Meaning of the movie “Bruiser” 2022 and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Bruiser” 2022 and ending explained Films

American cinema films a colossal amount of sports, even about sports that are unpopular in the country. The new picture tells about the life of spotmen, people who are engaged in sculpting the body. But if everything is clear from the moment of climbing the stairs to success, then what happens to people when much has already been achieved, when defeat awaits at the peak of glory?

Viewers are already well aware of the plots in which former wrestlers and athletes, broken by disappointment, step by step restore their strength in order to reach peak and glory, to get a well-deserved reward. But before us is a slightly different movie, in which there are no template ideas for the plot. Darius is only fourteen years old, but he has already undergone severe trauma. He was beaten by unknown people, but he could not defend himself due to the lack of ultimate skills.

Firstly, the film “Bruiser” does not have a moralizing meaning, a message that is easily read by the viewer. Heroes are not sung here, they are not taught and they are not prompted. This is a movie about several lives, stories of people who lived their little purpose. The protagonist Darius voluntarily became weak and weak-willed, who was bullied by classmates and ordinary yard friends.

Despite the difficulties that have arisen, the young man is not ready to lose heart, and the subsequent struggle with the consequences of humiliation has become one of the most important episodes in his life. He seems to rethink what is happening and draws his own conclusions. For a smart person, the bottom can be an impetus for reaching the surface, and for others – certain death. The ability to live here and now is one of the important principles of people who know how to value themselves and their lives.

What is the movie “Bruiser” 2022 about

The film tells about a young man named Darius, who is an ordinary boy, a school student. He has been studying hard for many years, participating in all kinds of competitions in order to achieve success, go to college. He had little contact with his peers, preferring loneliness. From this he grew up a closed and unfriendly person. Once he became a victim of a beating. He became an unwitting participant in a fight, as a result of which he received severe injuries.

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Despite his health condition, he decides to continue his studies. But the confidence that he will be able to achieve success, become a man, is no longer there. Fear of obstacles, aggressive people, a sense of insecurity broke him. This news was a complete collapse for the young man, because his expectations are now destroyed. Even the father, who always supported and helped the man turned away from him.

In a state of apathy and despondency, he wanders around the city when he suddenly meets a man. He turned out to be an ordinary vagabond Porter, who lived on the street for a long time. At one time, the man had a house and a family, but through his own fault he lost everything. But it was only a version of a man, behind which lies a completely different story. Meanwhile, Porter was getting closer to a teenager. He taught him not to give up, to rethink his failure and find advantages in it, and also taught him to live in the present, appreciate and protect what you have. Constantly fearing something, strength and intelligence are lost, and this leads to the fact that a person remains empty inside.
On the other hand, the boy’s father, who tried to be supported by his son, could not be there at the right time. But when he found out who he was talking to, he was indignant. It turns out that the teenager was embroiled in a conflict in which both sides fiercely defended their boundaries.

The meaning of the movie “Bruiser” 2022

The idea of ​​the film is clear and simple, all the storylines are united together, so the viewer understands everything that happens on the screen. The main idea that the authors wanted to give us is the meaning of life, what every person sees in front of him. It is important for someone to maintain their status, won many years ago, and the consequences of what is happening will no longer be so important. You can even forget about the experiences of relatives, wife and children. For some, the meaning of life is to create something new that can turn the world upside down. In this case, the love and care of relatives also does not matter, fear and past grievances do not matter. What matters is your own life, or rather, its meaning is a breath of fresh air, understanding why you live. And let life last one day, but it will be life, not existence.

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What is happening on the screen has no cruelty. A broken teenager who is attacked, unable to cope with his own emotions, goes into his own confinement. Sharply low self-esteem has a negative impact on academic performance, so the boy’s desire to go to college is fading every day. He develops depression, there is a tendency to suicidal thoughts. By chance, he met a man who outwardly looked like a homeless man. But it turned out that he has significant life experience, which he is ready to share with the young man free of charge.

The latter absolutely trusts a new acquaintance, talks about his experiences.
Porter understands how to help Darius and introduces him to the world of those who can protect themselves. He assures the boy that sports exercises form a strong-willed character, changing him for the better. Inside the young man, the will gradually develops, the desire for victory, he is ready to overcome obstacles and not be afraid of difficulties. The boy finds the strength of will to devote his time and desire to individual training. At first, it is difficult for him to hold out even for a couple of minutes in front of the enemy, he is suffocating from overwork and fear.

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But suddenly there is one difficulty with which the young man is not yet ready to cope. It turns out that the father and Porter are inveterate enemies. Even in the distant past, a conflict occurred between them, as a result of which one of them had to hide and completely change his lifestyle. But a few years later, fate again brought the opponents together. But the life of a young man still remains in the foreground. The audience will be touched by his experiences and life situation in general. Despite external weakness, he lacks internal strength and stamina, the strength to withstand difficulties.

Meaning of the movie’s ending

Changes in the boy’s life will open his father’s eyes. Previously, he was sure that his care and control would be enough for his son to be happy. But in reality it was not so. If Porter had not met on the way of the family, with his wild temper, frightening past, life experience, then who knows how Darius’ adult life would have begun. The plot of the film has little external action, since its focus is to develop the internal conflict of all three characters. Each of them goes through a wall of their own fears and obstacles, and then emerges victorious. Thanks to the study of suppressed emotional outbursts, false beliefs, people’s lives are changing for the better.

Life trials force men, women and children to go deep into themselves, not to be afraid of their thoughts and possibilities, they allow them to hear the voice of reason and soul, to find out their destiny. You can’t focus on failures, you can’t just rejoice at the end result. Life happens every second, every moment. Do not be afraid of defeat, as Porter taught, because every failure is a step towards a well-deserved victory.

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