Meaning of the movie “Blood Conscious” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Blood Conscious” and ending explained Films

The film Blood Conscious has been out for quite some time, but still leaves a lasting impression on many viewers. The plot of the film is that the hero Kevin, along with his sister, her fiancé, go to rest on the shore of the lake, where, in fact, their parents are already resting. On the shore of the lake, the house is surrounded by dense forest, the atmosphere is special. However, their vacation turns into a real nightmare, because upon arrival both parents and neighbors are killed. They were also able to locate the killer himself. In fact, he is not a killer, he fights against the dark forces that have inhabited people.

What is the movie about

The director claims that he created a real creation and widely advertised his creation on the net. The fact is that here they show what has already happened after the brutal massacre, that is, this is a metaphorical movie that broke the horror system. Initially they show what happened, then they show the events that preceded the horrors. In theory, this is a regular plot canvas, and it is completely broken. The audience has to follow the events as if from the end of the story. Here is the classic development of the plot, and most importantly, the plot itself, that is, the main character, who goes to the parent’s house by the lake, while they have standard types. The guy is very lively, and his brother, on the contrary, is infantile. They expected a hopelessly beautiful rest, but found a crowd of people killed.

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In addition to parents, there are friends, neighbors, while the main characters themselves are pursued by an aggressive stranger throughout the film. The bottom line is that this is a serial killer who went crazy, he pursued his victims, claiming that they are demons. He believes that the main characters are also demons who came from the forest, they must be killed, this is a real psycho. However, despite the fact that they managed to neutralize the maniac, then strange events also began to occur.

The meaning of the film

Here the intrigue is preserved until the very end, as it should be in a typical horror. At least the audience thinks so, but in fact, even an unpleasant surprise awaits them at the end. All the semantic load, which should be, is essentially lost. The depth of the plot, such as shooting, completely disappears. Many critics greeted this work with disapproval, because they felt that all standards were broken here, and the meaning of the film was not fully explained. The only thing the director aspired to, and he really succeeded, was aesthetics. The picture is very amazing, although the special effects are very bad.

The whole film is stylized as the 70s, early 80s, which is very well combined with the overall picture. Everything here looks like it was made in the 80s. The editing is primitive, the gluing is simple, it all looks authentic, it adds a special effect to the whole film. The whole current situation and filming style is reminiscent of an amateur film, but also modern Internet videos. Despite the fact that the director declares the depth of meaning, many critics, not to mention the audience, did not understand what exactly the director himself was trying to convey.

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The main thing is that the actors fit perfectly into the frame, they look organic, they fully worked out their characters and completely fit into the plot idea. They correspond to the time to which this horror film belongs. The director presented the film as postmodern, telling about what happened after the main events, but in fact the intrigue did not work out, and many did not appreciate this contrast.

The tape is well disguised as a retro style, nothing new can be seen there. As a result, we have just a bad horror film, which is what the majority of critics and those who managed to watch this film and rated it as quite low say. Many say that the film failed, except for the retro style, that is, if you want to plunge into a special world, then perhaps this topic will appeal to you. You get a pretty good movie, but the development of events and some kind of intrigue here go into the background. If you like atmospheric film, love retro, then this film is for you.

How to explain the ending

There is everything here – paranoia among the main characters, maniacs, and the theme of racism, there is black humor. There is a balance between horror and comedy here, but not everyone will like it. It is not thought out to the smallest detail, so sometimes the film is difficult to attribute to any genre. Many say that this is a horror with elements of black humor, although the director himself presented it as a postmodern movie that will definitely leave an indelible mark on cinema.

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The film will seem unpredictable for many, because everyone was expecting a certain ending, which is typical for horror films. Despite the fact that the intrigue drags on throughout the film, there are no emotions, especially positive ones. Many believe that the ending is even negative, because it does not lead to the desired effect. That is, what the viewer expects, he will not see, which is typical for horror films is not provided here. The director showed his vision of the situation, special moments, but at the same time, the effect that the film was supposed to produce on the audience did not work out. It received good reviews as a result, but critics mostly accepted its negative ending. The film says that it is not thought out to the end and does not correspond to the director’s idea.

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