Meaning of the movie “Cleaner” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Cleaner” and ending explained Films

The release of the thriller “The Cleaner” with Samuel L. Jackson took place in 2007. It tells about the deformation processes relating to the personality of a person. When choosing a profession, you need to think about the consequences, what happened to Tom Carver, the hero of the work, who became interested in the romantic world of Pulp Fiction and turned into Mr. Wolfe. There is a processing by Mr. Carver of delicate moments, the difficulties related to cleaning the apartment in cases where the sofa is covered with blood, and it makes no sense to dirty the handles. A professional cleaner comes to the rescue, scrubbing the parquet surface, driving out the flies.

The meaning of the film “The Cleaner”

The popular activity was a major influence in the creation of Carver’s story, which describes the nuances of a canteen brainwashing case revealed after a heated meeting of classmates who, in a bad mood, asked for business cards. The touching moment is captured and is the message of the comedy genre, which combines the makings of a detective. In The Cleaner, on a fine morning, Carver arrived to fulfill an order that consisted of wiping bloody stains off a sofa without police consent.

Having destroyed the criminal traces, the Cleaner will become the first suspect in this case. The situation with Carver’s setup is revealed. A Latin American beauty appears, resembling a philanthropist, played by the talented Eva Mendes, who knows everything, but hides the truth. Silence means hiding evidence. A comrade and partner, played by actor Ed Harris, knows about the unpleasant story when Carver replaced a police badge with a mop. Filmed by the excellent director Reny Harlin, the film “The Cleaner” was a success.

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I just had to rise from the ashes, the heroes succeeded. The ideal picture is visually perceived perfectly. Performed measured, fantastically noir with epic footage. This is the presence of a hypnotic effect that affects the body, proof of which is the release in many countries of the world, the appearance in the USA on DVD. Screenwriter Matthew Aldrich did not fulfill the precepts of the detective, there is an effect of predictability of a police conspiracy, passion and disassembly. Detective notes are easily mixed with the motives of a psychological thriller. The bright appearance of Eva Mendes is suitable for Mexican TV shows, and also fits perfectly into the police drama. There is a state of concern at the state level with the problems of smoking among the youth.

Samuel L. Jackson takes a precise look at the direction of the thinking behind the performance of the actors underlying the picture. Serious experiences of the hero cleaning up after dead people are observed. The sad parable of the “Cleaner” is depicted with the motives of personal deformation. The manager’s syndrome is detected, some people panic if there is no computer with Internet access within a radius of 2 meters. The role of the cleaner Tom Carver, called in the common people as a sewer, is noticeable. Organic pollution in the form of bread is used, crime places, accidents, cat feces, etc., are indicated, to be eliminated by the Cleaner. Dirty, responsible work is being done, which is also a highly paid business. Tom is a former cop familiar with the procedure.

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He has authority in the authorities, works in the company “Steri Clean”, which many clients come to solve problems. Anyone makes a call for service. The usual, ordinary order appears after a terrible murder, the police dictate the algorithm for removing the remains. There is a key in an empty house under the rug, Tom himself enters the territory to restore order, brings the room to perfect shine and cleanliness, removes unpleasant traces left from the battle. Carver finds the keys in his pocket. The return is connected with getting to the festive events.

There is an idea that the work is done perfectly, without hesitation and catch. The appearance of bewilderment in Tom, who does not raise a fuss, is related to the situation. Confidential position in business is observed, events are monitored. We need to look for a customer, client John Northot is an important character in a case that deals with corruption issues in the police sphere. Testimony is being collected to send Chef Vaughn to jail. There comes an understanding of Carver about the setup. You need to understand all the questions of the case.

Movie ending explanation

To analyze the case, Tom uses the help of his partner Eddie Lorenzo. Renny Harlin talentedly created the film, there are no special shocks. There is a virtuoso reconstruction of the mechanisms of memory and oblivion. The main character, policeman Tom Carver, cleans the premises, removes traces of death and violence from rooms and apartments, and frees from the cruel burden of human memory. Carver noticed the nuances of the process of cleaning the house from blood marks and horror. This is socially useful work, the presence of a spiritual mission, concluded in an attempt to remove a dark spot from one’s life, expressed in despair, which appeared at the moment of the death of a wife killed by a robber.

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The hero Tom Carver is an exhibit of a polished apartment, where movements, sequential actions and gestures are verified to the millimeter, white bedding, a white T-shirt and a starched white shirt in the form of things to give character to the situation speak of significance. Special signs of working with memory, mnemonic disinfection were noticed. The witness does not live to see the end of the trial, and his remains have to be taken out of the apartment by Carver. The sterilized hero gets rid of dirt and clears the memory of thoughts. Tom Carver’s daughter wants to remember her motherly lifestyle, knocking the character out of the main routine, drawing her into a story with a criminal plot.

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