, Anna, played by Nicole Kidman, visits the place where he was buried in the cemetery. It has been ten years since his death. But she cannot forget him and connect her life with someone else. Anna is expected by Joseph, Anna’s fiancé, who has been courting her for a long time and would like to connect his life with her. Already an elderly couple postponed the wedding several times due to the fact that she could not forget her late husband.

Then they go to a meeting dedicated to their future wedding. There are many guests there. The party takes place in a big house. Suddenly, Anna is informed that some boy is waiting for her downstairs, who really wants to talk to her. She takes him for the son of one of the guests and goes downstairs. He turns out to be a completely foreign child and says that she should not marry Joseph. When she asks why, he replies that he is her husband. There is also a moment, not quite decent, when the child says that he wants to own her because she is his wife.

Initially, she sends Sean home after giving the manager money to call a cab. But after that Sean comes again. He tells Anna things that no one but her husband, Sean, could have known. The boy, by the way, is also called Sean, this is his real name. Eventually, Joseph finds the boy’s father, who wants to take him home. Sean faints when he realizes that they want to separate him and Anna. His father insists that he leave.

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It also becomes clear that Anna and Joseph are quite wealthy people, they have their own mansion in New York. But the parents of the boy Sean are rather poor people who are not against some kind of reward, including from Joseph. For example, Sean’s father says that he does not know who they are, it is clear that they do not peck money.

At the same time, Anna has hope. She misses her ex-husband, who has died. And he wants to have some contact with him. She talks to Sean, as a result of which Bob, who was his close friend during her husband’s life, agrees to give him an exam. They make an appointment, and Bob and Anna ask him a series of questions. As a result, they get the right answers. Many in Anna’s family begin to believe that Sean is the reincarnation of her husband. And Anna herself also accepts this idea.

However, they have a conversation. Anna, for example, asks Sean how he will support her, because he is a child. Also that Anna has other needs that an adult Sean would be able to satisfy. Sean replies that he can satisfy them.

The boy stays at Anna’s house. He comes to her in the bath, when she lies there naked, undresses and climbs into her. This sees Joseph, which becomes very dissatisfied. Also during a family concert during a quartet performance, a young man sitting behind Joseph and Anna starts kicking Joseph’s chair. As a result of everything that happened, he becomes furious and attempts to throw Sean out of their common house with Anna.

At the same time, uncertainty sets in in Anna’s family. Anna herself decides to postpone the wedding, which they all so dreamed of. And Sean in their circle looks a little strange. He seems to be her husband, but it looks very strange, especially his attempts to court Anna. Most of all, of course, Joseph is dissatisfied. Anna, after his scene with Sean, demanded that he leave their apartment, and whether there will be a wedding at all after that is unknown. And Anna, meanwhile, begins to make plans about how she and Sean, when he grows up, can get married and decides to run away from her relatives.

At the same time, it turns out that Sean is not the true reincarnation of Anna’s husband at all. It turns out that he dug up the letters that Anna wrote to Sean all the time when he was already dead, and the wife of the brother of Anna’s deceased husband, Clara, wanted to give them to Anna as an engagement gift. She reproaches the boy for his actions. Anna, however, does not know about this and is still making plans for a wedding with a boy.

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A series of scenes follow at the end of the film. First, Anna walks in on Sean, who is in the bath. He tells her that he is not Sean and that he lied to her. And that he can’t be her husband. Anna is very upset about this. After that, there is a scene where the boy Sean is photographed with other children – he returned to his childhood environment and does not make any more adult plans. Anna returns to Joseph. They are getting married. Then Anna finds herself at the seashore during the surf, she is washed over by the waves in her wedding dress, and she loses her feelings. Joseph picks her up and carries her away. Anna remains unconscious, as if dead.

The meaning of the film “Birth”

The film is shot quite well. The very concept of the script is quite realistic. Many children want to become adults prematurely. For example, this can be expressed in blackmail, theft, the desire to possess some kind of opportunities or things that, due to their age, they are not entitled to at all and from the possession of which they are not able to benefit at all. Including the fact that you can become the husband of an adult woman.

And therein lies a certain tragedy. If this woman begins to believe you, and you yourself believe in your deceit, which is suddenly revealed. The collapse of hopes turns into a disaster, not only for the person who started it all, but also for other people. First of all, for a woman who loses hope of finding what has already died. And for everyone around her, whose lives she breaks with her desire to return to something that has long been dead.

Another meaning of this film is the attitude towards the child in wealthy couples. Many such couples do not seek to start them – they have a career, investments, wealth and success in the first place. However, the child that appears in their family will be a real, and not an imaginary embodiment of themselves in the future. Perhaps if Anna and Sean had a child, she would not look for the embodiment of her beloved husband in someone else’s child, but could find it in her own. At the same time, this would not be some kind of unnatural behavior – both the child and she would live a normal life, without violating either their own social boundaries or the social boundaries of the society in which they exist.

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An interesting fact: for the first time, the doubt that Sean does not know everything accurately enough appears at the beginning of the film, during his conversation with Bob, who checks whether it is really Sean, or just a boy trying to impersonate him. Bob says that he and his wife have a child. The boy Sean also reports that she seems to be unable to have children. But if it were a real Sean with the supernatural powers of ghosts, he certainly would have known that the information about the childlessness of Bob’s wife turned out to be false.

In general, the film in some way breaks our understanding of the world of ghosts and the transmigration of souls. He does not in any way refute the words of the adult Sean that there is no reincarnation, a person can exist and live only in a certain period, but not after death. However, he shows us that it was this phrase, said by the adult Sean at the very beginning of the film, that if, after the death of his wife, a bird flew in and said that it was her, he would begin to believe in it, because he would really like it. Subsequently, this happened, only not with him, but with his wife.

Explanation of the ending of the film “Birth”

The film’s ending consists of a series of mise en scenes. She shows us on the one hand the life of a child who has got rid of his ambitions and can become a normal adult. But on the other hand, it also shows the adult tragedy of Anna, as well as Joseph. Anna turns out to be “with nothing”, morally broken. She, despite the closeness of the person who loves her, Joseph, cannot part with the ghosts from the past, which are only in her head, and about the existence of which in nature, the adult Sean spoke negatively during his lifetime. At the same time, Joseph finds himself next to a woman who, after everything experienced, is not capable of giving him all the power of love – ghosts took her from Anna from her head.

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