Meaning of the movie “Blonde” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Blonde” and ending explained Films

Many books and movies have been written about the life of Marilyn Monroe. Her beauty and unique style have been studied up and down, but so far her life is covered with a secret veil through which everyone wants to look. In an attempt to tell a little more about her, the film “Blonde” was made. The film is considered one of the longest filmed about this actress. Norma Jean, that was the name of the actress in fact, in a short time rose to the top of the cinema, became the embodiment of the “American dream”. But it was too difficult for a fragile girl with deep mental trauma to withstand such popularity. In addition, most directors saw in her, first of all, a sexual object with which to decorate the film. No one wanted to notice her acting talents.

The film is based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, who thoroughly studied the life of a girl. At his disposal were audio recordings from the installed bugs in the actress’s house, her personal records and the stories of people around her.

What is “Blonde” about?

The picture has a complex timing, combining color shooting with black and white for greater reliability of the frames. On the surface there were many facts from the childhood of Norma Jean Mortenson, that was actually the name of the girl. She was not from a complete family, her mother constantly beat her, blaming her husband for leaving. He was an actor who could afford a luxurious life. But he did not help his daughter in any way, perhaps he did not even suspect her existence. Soon, the mother was locked in a psychiatric clinic, but the trauma left in the life of the girl. A difficult childhood, accompanied by beatings and even attempts to kill a child, played a huge role in the formation of her character and views. In addition, the people to whom she became attached often hurt her, some men raped her in her teens.

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She saw her own father in every man who showed at least some interest in her. Moreover, she called her beloved daddies, but at that time it was difficult to surprise someone with such a nickname. On the contrary, it sounded sweet and childish, which appealed to Marilyn. Because of the thoughts that constantly tormented her that no one needed her, that nothing was working out, life was gradually leaving, but not changing for the better, which led her into a depressive state. Marilyn had to struggle with these feelings all her short life.

At the age of seventeen, Gene is built to work at an aircraft factory. But one day, photographers arrived there, who discovered an attractive girl and offered her to take some pictures. Very soon she left her former place of work and began to work as a model, fully providing for herself. Being a sought-after model, the girl dreamed of becoming an actress. At every opportunity, she took courses, with acting coaches, even studied at the Actors Studio, located in New York. The film often flashes frames about her unintelligent desire to learn, develop skills and gain long-awaited experience in order to climb the career ladder. Soon Monroe becomes popular, but at the same time also the object of close attention from journalists.

The topic of discussion becomes her personal life, and private loves and meetings with men strengthened her for carrying the title of America’s sex symbol. But inside the girl, two personalities constantly entered into confrontation. One of them wanted to act in dramatic films, experienced a difficult childhood, was busy looking for a father or a man who could support and take care of her. And the second is a blonde of a close mind, who with just one wave of her eyelashes could force the surrounding men to fulfill any of her requests. The film shows difficult relationships with lovers whom she trusted.

Once she was even subjected to forced intimacy with a politician whom she dreamed of marrying, and he only used her. These and subsequent disappointments were too hard for Marilyn’s fragile state of mind, she begins to take medical medication. At first she drinks them according to the recipe, but then the dosage becomes small. Sometimes she came to the set very late and not in adequate condition. Ultimately, the film ends sadly.

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The meaning of the movie “Blonde”

The film “Blonde” is a reflection of the views of the author of the book about her, so most of the episodes about her life have a subjective meaning. But at the same time, the film contains a sufficient number of reliable facts confirmed by researchers of the actress’s autobiography. The plot is dedicated to the mental anguish and thoughts of Marilyn, tells in detail why and why she sometimes did crazy things, which drew her into the maelstrom of endless love affairs. From childhood, she needed protection: her mother abandoned her, then she was taken from a shelter, but offended and humiliated, then she was abandoned again. The girl grew up with an acute lack of love and tenderness, so in every man who showed warmth to her, she saw her only, her protector. She unconditionally trusted them, sharing the most intimate, opening her heart and soul.

Completely sudden, but absolutely desirable for her, one event became. She began to receive letters from her alleged father, whom she had been deprived of in childhood. The letters were signed “Your weeping father.” As a result, Marilyn believed in her ghostly father, who wanted to be a part of her life. But the re-experienced deception traumatized her even more. The girl seemed to have received another violence over her fragile life.

The life of the actress was conditionally divided into two parts. Norma Jean is the child of a schizophrenic mother, as well as Marilyn Monroe is a strong and self-confident woman who is successful with everyone around her. But both hypostases needed each other’s support, and the woman could not unite them, experiencing the suffering of each separately. Norma wanted to get married, have children, invite guests to her cozy home, and Marilyn was absorbed in her career, so she did crazy things, loved without a trace, had abortions so as not to stop filming the film.

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Explanation of the ending of the film “Blonde”

In psychology, there is a term “Marilyn Monroe syndrome”. This is when an outwardly successful person is traumatized in childhood. Because of this, he is not able to fully experience the joy of life and his success. The film tells exactly about such a state of the actress, which led her to death. She did not receive the love and recognition of her parents, so all her life she tried to compensate for the loss. As a result, she wanted to be adored and admired by everyone she could get. But it turned out that this was not enough. Perhaps the girl ended up in the film industry precisely because her father was an actor. And shooting the film could bring her closer to him.

Marilyn had her own vision for everything that happened. But at the same time, he suffers from a rude attitude towards her, since he does not feel a violation of personal boundaries. The decisions made often led her away from the intended goal and reality. Having not received enough love from her parents in childhood, she tried to receive them in adulthood. She has been proving her right to exist all her life. If it is known, then it exists, if not, then that same Norm is lost.

Abortions are also explained by childhood trauma. She seemed to be afraid to take responsibility. At the age of 36, the actress dies. Her death is still shrouded in mystery. The director suggested to the audience that what happened could be called a contract political murder, since this woman had tremendous influence and significance for others, although she herself did not suspect it.

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