Meaning of the movie “Chloe” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Chloe” and ending explained Films

The film Chloe is a story about a woman, and about what suspicions of adultery can lead to, which is not confirmed by anything. Before you start watching this movie, you need to know that it is a remake of Natalie’s film, which was made a few years earlier by a French director.

Storyline of Chloe

The plot is based on the story of a successful doctor Katherine, who has been working as a gynecologist for a long time, she has a successful family life. However, she begins to notice that her husband is having an affair with his student. To expose the traitor, she decides to hire a prostitute Chloe, her task is to seduce David and provide a detailed report. However, after the customer meets with Chloe several times, the situation gets out of hand. This is not a standard plot, there are unexpected twists and turns.

The film will appeal to all those who love unexpected moments in a seemingly predictable film. This is an instructive story that shows the life of people from different angles. This is a kind of thriller, which leads to an unexpected development of events. At the same time, famous actors such as Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried play the main roles here. Each of them gives all the best, shows us a great game. The viewer is completely immersed in the life of a married couple and a girl who will have to discover many secrets.

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However, those who managed to watch the previous film, shot by Anna Fontaine, are convinced that this film loses in comparison, because the situation here is shown with almost complete accuracy. The actors have changed and the names of the characters have changed. If we take into account that Chloe seduces the son of the main character, then the dramatic plot takes completely unexpected turns. The finale strikes many with the effect of surprise. Although the overall plot is a little long, at its core, this film shows a range of sexual deviations, but the situations do not cause shock.

Meaning of Chloe

If the film had been released back in the 80s, it would have made a big splash. Now the sexual subtext of the film is perceived by many quite loyally, in addition, many films have come out with the same unexpected turn of events. The whole film is completely permeated with elements of sof-porn, but it does not look vulgar. The film has a number of nuances, it was received quite well by critics. However, some plots look grotesque, a gynecologist in bed with a prostitute raises many questions. In addition, if you start comparing the characters, despite the fact that they also play their roles perfectly, then in the film Natalie with Gerard Depardieu, Fani Ardant, Emmanuelle Beart, the images are played better. This film was received at the time with more emotional reviews.

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In many ways, the film is permeated with tragicomic seriousness, it is perceived with a positive. In fact, he conveys the drama in different scenes, for example, the drama is visible when Julianne Moore is standing near the window, when Chloe is introduced to David, when the bed scene between the main characters is shown. Many people do not understand this approach of the director, because some points have changed and six years ago it was normal to smoke in a cafe, but today the main character asks to give her sugar instead of lighting it.

In addition, a little old world is broadcast here, when lesbians were considered something dangerous, they almost lay in wait for decent women in order to introduce them into the world of vice. That is, some moments in this film do not correspond to reality today, so many believe that the film has already outgrown itself, but at the same time it turned out to be very interesting for the American director.

What is the ending of Chloe about?

Как уже понятно по сюжету главный план Джулианы Мур состоял в том, чтобы проститутка доказала, что ее муж изменник, но на самом деле в измену попала она, потому что в сети коварной молодой Хлои попадает именно опытная успешная врач. В целом фильм имеет несколько нелогичных моментов, но при этом он остается этичным, не относится к самым пошлым и сложным. Он понятен всем, в нем довольно плавное развитие сюжета. В целом фильм понятный, доступный каждому, он цепляет, показывает необычные варианты развития сюжета, поэтому и является популярным. Это особая картина, которая произвела впечатление, как на мужчин, так и на дам.

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The wife provokes her husband, but at the same time uses a prostitute as a test tool. However, this girl decides that although the events should be completely different, she begins to reach out to her customer. The main interest is largely due to the unusual behavior of a representative of her profession, who is deeply psychologically experienced, and pursues her own goals. In general, the film reveals family life, shows that everyone consists of vices and it is pointless to condemn someone. In this family, everyone fell for the tricks of an experienced seductress, who managed to find an approach to everyone. She proved that all family members are not without sin, but at the same time she achieved her goal. The girl hired to expose herself caused the betrayal of the customer. The director skillfully retold a well-known story, adding the realities of today.

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