Meaning of the movie “Black Bear” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Black Bear” and ending explained Films

The film Black Bear tells about the life of an actress, in the past she was also a director. She is on the verge of stagnation, she decides to relax in a lake house with strangers. The audience is greeted by a picturesque forest, she lives in a wooden frame, that is, she has all the conditions to write an interesting script and raise her enthusiasm.

What is the movie about

However, everything does not go according to plan, the situation is very tense and the owners of this picturesque corner do not immediately perceive the actress as they should. When both women meet each other, they immediately shower each other with compliments, but they are insincere. The house is owned by Gabe and Blair, who have moved out of town, and they offer their home as a haven for artists and actors in crisis. They assume that actresses and screenwriters will live here. Blair herself is a dancer, she and her husband cannot live in the city, besides, they are expecting a child, they do not have enough money, since Blair is pregnant. They decide to earn extra money, the couple takes Alison in, starts to quarrel, besides, the girl has a strange behavior.

Many say that the Black Bear is a horror movie, but in fact there is a reference to other works, directors. At its core, this is a thriller that tells about the relationship of several people among themselves, many note that this film can be easily played on stage, as it is built on dialogues and on relationships between people.

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Although at first glance the characters seemed kind, hospitable, but the owners are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. On the first day, the spouses drink, and an argument begins between them. At the same time, the guest begins to pester Gabe. The wife does not like this, and she drinks too much, despite the fact that she is in a position.

In the second part of the film, the actress finds herself in the same situation, only now her husband is directing the film as an ambitious director, but at the same time he begins to filter with his assistant. In the first part, there is a lot of conversation, they exchange glances, but continue to move on with the plot. The second part does not require any operator refinements. In fact, the director wanted to show the underside of any unions of creative people, to emphasize that living together is quite difficult. For example, he says that it is the love of his wife that can spoil the desire to make a good movie. It’s just a tool for doing certain tasks.

The meaning of the film

The director creates a certain distance between the characters, and makes different types. The action is noticeable, the acting transformation and other moments that are characteristic of Levine come out. The performance of an actress who has come to gain the potential for creativity is actually caustic, and she herself is a broken woman, but she does not make false steps. The couple turns out to be a good target for her, because she does not need anything to break their relationship, she does not even have to make special efforts. In the beginning, we are shown all the toxic relationships that can be between a director and an actress.

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Such couples exist, everyone knows them, thus it is this image that is interesting for this film and evokes associations that resemble David Lynch. The two personalities of women are interchangeable. They even flow into each other. Many people think that it is the storyline of the film that is very overloaded, it is not sustained, but shows various social interactions. It shows that the couple is trying to hide what they want to show on the surface, that is, a lot of moments that many hide from prying eyes. The director of the film Black Bear is trying to show us how complex the lives of heroes can be, who are connected by creativity, who are forced to interact with each other, like a married couple. The common work does not unite them, but rather destroys their marriage.

Movie ending

If we consider the ending of the film, then the first scene is also the last, the image of a lonely girl with her own closed world. It shows the inner and real world. The viewer can only assume that either the owners or members of the film crew actually lived in the lake house, but after her meditation, the main character returns and sits down at the table to start writing a new work.

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At its core, this is a melodrama, a drama about jealousy, about a creative crisis, but it is also a thriller about how a murder takes place behind the scenes.

In the second part, each of the characters spills coffee, that is, shows that blood will soon be shed. Black Bear is a special drama that shows the inner world of the characters who were brought together due to certain circumstances. That is, due to the fact that the film has two parts, you can talk about a variety of moments that happen during the film, the characters change, they change their roles and there is a look at events from the outside.

The film is created in such a way that each viewer can interpret it in their own way. For some, this is a psychological drama that is tied to jealousy and a creative crisis, as well as this thriller, which suggests that the main character is ready to completely crack down on the owners of the house. In fact, the filming process, which is shown in the second part, is practically no different from what happens on the set during the shooting of the Black Bear movie itself. Shifts are often postponed, there was not enough money, the heroes were swapped. Levine apologized for the emotional scenes that had to be seen in the last scene. Parallels are drawn, and any frightening fantasies are allowed.

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